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[[ Free E-pub ]] ✖ The Prince and the Porker ⇸ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Fun pictures, gentle and unobtrusive rhymes, and a light silly story make this a fun read. [[ Free E-pub ]] ⇯ The Prince and the Porker ☠ Pignatius Was Passing The Palace One Day, When He Saw Ten Fresh Buns Left To Cool On A Tray Sneaking Into The Palace, Looking For Treats, Pignatius Tries On A Wig And Some Clothes And The Servants Mistake Him For The Real Prince Of Course The Rein Of This Porky Impostor Can T Last Long, But When The Actual Prince Returns, He Saves Pignatius S Bacon It Turns Out That He S Always Wanted A Double To Deal With A Particularly Frightening Dragon His Aunt Alice Raggedy rhymes, humdrum illustrations glorify the gluttony and selfishness of the prince porker and demean the servants who must cater to their wishes. Funny and imaginative retelling of this fairy tale I do like Bentley s work The illustrations are lovely and witty and well drawn Good for newish readers and introduces some new words Lovely book Added to the to buy list. A cute book about a pig who comes along and steals into a castle, eating the food, and hiding in the prince s chamber Then he finds a wig and dresses up, now everyone thinks he s the prince They feed him everything he asks for, and then he causes havoc with the guards Until the real prince shows up He can t believe they thought it was him, and says he needs a double So the pig gets to stay and eat and sleep in the castle, but he has to go once a month and be the double to have lunch with the Aunt who is too kissy and huggy for his taste. I loved this book This book had such a sense of humor to it The pig decides to dress up as the prince and have the staff do whatever He loves to eat I would so read this book for a storytime and then have a craft where they have a cutout of a pig and they can dress him up That would be so funny This was great. Lyrical and hysterical We thoroughly enjoyed this story of a pig who follows his belly into the palace and is mistaken for the prince He takes full advantage of everyone s confusion and though he has to pay a small price, is handsomely rewarded in the end. A fun rhyming text, with reference to The Prince and the Pauper. Super fun, and a great revision of The Prince and the Pauper As always, David Roberts s illustrations add extra kick and humor. Absolute fun Great illustrations, rhyme, and story