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It was okay, I needed. 4 You Are Mine. StarsSenator sexy ass is such an arrogant jerk, and yet you can t help but want to jump his bones After how Volume 1 ended I wasn t sure what to expect from the hottie Senator An apology Maybe groveling for forgiveness Nope He just doled out demands and damn if I didn t want to follow them When I call, you come. Four days That s how long Graham gave Elle to hide before he came back for his pawn Four days of Elle thinking of Graham and little else Four days of anticipation growing and me dying trying to figure out what would happen when Graham finally got Elle back Before dawn breaks, I will have driven all my frustration all my wants into Eleanor s body, and she won t even think of disappearing for four fucking days again because all she ll be able to comprehend is. To Graham, Elle is just a pawn in getting revenge on her father for something that happened years ago, or so he thinks He s the one in control but his control is slipping when it comes to the elegant Elle and I, for one, cannot wait to see that control fully break and Senator Graham Delaney down on his knee s Elle isn t one to take the demands lying down, wellsometimes but she s looking for the answers to what Graham is hiding from her Will she find out that he s just using her And if so will Senator sexy ass finally learn to grovel I don t know but the wait to find out is slowly killing me Me right now #Book × Pawn - Volume 2 (Pawn, #2) õ Best E Book, Pawn Volume 2 Pawn, 2 Author Maya St James This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Pawn Volume 2 Pawn, 2 , Essay By Maya St James Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You 4 Don t walk like that People will talk Stars The second part of the Pawn Series starts of pretty much where novella one left off Elle is back in Washington and Graham is still in New York, pissed that she walked out on him.I want her, crave her like I ve never desired any other woman Graham as you would expect, doesn t take Elle s departure lying down, and is soon back in D.C to remind her of their agreement, and to start collecting on his investment Change of plans, Ms Courtney The risk when splitting a work with essentially enough word count to warrant being a complete book into serialized parts I find is that often there is a part or parts that don t really offer anything up in the flow of the story Although well written, and full of the innuendo, blunt talking and inappropriate actions, from Senator Sexy Ass this part of Graham and Elle s journey is remarkably like the first novella, in its content Is it just me or do you get cruder as the days march on It s not a bad thing, but it is something that can sometimes lessen the reader s anticipation for future installments I think my rating highlights that I have no issues with the virtual non movement of the storyline on this occasion When I call, you come That said, the author has an awful lot of loose ends looking to be tied up in relation to this couples story, and I am looking forward to it giving the final and extended part of the Pawn Series, a thoroughly exciting and engrossing ending Thankfully we don t have to wait too long as it is due for release at the end of February.ARC generously provided by the author, in exchange for the above honest review. In the second installment of Pawn, we begin the story just where book one left off Eleanor confronts Graham and walks out Four days pass until he can no longer take it Four long days of his body craving her, but he s not about to back down now And Graham is a man that gets what he wants But for Eleanor, she is craving him just as badly Wanting to stay buried under his skin, to get to see the glimpse of the man that lies beneath the posh suits and dirty talk This serial series just hit a whole new level of hot But not only are we getting some pretty sexy scenes and of the delectable Senator, we also get the pieces to the story the reasons why The need for him to use Eleanor, to destroy her father The only question is, when the time comes will the Senator be able to twist the knife or will getting his revenge cost him too much As much as I love full length novels, there is something purely addicting about serials especially when the author gets the formula right And this one does The perfect mix of the larger story being unveiled and new elements mixed in And throw in one dirty talking Senator and its damn near perfect The only thing I am really needing for this story to come full circle is for these two to find themselves spending time together The attraction is certainly there, but I am not quite ready for these two to realize that it is something beyond lust that this fueling their attraction I am really hoping that the final installment brings us some vulnerable moments where we can experience the shift from lovers in lust to something I am counting down the days until the final installment is released, just a few to go RATING 4My knight in kinky armourHEARTS Pawn Part 2 of 3 Pawn Volume 2 starts off where its predecessor left off, with Senator Graham Delaney and Eleanor Courtney parting ways with the revelation of Graham s ulterior motives, however, not for long, if Graham Delaney has anything to say about it And does he everCheckmateWith that one word, Maya St James further unravels the seductively risqu relationship between Graham and Elle, and in its progression gives us, yet again, a temptingly carnal read to devour.In this, the gameboard has been set, the Chess pieces laid out, and the calculated moves stimulated in a sexy push and pull of explosive passion and sinful temptation between our two main characters The fast paced, dual POV plot brings back the sensually erotic, filthy words ingrained in its storytelling and with every possessive order, every tantalizing touch, and for sure attitude the readers completely at the mercy of a demanding, come hither hero Amongst the sexy romance, the vengeance Graham seeks against Elle s father, Senator Courtney, remains at the forefront with Elle still his pawn in the political game, yet, Graham s need for her is tangled with his earnest attraction, not only unsettling the high handed Senator, but creating the perfect bridge to the next installment Graham Delaney is the same frustratingly sexy, filthy mouthed, ruthless and deliciously controlling asshole we have come to crave, and yet, it is Elle s character that shines in this She no longer hides her attraction, and takes every opportunity presented to search for her own answers and eradicate the wall surrounding Graham, no matter the extent of her desire, his constant reinforcement of who is in control or his inherent intransigence Previously labelled as prim and proper, she is no longer, instead we get a strong woman who doesn t take Graham s BS, and draws the reader s eye instantly, unlike before.The ending is another precipitous closure, and although hindering, the distress comes from the lack of depth in the content in the story, in its delivery of answers, and even in its development of Graham s character And, surprisingly, his actions in this are unfavorable to the conscious mind, sitting uncomfortably until they hopefully can be redeemed This installment leaves a lot to be desired with many loose ends, and surely St James has a trick or two up her sleeve to deliver impeccably all the lacking elements in Pawn Volume 3 Missing in its initial abundance of emotions, plot depth and development, nonetheless, Pawn Volume 2 is a quick read sure to please with plentiful scandalous fantasies as an outcome, and leaving intense desire to know the verdict of this lust filled endeavor Awaiting the release of the next part is going to be an anxious struggle, but one worth the wait, I hopeFuck, you re beautiful when you re angry, Elle Beautiful and vicious and mineARC provided by author in exchange for honest review. Posted February 19, 2015 I hate to say it.But this sequel was a miss for me I just felt like it read like an extended lost chapter of the first book and offered nothing new to me.I was not a fan of this AT all I loved book one because it was fun to read, had shocking elements and despite being short in length, it had characters with layered pasts that made you curious about them.However, this sequel just extended the cat and mouse chase game that happened in book 1 between Graham and Elle and at first it was kinda cool and suspenseful but after a while, I kinda wanted to slap Graham with how he was dealing with Elle He got annoying for me.And I get it that when a person gets hurt, they sometimes can get cold with others and dont want to show vulnerability but after a while it s like, Hello, you are a grown ass man You know what you are feeling Why play the twisted games after so long and that is what happened with Graham and what I wanted to say to him And even if he didn t tell Elle his feelings, I would have liked him to have balls, at least with his own damn self, and admit that he liked her beyond his lust for her But NO Not even a full confession Just half assed mini admissions And sorry for my language but I am so annoyed with Graham His charm just went away for me I hate when guys use their man pain as an excuse to treat girls like shit.Elle also annoyed me in this because in book 1 she showed potential to be able to match Graham and challenge him And it s like the author tried to make her character gutsy but failed because everytime she did something semi interesting to challenge Graham to find out what is behind their deal, she became this wide eyed mary sue girl who just got her first kiss and is babbling like an idiot in awe of Graham I get it, the man had something sexy about him at first but with the way he was treating her in this book, like NO It went away At least for me She put him on this sexy pedastal and honestly, I wasnt seeing it I did in book 1, but not in this book.This series does have potential to redeem itself and it lies within Elle really challenging Graham, like FOR REAL and Graham bringing down his guard, showing his past wounds and quitting this stupid revenge plot because Elle doesn t deserve it and he s being petty.Graham s sexual demands got old real quick because he was trying to establish dominance but at the same time keeping away from Elle from fear of falling for though he didnt once come close to admit it even to himself but acting like an idiot in the process A creepy, immature idiot.Only thing I liked about this book The cover That is IT.My rating 2 5 4 Forbidden StarsThough Graham is still playing games with Elle, they are both feeling than either of them intended She can t get him out of her head when he s away and he can t seem to get enough of her when she s with him.But Graham is still playing a dangerous game What will happen when Elle figures it all out I am loving this series I can t say enough about it I want to the next installment NOW Title Pawn Volume 2Series Pawn, 2Author Maya St JamesRelease date 17th February, 2015Rating 4 4.5 Oral distinction stars Cliffhanger Yes HEA view spoiler n a hide spoiler 3 3,5 STARS