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This haunting, dual time period, romantic mystery beguiled me throughout, it has everything ythe discerning reader could wish for in a captivating and intriguing new novel.Brimming with hidden secrets, family tension, and the overwhelming sense of something nasty lurking underneath the surface this book is narrated by Amy, with a patchy childhood herself she has always sought to belong and when she landed a job as nanny with a wealthy family in France it became not merely a job but a whole new life and family to belong to and cherish.Returning home to the UK to visit her ailing father out of a sense of duty than familial love, she doesn t hesitate when she receives an urgent summons from her former employer Julia to whom tragedy has befallen She drops everything to join Julia and young daughter Viviane in a tumbledown cottage overlooking a lake where Julia lived as a child with her hapless, misfit sister Caroline, an upbringing no love filled than Amy s own.What Amy finds is a fractured family living in near poverty in a dilapidated house where a young woman once lived and died in mysterious circumstances and a close knit rural community reluctant to let go of the past.She also finds love and her own inner strength as she tries to uncover the truths about what really happened to Caroline.Set mainly in the 1960s it captures the essence of buried small town secrets, the closeness of a rural community and a creeping sense of apprehension, desolation and imminent The whole book simmers with mysteries, camouflaged secrets and deeply shrouded unpleasantness that has been buried for years, as Amy begins to peel away the layers, the messages which are revealed are about to release unexpected corruption and depravity.I loved the progressive sense of malignance and the ethereal quality of the brooding lake and the spectral brooding presence of the much maligned Caroline.I d like to add my thanks to Louise Douglas and her publishers Black Swan for providing me with an advance copy to read and review. This is the fifth book I have read by Louise Douglas and all have been very enjoyable This one is no exception.Amy hasn t really had a happy family life of her own, and regards the Laurents as her family As general companion and nanny to their young daughter Viviane, she lives with them in Paris and life is good Unfortunately all good things must come to an end Amy is recalled back home for family reasons and then tragedy strikes the Laurents and they return to Somerset, to an old dilapidated family cottage to live Julia Laurent asks Amy to return to them and this is where the story really begins.There is a really creepy, supernatural aspect to this story and although I m not easily spooked, there were times when I didn t want to turn the lights out at night Both the cottage and the lake have distinct personalities of their own and are integral to the story The lake can change from being a calm, peaceful and beautiful vision to something dark and menacing, whilst unhappiness seems to seep from the walls of the cottage and affects everybody within it Julia had an older sister, Caroline who died aged 17 There is obviously some deep mystery surrounding Caroline as Julia, in her distressed state doesn t want to talk about her however when a malevolent presence is felt in the cottage and affects Viviane, Amy feels compelled to find out Running alongside the unexplained and disturbing happenings at the cottage is a love story involving Amy Life at the cottage was sometimes so depressing and dismal that I was so glad for Amy that she found someone to bring some much needed lightness in to her life However, even this has its problems and there are times when it seems that everyone is destined for unhappiness.All the characters are so wonderfully drawn Julia can seem so selfish at times and is so wrapped up in her own misery that everyone else is forgotten There were times when my heart broke for Viviane, so young but unhappy and relying on her imaginary friends Amy was the glue that held them together but even she couldn t perform miracles This is a beautifully written, atmospheric and haunting story of intrigue, family secrets and complicity in lies With a timeline starting in 1931 and then moving forward to 1961, this was an excellent read and one that I can happily recommend I loved it and can add this to my list of other 5 reads by Louise Douglas. @READ BOOK ë The Secret by the Lake Þ Amy S Always Felt Like Something S Been Missing In Her Life, But As A Nanny For The Laurent Family Julia, Alain, Viviane She Feels CompleteSo Amy Wouldn T Think Of Leaving Them When A Sudden Tragedy Forces Them To Move From France To The Small Lakeside Cottage In The Isolated Somerset Village Where Julia Grew UpBut There S Something Strange About The Cottage By The Lake This Is Where Julia Spent Her Childhood But She Used To Have An Older Sister, Caroline, Whom She Rarely Speaks AboutWho Disappeared At Just SeventeenWho Has A Secret The Whole Village Wants Kept Hidden For Ever Louise Douglas S Beautifully Crafted And Haunting Page Turner Will Hold You In Its Grip Just as I d hoped, a mostly feelgood read the conspiracy revealed during the denouement is rather grim with mystery, romance and, as an added bonus, a generous helping of spooky stuff I didn t expect this to be a ghost story at all, so it was a nice surprise to find that it really is Amy works as a nanny for a glamorous Anglo French family, the Laurents, and lives a charmed Parisian life with them until tragedy strikes, they lose their fortune and are forced to return to Julia Laurent s childhood home a dreary cottage sitting on the banks of an English reservoir As Julia sinks into depression, Amy digs into her family s history and finds Julia s older sister, Caroline, died at the cottage when she was seventeen years old Things get creepier when the Laurents daughter, Viviane, starts claiming Caroline is her new imaginary friend and begins to repeat details about the girl s life and death she can t possibly know It s all splendidly ghostly and makes perfect winter reading, what with the mist shrouded, ink black lake, the small town intrigue and various inexplicable happenings in and around the cottage Gothic references abound the setting has a distinctly du Maurier esque flavour, and then there s that yellow wallpaper in Caroline s bedroomThe relationship between Amy and Daniel wasn t really to my taste it s not so much insta love as auto love after one glimpse of him and a distinctly uninspiring conversation, she s already imagining them having a future together It was a bit too sweet The other problem I had with the proof I read was that the punctuation was all over the place and there were typos galore But the first is a minor thing, easily overlooked, and the second has nothing to do with the final published version at least I hope After the blip of Your Beautiful Lies, Louise Douglas has now been reinstated as one of my favourite authors of enjoyable, engaging comfort reading. Originally posted on This Chick ReadsCopy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I can not believe I waited so long to read a Louise Douglas book Everyone I know in the blogosphere was recommending her books Now I see why all these people were mesmerized by Ms Douglas writing The Secret by the Lake is a beautiful, breathtaking, complex story which got me hooked from the intriguing prologue The story spans over 30 and years and two generations of women, and involves several stories which are masterfully interwoven.Amy s a nanny working for Julia and Alain, and taking care of their beautiful daughter Viviane She spends years in France in their gorgeous house, however is forced to go back home when she hears her father is not feeling well But things get bad for Julia and little Viviane while Amy is away, and after a terrible loss they need to go back to Amy s old house by Blackwater Lake, a house which was abandoned and holds some very dark secrets Julia has not only lost her husband, but all her funds, so she really has no other option but to go back to the house where she spent the early years of her childhood and ask for Amy to come as she needs help Amy s bond with Julia and Viviane is so strong, of course she decides she must help them, though she won t be paid as Julia is on the verge of poor While these three women try to pick up their lives, the past is back to haunt them Dark and ugly secrets will be revealed, and the truth of Caroline s Julia s older sister death which was kept under a mystery veil for so many years, will be brought to light.This is one of these books that will have you hooked from the beginning and have you hold your breath as you turn the pages There were so many times when I felt chills running through my body and sometimes it felt like I was listening to not reading the dialogue The characters felt so real, I felt like they were in the same room with me, simply popping out of the pages, wanting to reveal their lives to me As this is the first book by Ms Douglas I ve read, I can t compare it to any of her previous ones, but the writing though very very unique reminded me a bit of Kate Morton s in terms of the complexity of the characters and vivid descriptions I spent hours in this cold, abandoned house by Blackwater Lake, feeling the mist and hearing the waves I swear, when I closed my eyes I could picture the house and its cold walls, and even now days after reading it I can just close my eyes and think of Caroline and be transported there AMAZING Very rare and precious reading experience The Secret by the Lake is definitely one of the best books I ve ever read Right after finishing it I loaded my kindle with some of Louise s previous books and hands are already itching to make a start Beautiful, mesmerizing, complex and haunting, The Secret by the Lake is a book I recommend to everyone It s a complex drama mystery with a perfectly interwoven paranormal element, and everything flows with perfection I m still in shock with some of the revelations and the book was full of surprises and twists which I certainly couldn t predict Such a clever, complex story and undoubtedly one of the best books I ve ever read Addictive, nail biting, exciting, poignant this books is everything Please, don t make the same mistake I did If you haven t read Ms Douglas books, you re really missing out on a fantastic, ubertalented author Wholeheartedly recommend it Easiest 5 ever and honestly, deserves all the stars in the sky Just read it, trust me you need this book in your life. I ve not read anything by Louise Douglas before and this was not a bad read at all.Amy is a nanny working for the Laurent family in Paris Her charge is young Viviane, a delightful little girl who takes great pleasure in the simple things in life and adores her time with Amy Sadly tragedy strikes and the Laurents and Amy are forced to moved back to Somerset in England To a childhood home of Julia Laurent, Amy s employer which is next to a lake What follows is a ghostly tale of secrets, lives lost and relationships made It s a well drawn out story with some good characterisation with the lake itself taking centre stage It s a mysterious place that is still, dark and fog covered one minute and light reflecting a myriad of colours the next.The story unfolds slowly and though the book has a supernatural element, I actually didn t find it haunting in the being spooked sense From early on I suspected where it was all heading and, rather than being spooked, I was team ghost all the way along Rooting for scrapings at windows, writings on walls and ghostly imagery The story needed to come out somehow and how else does a ghost makes its presence felt In fact, I actually found it frustrating at times that they wouldn t listen Overall it s not really anything I haven t seen before but it engages the mind enough to want to keep reading as you get to know the characters and their individual stories The romance for me that was included was a bit sudden and a little cliched but I guess in and amongst all the darkness that this book had it did provide some light.The Story By The Lake is seeped in sadness and cruelty and though obvious suspicions may arise there s no satisfaction for knowing what they might be a relief that some kind of justice is prevailed in the end Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC Good storytelling and one I recommend. The Secret By The Lake was absorbing, haunting and hard to put down A thoroughly good read with an excellent plot that I finished in a day I thought the writing was well crafted and it didn t take me long to start to enjoy the company of the main character Amy This is the first book I ve read by author Louise Douglas and I wouldn t hesitate to recommend it or consider another of her books to try myself.Amy is living in France and Nanny to the Laurent s and their 10 year old daughter Viviane But sadly Amy has to return to England when her Grandmother requires nursing She is reunited with Viviane and her mother Julia after a tragic accident as they find themselves in Julia s childhood home in Somerset The place is set by the lake and the author draws atmospheric scenes of remoteness, swirling mist and dark waters Julia s creaky cottage is old and in need of renovation but creates a place of creepy eeriness that holds family secrets from the past that come to light as ghostly happening begin.Julia s older sister Caroline passed away at seventeen and Amy begins to uncover her story even though Julia and the villagers seem reluctant speak of her What she gradually uncovers is frightening and left me desperately reading on to discover the mystery of Caroline s short life I was on the edge of my seat as Louise Douglas brought the story to a climatic ending which was a thrill to read This book has a bit of everything, creepiness, romance, mystery, intrigue and it s a little frightening too I can only recommend that you read it for yourself.Thank you to the publishers for a review copy of this book in return for an honest opinion. Odli no ispri ana pri a , prepuna misterije i zapleta Knjiga koja se ita u jednom dahu Uz savr eno odmjerenu dozu jeze koja vas prolazi sa svakom novom stranicom. 3.5 Stars This was my first Louise Douglas book and I was plesently surprised by the readA Family Tragedy, A Sister s Secret, a Web of Lies and A Spooky old house, all the elements of good fiction in my opinion I really enjoyed this novel although it did take me a little while to get into it but after a few chapters it had me engrossed with it s atmospheric plot It has that old fashioned style charm of good storytelling and surprising twists and turns that I find missing in a lot of fiction books of late The writing is vivid and I loved the eerie feeling of the story Characters are well drawn and the plot is suspenseful and kept me engaged throughout the whole novel.I think readers of Kate Morton or Sarah Waters will enjoy this onw. This is a ghostly story which is completely addictive, one that really grabbed my attention throughout the whole of the read Amy has been working as a nanny to the Laurent family in France, but when tragedy strikes the family is forced to return to the UK, to the humble Somerset cottage that Julia Laurent grew up in It is a cottage that is hiding dark family secrets from 30 years ago.The story is set on the banks of a reservoir, and the reservoir really dominates the whole read, providing a dark and gloomy wintry atmosphere of fog and rain This really adds to the tension you start to feel when strange things start to happen in the cottage which are the catalyst for the old secrets coming to light.I really liked the characters of Amy and Julia in particular They are both well developed and Amy especially proved very surprising and just when I thought I had her pegged she showed a completely unexpected side to her personality on Christmas Eve I also loved the way that the author showed Julia and Amy s relationship with each other They have known each other for a long time and are very close friends but I really liked the subtle way the author very occasionally reminded us that in actual fact they are employee and employer.The story does build slowly but this pace suits the tale that is unfolding It is dark, spooky and really sent some shivers down my spine In fact, it spooked me so much that I broke my own house rule last night and allowed my dog to sleep with me on the bed A fantastic read that I thoroughly enjoyed Many thanks to the publisher via Netgalley for the review copy.