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What a gorgeous book As John Updike said, Kitty reminds us of who we are and where we live Made me proud to be a woman, a New Englander, an Essex County denizen, a worker of the land This is the journal of a woman who inherited the family farm in the midst of the Depression Her brothers aren t interested in the farm or the orchard, so Adele moves in to the old house and takes over the care of several hundred apple trees She toils alone at the backbreaking work, living on credit and poor food She tells about the hardships she and her neighbors endure She experiences exhaustion, loneliness and frequent despair she felt as she struggles to keep the orchard going, harvest the fruit and sell it at a price high enough to save the farm This could be a downer of a book bt it isn t at all The author is so determined, and never once feels sorry for herself, even when cold and hungry During the winter of 1933, low temperature records all over New England were broken She just kept doing what she needed to do This is written in a very straight forward, no nonsense Yankee voice There are amusing parts and interesting characters There is an element of suspense as well, as we are wondering, will she save the crop from the extreme cold How cold will it get Will she make a go of the orchard and keep the farm in the family Will the neighbors have enough to eat Will she I really liked this book.I wonder how many people today would work so hard for so little return. The Orchard is a touching memoir of a young woman valiantly struggling to save her family s farm by reviving its apple orchard The author shares very interesting insights into surviving winter on the Massachusetts coast, how apples are raised and stored before sale, and life during the Depression. This was an interesting look at life during the Depression, although this was somewhat different than the typical picture we see Kitty is trying to save her family farm orchard by the sea in Massachusetts, and her father was a doctor, so she is starting from a much better place than most of the people of that period I liked the descriptive writing of the land, her childhood memories, and her working the land. ( Download Book ) ♕ The Orchard: A Memoir (G K Hall Large Print Book Series (Cloth)) ♗ The Orchard Is An Exquisitely Beautiful And Poignant Memoir Of A Young Woman S Single Handed Struggle To Save Her New England Farm In The Depths Of The Great Depression Recently Discovered By The Author S Daughter, It Tells The Story Of Adele Kitty Robertson, Young And Energetic, But Unprepared By Her Radcliffe Education For The Rigors Of Apple Farming In Those Bitter Times Alone At The End Of A Country Road, With Only A Great Dane For Company, Plagued By Debts, Broken Machinery, And Killing Frosts, Kitty Revives The Old Orchard After Years Of Neglect Every Day Is A Struggle, But Every Day She Is Also Rewarded By The Beauty Of The World And The Unexpected Kindness Of Neighbors And Hired WorkersAnimated By Quiet Courage And Simple Goodness, The Orchard Stands As A Deeply Moving Celebration Of Decency And Beauty In The Midst Of Grim Prospects And Crushing Poverty This is a memoir of Adele Crockett Robertson It is also a memoir of the hard work, persistence, and dedication of a singular woman as she tries to keep the family apple orchard alive during the depression in a small New England town It also just happens to be my hometown Robertson, known as Kitty to everyone, was a legend in Ipswich until, and even long after, her death in 1979 The manuscript was found by her daughter and published years after it was written Robertson s writing is crisp and natural, like the apples with which she struggled for three years trying to make a living The book gives a sense not only of an extraordinary woman in extraordinary times, but of the spirit of New England itself Since the setting is my hometown I found special relevance and am inspired to recall my own upbringing Non natives too, will find her story both equally charming and inspiring I highly recommend it. I picked this out of a box my Dad had packed to send to auction I had no expectations but once I started this memoir, it was hard to put it down It is a few years in the life of a woman who worked to save the family farm during the depression It takes place in Ipswich MA close to the ocean where I have been recently because my daughter now lives near there I was so consumed by her story I want to see if any of it remains The memoir tells of the ups and downs she faces,and brings the Depression close to us who have heard the stories from older people in our families Definitely, an unforgettable book. A beautifully written book that describes Adele Crockett Robertson s attempt to save her Ipswich, Massachusetts orchard during the height of the depression Although the orchard ultimately failed, Robertson did not She learned the lessons that we all need to learn the best parts of life are the people we meet, nature provides us with all we really need, and the only failure in life is to give up hope. Click on the book to get the basic review I really liked this book because of the orchard in our family and our father s passion for the apple Deb and Henri, this book would resonate with you. I loved this book and have read it twice now The writing is beautiful, the woman is strong, the history is real.