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@Read Pdf ä Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos à eBook or Kindle ePUB free

@Read Pdf é Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos Û Collects Mrs Deadpool And The Howling Commandos, Werewolf By Night Her Name Is Shiklah Undisputed Queen Of The Monster Metropolis Below Manhattan In The World That Was, She Married Deadpool But Nothing On Battleworld Is As It Was Now, Shiklah Commands The Howling Commandos Werewolf By Night Frankenstein S Monster The Living Mummy Man Thing Marcus The Centaur Shiklah Is Setting Out To Avenge The Death Of Her Brothers By Slaying Dracula Her Quest Will Lead The Commandos Through The Land Of The Undead And Into The Uncanny Realm Known As Weirdworld But How Will The Monster Metropolis Survive Dracula S Wrath When The Horrifying Showdown Begins Whatever Would Shiklah S Late Husband Think Of All This Maybe You Should Ask His Ghost Plus A Hair Raising Classic Tale Of Werewolf By Night Monsters being funnyDuggan kills it again If the Secret Wars crossover event was a food, it would be my Mom s meatloaf it smells and looks inviting, there s bacon on top, it s got cheese, mushrooms and onions inside, yet it s continually overcooked, most of the cheesy goodness melts off and it tastes like the galoshes I was forced to wear in grade school.Sorry, Mom This one starts off like gangbusters It s laugh out loud funny It s engaging The concept is interesting It s fun Then the author realized he had to pace himself and write threewatered down issues.First, no Deadpool The healing factor has it s limits it won t grow back a head or a body.So Shiklah, Mrs Deadpool, is on her own against Dracula The Count kills her brothers, but they leave her the plans for the ultimate weapon against the 1 vampire She has to retrieve the weapon parts in Hell and Dracula sends his Howling Commandos in pursuit.The Howling Commandos are Jack Russell Terrier aka Werewolf by Night, the Mummy, Frankenstein, Man Thing and Marcus the Centaur, who has diabetes how many blood sugar jokes can you milk out of that Sadly, Man Thing is greatly underutilized But don t despair, kids, the ghost of Deadpool remains as a narrator.There s some fun offered here until someone gets hurt and the Thor police led by Clarence Williams III Thor break it up That s what she said.Because there s only four issues of story, as a bonus, Marvel reprints the first issue of Werewolf by Night.Bottom line Not the monsterously good times you d anticipate after the first issue, but not a complete horror either.Frankenstein kind of had that coming after running a circus and employing evil clowns. Well, if anybody could actually make the horrible mess that is Secret Wars funny it d be Gerry Duggan and Deadpool DNarrated by Deadpool s ghost, this tale follows Shiklah Mrs Deadpool to those of you who are new to the Pool Party as she leads a ragtag band of Howling Commandos Nick Fury says the lawsuit is in the post against Dracula and his vampire army.Oh, 1970s Blade Thor shows up too.If that doesn t sound flarking awesome to you, you should probably avoid this one. 3rd book read in 2019.Number 494 out of 751 on my all time book list.This one does not take itself seriously which makes for aenjoyable read.