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!Free Epub ♴ A Dog Wearing Shoes ♼ PDF or E-pub free

!Free Epub ☨ A Dog Wearing Shoes ☢ When Mini Finds A Small Moppet Of A Dog, With Fluffy Ears, No Collar, And Wearing Yellow Booties, She Understandably Wants To Take It Home Despite Mom S Insistence That The Dog Probably Already Has A Family, Mini Gets Attached And Is Awfully Proud Of Her New Pal, Who Can Sing, Sit, And Give Both Paws But When The Pup Runs Off One Day At The Park, Mini Comes To Understand How Someone Else Out There Might Be Missing The Little Guy Too Something felt missing from this story The child who finds the dog wearing shoes is devastated when he runs away during a game of fetch but then willingly gives the dog up with a smile when the dog s real owner shows up It felt like there needed to be explanation about how those feelings changed. i love it In the middle of a congested avenue sits a small, adorable, yellow shoe wearing pup Young Mini s mom stops and the pup runs right over He and Mini hit it off immediately and so they take the pup home Once there, the pup no longer wants anyone or anything He howls as if home sick Mini tries to take him for a walk, but he pulls the opposite direction, until the park.To Read More, Go To Children s Book by author illustrator Sangmi Ko Mini finds a lost dog that is wearing shoes Mini wants to keep the dog because it is so cute and fun A dog wearing shoes must belong to someone though.A cute story about a child who finds a dog and wants to keep We ve all been there, amiright The mother tries get the girl to realize they cannot keep the dog, since surely a dog wearing shoes belongs to someone Loved the black and white artwork with pops of color. LOVED this book The illustrations are black and white with a little bit of color here and there eye catching And I love the message of the story there s a dog for everyone PLUS there are tips at the back for how to adopt a dog from a shelter Makes me want to go to an animal shelter today A very cute book in which a dog wearing shoes is found, cared for and loved, with a happily ever after The gray illustrations, offset with the yellow of the dog s shoes, and the red of the leash, etc, are beautiful and match the tone of the book The content deals with responsibility and being able to let someone thing go if you really want them to be happy, which might be better suited for older elementary aged students. Mini and her mom find a dog A dog who is wearing shoes A dog who is lost They take him home, and Mini falls in love with him When she takes him on a walk, she lets him off his leash, and he runs off She finds him again at the local animal shelter, and then comes to terms with the fact that he belongs to someone She finds his owner, and then finds her own dog at the shelter Very nice illustrations. This is the second book this month that my grandson and I read together This one was so enjoyable, and it had such a great message to it The plotline was awesome and it flowed very well making it very easy for grandson to understand I liked the little girl in the story quite a bit too along with the star of the story, the dog wearing shoes. good drawing with nice story