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I enjoy Schlesinger s work Those who do also will enjoy The Vital Center This study makes a good very primary Cold War source as well as a relevant look into what ideals serve d America well in the realm of foreign policy Even though the Cold War has ended, there is still much to be digested regarding foreign policy philosophy Some parts are dated yet others read like current headlines The time of authorship 1949 was a very interesting period to be writing on foreign policy The end of the Second World War had witnessed the end of a totalitarian state only to be replaced by another one The rise of such nations constitutes the bulk of The Vital Center along with ways to prevent third world countries from succumbing to these influences Schlesinger s musings on containment and reconstruction are very interesting as well as the discussions on plutocrats and dough faced progressives While Schlesinger s center leans left, contemporary readers from a variety of political views can still benefit by analyzing this work. What is consistently surprising is how much lucid Schlesinger s thinking is for the time than most of his non Communist Left colleagues which isn t saying a whole heck of a lot, but I was fascinated by the relative lack of outright cant or at least less hysterical cant and the at times genuine creativity of Schlesinger s arguments. This is a fascinating Cold War document, a perfect embodiment of what Schlesinger himself calls the Non Communist Left thesis I read it with less interest in thinking about whether its argument is applicable today or whether it was even valid in its own time than as a representative specimen of the emerging liberal consensus after the Second World War Read this book after you ve read Frances Stonor Saunders s The Cultural Cold War to understand what was at stake for Cold War liberals like Schlesinger in promoting the idea of a NCL and where The Vital Center fits into the larger project of postwar consensus building. Deftly presented mandate for the liberal left with examinations of fascism, Communism, and American Progressive and conservative ideologies as assessed in the aftermath of WWII Enough historical explanation woven into the argument to avoid categorization of a liberal left manifesto most valuable aspect may be the obvious passion and emotion that permeates this work provides a great window into how the threat of Communism was perceived and where the ideological battle lines fell at the dawn of the Cold War. Schlesinger is a great apologist for liberal thought However, the incessant reference to the Cold War lends it the tone of loyalty oath sometimes That got old for me. Schlesinger s work is remarkably relevant to the challenge of building a moderate and workable government today This book and Camus The Rebelboth talk about the dangers of permanent revolution in politics and the pull toward extremism. |Book ♇ The Vital Center ♲ With A New Introduction By The Author The Vital Center Is An Eloquent And Incisive Defense Of Liberal Democracy Against Its Rivals To The Left And To The Right, Communism And Fascism It Shows How The Failures Of Free Society Had Led To The Mass Escape From Freedom And Sharpened The Appeal Of Totalitarian Solutions It Calls For A Radical Reconstruction Of The Democratic Faith Based On A Realistic Understanding Of Human Limitation And Frailty Though written over sixty years ago, Schlesinger s observations on polarizing politics remain timely and current