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#EPUB ⛎ Bayou Heat Collection Two (Bayou Heat, #7-12) ´ eBook or E-pub free

Left me still wantingIn this second set we find a new enemy since Skapti is now gone The characters are rich and well developed, but I wantedabout their life, after Granted every character is intricately interwoven with the next couple that emerges and brought into play I am waiting for the story about Hiss and his family More please Great bookEvery story will keep you on the edge of you r seat..makes you want to readof her books. #EPUB Õ Bayou Heat Collection Two (Bayou Heat, #7-12) õ Six Sizzling Hot Puma Shifters, Six Sexy StoriesOne Low Price The Bayou Heat Collection Two Includes The Following Six Bestselling Paranormal Romance Titles By Alexandra Ivy And Laura Wright SEBASTIAN ARISTIDE LIAN ROCH HAKAN SEVERIN Author Note Each Title Can Be Purchased Individually Or As A Box Set , Words A USA Today Bestselling Series BooksSEBASTIAN Sebastian Duval Has Devoted His Life To Ensuring The Survival Of His People He Ll Do Whatever Is Necessary To Protect The Wildlands, Even If It Means Working With The Human FBI Reny Smith Refuses To Allow Her Amnesia To Ruin Her Life She S Created A New Identity And Is Determined To Become A Successful FBI Agent Unfortunately, She Ll Have To Choose Whether To Run From The Man Who Threatens To Strip Away Her Defenses, Or Listen To Her Heart And Become The Woman She Was Always Meant To Be ARISTIDE Gorgeous Nurturer Aristide, Is A Rare Male He Wants To Be Mated, Wants Love And A Family But Aristide Must Decide Between The Abiding Want Of His Puma Heart And The Vow He S Made To His Shifter Species Reporter Katherine Burke Lives For One Thing Her Five Year Old Son, Noah She Will Do Anything To Protect Him, Including Writing Heinous Lies About A Group Of Puma Shifters She Doesn T Even Believe Exist BooksLIAN The Hunter Lian Isn T A Happy Puma He S A Lethal Hunter Who Should Be Out Fighting The Enemy, Not Babysitting A Human Scholar Still, He Ll Do Whatever Necessary To Rid The World Of The Evil Goddess, Shakpi The Scholar Dr Sage Parker Has Always Known She S Different Not Only Because She S A Genius With Languages, But Because She Has A Weird Ability To See Auras Around People Then Lian Charges Into Her Life, Dragging Her Out Of The Safety Of Her Home And She Must Translate The Ancient Pantera Scrolls Before Shakpi Destroys The Male She Loves ROCH Brilliant Diplomat Roch Is Devoted To His Work The Sexy, Blond Male Wants Nothing Than To Keep His Life Just As It Is But When He Falls Ill, He S Forced To Find Help In The Human World Attorney Lydia Page Has Not Only Been Fired From Her Job For Being Pregnant, But The Clinic Where She Was Inseminated Wants Her To End The Pregnancy Because She S Carrying An Animal She Loves Her Unborn Child, And Soon Realizes That The Only Way To Keep Herself And Her Baby Safe Is To Accept The Help Of A Mysterious And Very Handsome Puma Shifter BooksHAKAN Hakan Never Apologizes For Being A Lethal, Barely Civilized Hunter, But He Understands That He Has To Be Careful When It Comes To His Future Mate, Payton When He Discovers She S Been Captured, However, He S Done Waiting Payton Understands That There S Nothing Important Than Discovering Why Their Newest Enemies Are Targeting The Pantera Does She Listen To Her Pride, Or Give In To The Urgings Of Her Fragile Heart S VERIN S Verin Has Lived The Last Ten Years Of His Life In His Puma Form He Is Feral, Predatory And Angry At The Human World When He Comes Upon A Human Female Running Scared Through His Wildlands Domain, He Wants Nothing Than To Get Her Back To The Border But As She Finds Shelter With Him In His Rustic Treehouse, The Male Inside Him Starts To Emerge, Threatening His Still Caged Heart Running From Her Abusive Ex, Taylor Is Desperate For A Place To Hide Luckily, There Is One Pantera Who Might Want The Beautiful Teacher To Stay Box set 2 puma shiftersThis is the second box set Each book had 2 stories Around 8 stories total Very well written and continued through the series.Overview Each puma shifter finds there mate and help to solve the mystery of their future The first box set was about the goddesses The puma creation, and how to balance their future But box set 2 showed that some of the things from box set 1 were leading into this set and a bigger cause is happening Looking forward to the next box set. 3 1 2 Total for all three books 7 Sebastian by Alexandra IvyAttacks outside of the Wildlands are being blamed on Pantera and Sebastian is tapped to work with FBI agent Reny Reny woke in a hospital 6 years ago with no memory of her previous life Sebastian immediately recognizes her as his mate And almost as quickly they are off and running trying to find out who is helping the evil goddess in her plan to start an interspecies war between the Pantera and humans.This story is super quick and though the other stories were quick also the romance was believable Not that it wasn t here there just wasn t enough time to get into it, they literally fell in love in one day Just too quick and I didn t get to know the characters enough.The furthering of the story was enjoyable 8 Aristide by Laura WrightAristide is determined that his future mate will be a Pantera female, but one look at waitress Katherine and his mating instincts start to take over This is bad not only because she is human but she is also the author of an article about the Pantera portraying them as bloodthirsty killers Kat would do anything to protect her son who was taken by her ex to force her to write the article.Aristide is so sexy and tender, he is a to die for hero Kat was likable but not as developed Again, the couple pretty much fall in love and mate in a day.Ashe s baby is born and we also find out that the evil goddess needs the baby s blood in order to fulfill her plot The Pantera traitor is discovered though his motivations seem to honest and there is a big twist at the end 9 Lian by Alexandra Ivy Lian is sent to find a human scholar who may be able to decipher the ancient scrolls and save the Pantera by preventing Shakpi from returning from her current stasis form.He finds Sage, a somewhat shut in and is instantly attracted This story is a return to the focus on the romance The Shakpi storyline is resolved somewhat neatly and in a bow, but there is another faction that is attempting to cause mayhem in the Wildlands.I liked Lian and Sage very much, their romance is sweet and sexy 10 Roch by Laura WrightRoch will do whatever it takes to save his people but he s been suffering from an ailment that leaves him nauseous He is inexplicable drawn to New Orleans where is drawn like a beacon to Lydia.Lydia, a single attorney has been artificially inseminated which she wanted but apparently the father of her child is Pantera The place she was inseminated is shady and the official want her to terminate her pregnancy immediately When Roch finds her, he is drawn to her and wants to take her back to the Wildlands Knowing her child is Pantera, Lydia wants to find out as much as she can about the shifters Could Roch possibly be the father of her cub, and is that why he is drawn to her They have a sweet romance and I liked them together 11 Hakan and Payton by Alexandra IvyHakan has kept Payton at arms length waiting for her to mature enough to mate with her 20 years but hearing she is missing sends him on a quest to find her.Hakan is sexy in the extreme and he and Payton set the pages on fire She s resentful that he rejected her when she was young and though he explains why he did what he did, she doesn t want to just fall into his arms.Payton annoyed me a bit with her game playing, she was purposely trying to punish Haka and though she did eventually give in it didn t endear her to me.The story progression is good, withinformation about the sinister fertility clinic revealed 12 Severin and Taylor by Laura WrightSeverin was abused at the clinic for years before escaping and now lives in his puma shape Taylor a human is running from an abusive ex and is discovered by Severin who protects her Both are drawn to each other and feel safe together.I liked both of them and there isinformation about the clinic and what the enemies are after But the story was just too short and ended abruptly. loved them all so far on to the next ones It s almost the same thing as the first collection, and all the stories just feel like the same, only changing names The difference is that there s an idea of a plot that goes behind the scenes, almost like a background to the romantic couples stories You keep reading to see where it s going, and you feel like it will never end Actually it s possible to keep going eternally with this background plot and I get tired of this I don t like series, trilogies, etc I like independent books where I can see a story s beginning, development and closure. Great additions to the Bayou Heat series These Six Pantera are Sexy, Wild, and had me speed reading the entire box set just to see what happens next These are so well written they make you feel you are right there with the Pantera fighting for the servile of their race and protecting their home I look forward to the next book. The stories are super short making it hard to get into care about the characters There is a bigger storyline running through the books, but the narrative hardly pays attention to it The female characters are slightlyinteresting At least they have different looks and personalities All the males are sculpted from marble and arrogant Good fluff to read to unwind after work, but really expected a richer world from Alexandra Ivy. Great collection 2 Sebastian is an interesting one He reminds me a lot of Rafael He s a suit but now he s gotta work with the FBI which pisses him off That isuntil he meets Remy who gets his puma purring and the man of course She feels the same as well He smells puma in her which baffles him and she s got no clue That might have something to do with losing her memory I have to say that a lot comes out in this set between this story and the last Especially about Remy Aristide is a nurturer and male and thats pretty rare He s made a promise to himself and his puma that when he mates which he desperately wants that it HAS to be with a female puma He meets Katherine who in part is to blame for all the negativity about the Wildlands and the pumas She s the reported that told all the lies Ari insists on protecting her for some reason but at the same time needs answers Theres a good reason she did what she did She has a child whos being used and of course a mother will do ANYTHING for the safety of her child Ari can t fight his attraction to her and he continually makes her feel like dirt because she is human and she isnt good enough for him He doesnt come out and say that in exact words but basically he kinda does His puma has other ideas though His man brain caught up too slowly to register LOL Sodidnt see the thing with Hiss coming Wowtraiter against the Pantera I can see his reasoning but yeahstill wrong Lian was kinda funny sometimes He s a hunter and has been tasked to find this doctor who can read ancient scrolls they have and have been unable to decipher SoXavier is a geek but a hot geek Anyways, he knows someone who can do it but apparently dont know alot about the person but he sends Lian to fetch HIM Lo and behold he gets to their home which is in the country and has all kinds of traps set to prevent someone from entering their domain This doctor is a shut in kinda WellLian learns real fast that its no a he but a she Dr Sage Parker She s also an unpracticed Shaman and doesnt really want anything to do with it However, now that her life is in danger tahts a different story Lian takes a shine to her instantly and has a soft spot for the doctor NowShakpi is finally taken care of when finally their goddess returns So, shes out of the picture but a new threat emerges Not a nice one eitherthought Shakpi was bad Uh no Rosalie and Mercier are kidnapped and held for ransom for Hiss Roch ugh I wanted to slap that boy Roch is a diplomat for the Pantera He s fallen ill and doenst know why Something is pulling him but he doesnt know why or where He follows his puma instincts and follows and finds Lydia Lydia wants a family and has gotten artificially inseminated successfully but this clinic tells her she has to abort it because its part Pantera She wont hear of it and gets pissed of course and flees Roch finds her in a beignet shop He s confused and shes scared and freaked a little He ends up scaring her lol Finds her later and found out shes pregnant with a Pantera cub For her safety he takes her to the Wildlands because someone tries to hurt her He doesnt even find out right away that she didnt lay with a Pantera Everyone is pissed and confused to why a human clinic would even get a hold of thier semen to even do that kind of thing He wants her but doesnt really make a move until he finds out who fathered the cub He hurts her pretty bad and thats why I wanted to slap him cause really Men Of course by a twist of fate he IS the father After groveling she accepts his mating Bad news is Mercier has been killed trying to save his mate Rosalie Sad face Haken okso he s rough around the edges and he s dominant 20 years ago he breaks Payton his mates heart by rejecting her She s lived with it for 20 years and has successfully avoided each other since then What she didnt know was the reason and when she finds out she UNDERSTANDS it but stillhe could have told her I mean yeah she was young and he didnt want to break her spirit He wanted her to grow up He s always fully intended to claim her but wanted her to give her time to grow into her puma Uh why couldnt he have said that Probably because Payton would have driven him mad and claimed her anyways and he didnt want that for her so he pushed her away She s not quick to accept him backat least to mate him He hurt her pretty bad Boy he makes up for it though.awww the wooing Severin oh my poor sweetie THIS is my favorite of them all He s been in the Wildlands for 10 years and hes always remained his puma He s got issues and turns out he was kidnapped and used for experiments and his man bits to put it nicely He meets Taylor whos a human and comes to the Wildlands for refuge and protection from an ex whos hell bent on hurting her or worse He doesnt want her there at first He allows it because he puma pushes it Bits here and there he s revealed his male to her She makes him feel better and he her Both have been abused and used Shes so great and understanding Hell she is something else if she considering living in a tree house with him even if hes his puma the whole time He finally reveals himself fully to her and smiles and talks Its so sweet and cute Anyways, great story and loved it My fav Things arent over yet not by a long shot This Mr Locke is nutso and now he has Hiss.