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~FREE DOWNLOAD ⚖ Wicca ⚉ Wicca The Ultimate Beginner S Guide To Learning Spells Witchcraft Brand New Revised Extended Nd Edition Get This Bestseller And Receive A Ebook The New Age Handbook For FREE Read On Your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet Or Kindle Device The World Of Wicca Is Something That Has Remained Foreign To A Lot Of People Over The Years While It Has Become And Understood And Accepted Over The Years Through Various Means, There Is Still A Mystery To This Subject The Goal Of This Book Is To Help You The Reader To Understand Wicca Better Or If You Are New To The Subject All Together, To Help Introduce You To This World And Expose You To A World You May Not Have Known Even Existed Here Is A Preview Of What You Ll Learn History Of Wicca Some Of The Beliefs Traditions Associated With Wicca Practices Acceptance Of Wiccans Among Society Much, Much The New Age Handbook Will Show You Ever Wondered If You Can Improve Your Life With New Age Solutions Here Are Some Great Solutions On How To Reinvent Your Life Through New Age Thinking Are You Looking For Something Out Of Life If So, You Are Not Alone Many People Are Today And Find The Solution In The New Age Movement The New Age Movement Adopts Ideas From A Number Of Different Movements That Emphasize Spirituality And The Spiritual Conscious Mind The Main Idea Is To Enforce Serenity Of The Mind Get Your Copy Today Take Action Today And Download This Book For A Limited Time Discount Scroll Up And Hit The Purchase Button Sarah Thompson All Rights Reserved If I could have given it a zero, I would.The title claims that it is an ultimate guide to Wicca Since I studied this several years ago, I got a copy This is by far the worst eBook that I ve seen published The reviews are obviously purchased There is nothing in this book Just concepts and maybes and not a single spell It would be better for people to just search in Google Books like this are produced for commercial purposes, written by ghostwriters The ugly side of self publishing I mean c mon guys, get good writers at least, and give readers SOMETHING other than trash. SimpleVery basic, a very simp e read Easily takes about half an hour to get through Good place to start learning. A real informative readIt gave me a wonderful base for research This is a wonderful starting point on my journey into Wicca Great for a quick overview lacking informationThankfully this was free otherwise I would be kicking myself It was a good introduction on the topic of Wicca but I would have liked to have seen the author expand on certain topics It did get me interested in learning about the Wiccan faith If you can get past the grammatical errors and just want a brief summary, then I recommend the free download. Wonderful I ve read a lot of Wicca books out there, and this is a wonderful addition to my collection The author gives you a great easy to follow understanding of Wicca I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about Wicca I especially recommend this book for the one who is just starting out, and to family members and friends, who want a better understanding, and why they don t need to fear this beautiful earth based religion. It is a cute basic wiccan book It is about what wicca is and how it works as a religion It is a cute and basic wiccan book, about how wicca works as a religion or a belief system. ShortNot what it claims to be All this book is just a bit of history, and that is about all. it was very meh not a lot of information and a lot of the book was very repetitive i also didn t like how it was very this is the way to do it whilst also admitting that wicca is an individual religion and there is no right or wrong way to practice While this make for fairly decent reading the wording is at times very awkward It has lots of information and a good general overview of the faith.