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@Read Pdf õ Perfect Trust í When Jason Swedborg And Daniel Reilly Agree To Work As Top Secret Agents For The US Government, They Expect To Encounter Danger And Death What They Don T Expect Is To Face A Twisted Web Of Conspiracy Which Includes Shadows From Daniel S Past And The Ominous Beat Of Voodoo DrumsNor Do They Expect To Fall In Love With Each Other Life Is Full Of Surprises Another Ijustknowshes female author writing gay crime novels, although the S is at least not an impersonation of a gay man Aside on that subject I could go through various scenes, outlining how the very story showed the author to not be a gay man, and even if she were a man, it d be a man who had read nothing but romance novels and slash fics for the last decade Leaving aside how chest hair only looks silky to heroines and what non paedo males see when looking at another guy s crotch isn t primarily soft looking curls both of which is less bad than Lanyon s double orgasm with thoughts of what an unselfish lover the man man was leaving aside that both guys here were meant to be straight initially which I didn t realise due to their appreciative thoughts about each other s looks , leaving aside dozens of obvious clues, there s one simple thing that proves an author is writing about his own sex and gender a bio, and a photograph Gale, Fry, White, Kenry, Keenan, Kluger, Nava, Wilson, the list is long Gay readers might not even notice so strongly they were meant to believe the author was a gay man since they don t tend to read het romance novels and slash fics, while the women reading Lanyon and Brondos might enjoy them precisely for being just like those two genres.While I theoretically would love to read private and personal scenes between m m, I want that from the authors that really write about m m To say it differently, I do not want of the same I already dislike in the deluge of published romance novels, just transplanted onto two men While I certainly have unrealistic romantic longings, they are not satisfied by unrealistic fanfiction wrapped up in a book cover.So far, Brondos is at least entertaining, I just had to recover from realising she s going to take two straight James Bond types and make both of them gay for each other As appealing as that again theoretically is for me at times as well, I did not appreciate they both were meant to be straight initially something that gay writers don t do, even if a clich gay fantasy should still be a straight guy.ETA ONE the men s names are unfortunately similar, and since they re both young handsome strong top Black Ops, I often kept confusing them Sadly the solution to that was for Brondos to make them top and bottom, the slighter man Cajun, possible African ancestores the tobeentered fantasy of the bigger man Viking, Sioux But what was really eye rollingly, close the book and groan grin bad was the first sex Having spent many months together, often naked wounded, pissing they now were dumbstruck at each other s nudity, gazing at one another, taking in the beauty that was theirs to feast on and share and then the slighter man thinks this But it was the raw glory of Jason s SEXUALLY AROUSED GENITALS that really did it for him That his partner s penis could lengthen and thicken for him was almost beyond comprehension Daniel gazed at the sight, longing to do something with that gorgeous male organ caps mine I would have thought he had a dick of his own for nigh 30 years, even if surrounded by soft curls , but a few pages later he suddenly understood those corny romance novels in which the heroine would rather die than allow someone other than her hero to touch her This is a Navy SEAL and laywer, heterosexual until a few days ago I rest my case ok, I won t, I just keep hoping she ll drop the seme uke crap in the next book so I can keep liking it.ADDENDUM 1 set in the early 80s , it enabled the author to let the newly minted homosexual heroes have completely unprotected sex, suck and fuck with not even a thought of condoms needed when thinking of lubrication Now please compare to the next book, only a year later, when suddenly the public talks of disease riddled gays This is not possible she can t have it both ways, even if 1984 was the watershed. This is a very good action romance story where both guys are believable and are not the he s really a girl inside syndrome Both Daniel and Jason are interesting Their friendship built from extreme training situation, both are black ops operative is the foundation of the relationship The action plot involves drugs smugglers, voodoo and supernatural forces All are written well and you get to the end and want to of the adventures of Daniel and Jason This is a reread for me and it hasn t aged a bit, it was published than 5 years ago and it s still spent a lovely time reading about Jason and Daniel. I loved the start of this series I also loved that this is a GLBT story and independently published I thought this circumstantial romance was very natural and i loved the main characters Jason and Daniel Great mix of romance, action and mystery I will definatly look at reading the second in the series.