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A really great collection of stories So glad I got this in the Lovecraft Bundle from Definitely worth reading and purchasing From Beyond is a Lovecraft story that, while lacking the elegance and polish of some of his other works, is effective precisely because it presses the right buttons in very few words It s profoundly Lovecraftian in the hidden world higher dark power aspect Human beings stumble blindly through magic and forbidden science to open up a dangerous and increasingly hostile new world that is always just out of sight It s only a few pages long, with most of the terrors generated by the reader s mind Lovecraft supplies us with just enough details to stoke the fires of imagination.The film From Beyond, conversely, shows quite a bit and liberally dumps buckets of slime and blood everywhere while also under explaining the true nature of the creepy crawlies that float, bite, suck, consume, and ultimately corrupt and metamorphize the humans who come in contact with the infamous Resonator Or, is it the bodies of that characters themselves that cause the corruption Does the pineal gland, once stimulated, assume a life of its own, pushing the characters into new states of abominable evolution Martian Migraine Press has assembled an all star team of horror writers who tackle these themes In Resonator New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond, these writers pick up where Lovecraft and Gordon left off, tracking the fate of the Tillinghast family and the Resonator technology through a variety of weird and slimy tales of lurid erotica, old fashioned splatterpunk, and paranoid science fiction horror.I feared that the collection would at one point run out of steam after all, how many different ways can you rebuild and re frame a concept like the Resonator technology The writers of this collection expertly assembled by Scott R Jones managed to write stories with common themes and gross outs, but that stand on their own in setting, characterization, and creativity None of these stories feel like repeats or filler each new story has a fresh and viscous take on the terrors that lurk in the branes beyond and within the human heart.While there are reasons to like every story in this collection, I have a few personal favorites IPO by Darrin Brightman explores the Post 9 11 commercialization of the Resonator technology Brightman s social critique is so on the nose it s easy to miss the very machines meant to protect us make us see monsters, everywhere Film Maudit by Christopher Slatsky explores one of my favorite horror tropes that of a forbidden film and or a haunted movie theater see Mer Whinery s The Projectionist in our upcoming High Strange Horror release A gorehound who has seen it all attends a special screening of a supposedly lost art house snuff film, with the experience enhanced by the RestoRed Oscillator, an almost forgotten spookshow gimmick that thrills the audience in new and horrifying ways Bug Zapper by Richard Lee Byers follows a scientist and a team of Army Rangers wearing armor and popping pills to keep them motivated as they try to destroy a special tower the government built to keep the invisible monsters away Turns out, we are far connected to that invisible ecosystem than even Tillinghast could have imagined, and mucking around in t space wasn t the best idea after all Parasitosis by Lyndsey Holder is about a man with unexplained psychological issues including the ability to see emotions and psychological states exploring the meaning of memory and current experiential reality, one moment at a time This story is disorienting as it is frightening The Wizard of OK by Scott Nicolay shows us an Aleister Crowley devotee as he uses an unspeakable mix of technology and blood sorcery to explore space and time, at the expense of one very lost and damaged woman and her son There s a demon thing god worm creature that defies the imagination, with a psychic and physical presence that preys upon our unsympathetic characters, resonating with both physical and emotional fear The Divide by Damir Salkovic is the soul scarring final piece It s of a science fiction sequel to the original story, with a near utopian future consisting of a wealthy elite seeking greater and greater thrills and experiences that lead them all the way to the center of creation There they encounter a fate and a truth far worse than they could possibly have imagined.There s plenty to like This is a creative exploration of form and content around the shared conceit of technology sorcery and third eye truth In case you missed the original story, it s included at the beginning of the collection, so don t worry about being lost in the shuffle Each author takes those primordial ideas and conjures up terrors both immediate and existential In Resonator, merely getting eaten alive by unseen monsters from outside time and space is the least of your concerns, and one of the noble fates the hapless characters end up suffering.This book comes with my strongest recommendation for fans of both science fiction horror and body horror.5 5 Resonance Waves The story that inspired this anthology, From Beyond , is one of Lovecraft s most accessible, encapsulating his theme that the world is larger, darker, and stranger than we think, but without the paraphernalia of evil gods and ancient tomes that has collected around his Mythos tales As such RESONATOR will appeal not only to Lovecraftians but generally to SF and horror readers and lovers of the Weird No degree from good ol MU required Stand out stories, for me, apart from the editor s own Turbulence and Cody Goodfellow s Infernal Attractors , both of which I had read and enjoyed elsewhere, were Darrin Brightman s clever and witty IPO Orrin Grey s Programmed To Receive , a tale not so much of horror but of sadness and loss and Scott Nicolay s The Wizard of OK , with its painfully human characters and chilling end Recommended. This is an outstanding anthology Somehow the motif of Tillinghast s Resonator does not tire, but is used differently in each story Though each story is great, I want to give a special mention to Christopher Slatsky s Film Maudit Editor Scott R Jones has assembled an excellent anthology here, and each story very carefully pours into the next Well worth a read and a purchase. This is a collection without a drop of fat on it Lean, scary, clever, and entirely well written Read From Beyond by Lovecraft included in the book and also IMO watch the movie starring Jeffrey Combs before launching into this anthology It is just incredibly well done, one of the most balanced and padding free I ve yet to encounter in Lovecraftian circles. This should be closer to 4.5 stars, but I ll go with 4 Resonator is an anthology of Mythos fiction that focuses on themes present in much of Lovecraft s work Jones does a nice job of summarizing those in the introduction entitled, Magic Circles, Noxious Machines Here s a quote from that Everything is either corruptible or corrupted, and those with the eyes to see that corruption will see it And once it is seen, it cannot be unseen All of the stories in the anthology employ the Tillinghast Resonator in some way From Beyond is included in the book, as well , and while to assign such a specific object, the Resonator itself, or even the larger trope of the thinly veiled reality might seem to ask for a load of pastiche or, at least, slight variations on the same ol story, that doesn t happen with this collection A few of my favorites Infernal Attractors by Cody Goodfellow At first blush, this story appears guilty of mimicry pastiche It has some of the standard From Beyond dressing flipping the switch, amoeba like things floating and biting, reckless pursuit of knowledge, etc however, it takes those familiar images and turns the spectatorship inward towards addiction and, ultimately, identity I liked it and appreciated the way sexuality was employed It was used much seamlessly here than in Stuart Gordon s visual take on the piece, though it wouldn t take much And, to be completely honest here, I enjoyed seeing the term teledildonics in print for the first time since.hell, grad school My antennae perked up at that, so you may not enjoy the story as much as I did for subjective reasons My old Harraway po mo tendencies may have made my reading a little rosy regardless, it s a sound piece of Weird fiction Turbulence by Scott R Jones is intensely creepy in its practicality And if you ve ever worked in with the military in any capacity, you might understand what I mean by that If you don t, it s probably for the best, and I don t know how to say a lot about this piece without giving too much away or dampening its effect I will say that the visuals are chilling I actually heard this story a while ago on one of my favorite podcasts Pseudopod and was pleased to see it included Here s a link if you d like to listen to the story free access The Wizard of OK by Scott Nicolay incorporates the concept of the invisible magic circle present, arguably, in the original tale and mentioned by Jones in his introduction, but turns it visible and quite a bit insidious with the version of sacrificial Chaos Magic practiced by Mortuus Its main character is deeply, deeply flawed and the circumstances of the piece are frustratingly sad And, for me, this quality heightens the horrific effect of the final few paragraphs Additionally, this story isn t alone in the collection in its poignancy Professor Hilliard s Electric Lantern also dwells on the emotional consequences of tinkering with this kind of forbidden knowledge awareness.As an aside, if you re not familiar with the interesting, really branch of the Mythos dedicated to various magical disciplines and occult practices, it s worth some exploration Despite HPL s own atheism and rationalism i.e., he didn t believe in any of this stuff , it s a lively and fertile realm and one that I really enjoy despite my own regrettable I hate it, folks agnosticism Here s a place to start for a critical view or here As for informational resources that are less critical of spirituality its place in the Mythos, I ll defer to the followers who might want to reply with where to go for non initiates looking for creditable sources on Chaos Magic I don t think I m informed enough in this area of study to judge credibility Programmed to Receive by Orrin Grey and The Divide by Damir Salkovic are also notable I enjoy Grey s work a lot, as well, though this piece of fiction almost lost me with the present tense verb shifting at its start Stick with it if that sort of thing affects you the same way it s definitely worth it, particularly in its final paragraphs IPO by Darrin Brightman isn t really a story as much as a collection of ephemera I ve seen this series of documents approach in a few places recently Laird Barron has a piece of short fiction structured like this, if memory serves I ve seen an email story and even an IM tale, as well, in the past few weeks It s not necessarily something new hey, the epistolary novel has been around a while , but it s not always enjoyed by everyone If you don t care for non standard structure, just be aware that it s first in the collection You might prefer to skip around I feel fairly comfortable with saying that are no bad stories in the anthology simply ones that weren t of interest to me for one reason or another e.g., the Bartlett tale struck me as a tiny bit silly, but I m sure others will like it, etc I definitely recommend this anthology to Mythos Fiction fans and lovers of the Weird Fiction Horror sub genre. Resonator is a joy for fans of horror, science fiction, and H.P Lovecraft in particular, not least because the anthology manages to accomplish what increasingly seems like an impossible feat finding something new to say about the themes explored by the old gent from Providence.It certainly helps that editor Scott R Jones has rounded up some of the most promising up and coming writers associated with the New Weird label It s also to this anthology s advantage that instead of Cthulhu Co., it looks to Lovecraft s relatively unexplored From Beyond for inspiration In that story, included here, a mad inventor creates a machine that stimulates the pineal gland in a way that enables humans to see otherwise invisible things.From this promising premise, the writers of Resonator explore everything from sex Matthew M Bartlett s funny, lubricious Machine Will Start When You Are Start to the military Jones own Turbulence to Wall Street Darren Brightman s ingenuous IPO to Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground Anya Martin s superb Resonator Superstar Two of the stories that will probably stick with me the longest are Christopher Slatsky s Film Maudit, which recalls the best of Ramsey Campbell in its grim urban setting and shabby gorehound film festival milieu, and Scott Nicolay s The Wizard of OK, which finds cosmic horror not in Elder Gods or the Necronomicon, but in the bad decisions and misspent lives we can t undo The quality of the writing is superb throughout there s not a tiresome Lovecraft pastiche in the bunch It s a collection that varies in tone from funny to bleakly depressing, and is all the better for it Resonator suggests there s still life in HPL yet Highly recommended I d also be remiss if I didn t mention the wonderfully psyechedelic cover art by Nick Gucker too many small presses seem to regard covers as an afterthought, and this is one way in which Martian Migraine gets it right with Resonator. ^FREE PDF ⇠ Resonator ☔ With Five Feeble Senses We Pretend To Comprehend The Boundlessly Complex Cosmos, Yet Other Beings With A Wider, Stronger, Or Different Range Of Senses Might Not Only See Very Differently The Things We See, But Might See And Study Whole Worlds Of Matter, Energy, And Life Which Lie Close At Hand I Have Always Believed That Such Strange, Inaccessible Worlds Exist At Our Very Elbows, And Now I Believe I Have Found A Way To Break Down The Barriers H P Lovecraft, From Beyond Dramatically, To Camera It Ate Him Bit Off His Head Like A Gingerbread Man Jeffrey Combs As Crawford Tillinghast In Stuart Gordon S FROM BEYOND In His Classic Story From Beyond , Howard Phillips Lovecraft Introduced The Tillinghast Resonator A Monstrous Device That Stimulates Dormant Senses In Man, Opens Up Unseen Worlds To Unsuspecting Eyes, And Calls Through Terror And Ecstasy From A Realm Far Beyond Our Mundane Perceptions In RESONATOR New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond , You Ll Meet The Men And Women Who Dare To Pull The Switch, For Profit, Pleasure, And Ultimately, Peril Thrill To The Creatures Both Mindless And Horribly Sentient That Are Revealed In Wave After Wave Of Uncanny Radiation Turn On The Juice, Brace Your Pineal Gland For Some Unprecedented Growth, And Get Ready To Go BEYOND Editor Scott R Jones Brings You Stories From Some Of The Best Writers Working In Weird Fiction Today Cody Goodfellow, Scott Nicolay, Christopher Slatsky, Christine Morgan, Richard Lee Byers, Orrin Grey, Anya Martin, And Edward Morris As Well As Fresh New Voices With A Cover Featuring The Psychedelic Art Of Nick The Hat Gucker, RESONATOR New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond Is The Anthology That Will Break Down The Barriers In Martian Migraine Press The Best Kind Of Headache Martianmigrainepress