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Review Originally Posted at Book FreakRachel she might be in a wheelchair, but don t underestimate her because this girl is as tough as any of those who can stand in their own feet I love the outlook of her character, she didn t let her disability hinder her happiness, or any possibilities that life may offer her well except for love, Jared had to worked hard for that one She s independent, and doesn t really care what other people thinks of her.Then here comes the handsome, happy go lucky Jared who was living on his father s credit card and really doesn t take anything seriously Until he realized that he actually FELT something for Rachel.Uh oh.Rachel wouldn t hear any of it, but Jared was relentless in his pursuit, and I was laughing out loud, thoroughly entertained by his antics on how to make Rachel say YES to him He s naughty and has a lot of ideas his imagination runs wildly and yes, Rachel is in for the biggest surprise of her life.And I thought she was the only one who has problems Jared has been keeping some secrets too What started to be fun, exciting and exhilarating love affair turned a sudden serious turn when the red double line appears on a kit and secrets were exposed.Both of them are stubborn enough to ask for help, even when it s clear that they desperately need some It s hard to ask for help, especially when all your life you have been independent, or you wanted to appear strong to anyone But sometimes, even the toughest people needs help, and despite their strength, it would always be struggle for them to ask.There was enough drama to stir my emotions, some twists that I haven t seen coming, and despite all of it I can still say that this one is a feel good novel Another great fact is that this might be a part of a series but can be read as a stand alone HOW GREAT IS THAT If there is one word to describe this novel it would be FUN.I laughed out a lot, got so entertained, amazed by this extraordinary couple who started out as friends and were brave enough to ventured into something.Some people might say they don t want to risk their friendship to form deeper relationships that might not work, but after reading this, feeling all the perks, the ups and downs of having a friend as a lover then perhaps the risk is worth taking after all ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review. I was provide a copy of the series Take My Hand by the author for an honest review.Holy Smoke I just finish reading all four book of this series Take My Hand, Hold On Tight, Lean On Me, and Never Let Go And I love every single one of them, since I fisnih all four books I decide to write a little about each book in my review.I felt in love with this series from the first page of the first book, to the very last page of the last book, and I love every single minute of it, their si so much going on in this series that is not even funny, this series got me on a roller coaster, it got me mad, crying, and laughing, and I enjoy all of it I love the characters and love how the series turn out to be, even though I finish it I want.Book 1 Take My Hand Emily is ninteen years old, and she left her family to move in with her best friend Rachel to London in order to attend university, but she has being sheltered and protected all her life by her family, she never had expirence the real world, now that she s in London she want to expirience it, she starts making friend and meeting new people, even thoug she is shy and never show interest in no body, but all that change the moment that she see Dexter, Dexter is an American in London his running from his past, from the things that he has done and the people that he has hurt, Dexter spend his day working and going to school, he dont let no one get closed to him, but all that change the moment that he meets Emily.I love the way this two act with each other, and love it how they tried to fight the attraction that they have for each other, love it how they both started fall in love.Book 2 Hold On Tight This book picks right up where the first one is left of.Dexter is feeling lost and is getting out of control, using drugs trying to numb his guilt and pain, on the other end Emily is trying to hold on to him, when she finally notice that Dexter has relapsed and she cant take it any , she decide to go back home, when Dexter see that Emily has left he spiral even deeper into his own personal hell on earth, than we meet Jeff and let me just say I love Jeff, with the help of aunt Sarah, Jeff and Emily they help Dexter through rehab, after that they decide to go back to London.Now the question is what surprised would they have when they get their Book 3 Lean On MeThis is Rachel and Jared story I love this two from the first two book, and I am so happy that we get to read about this two.Rachel is in a wheelchair she is afraid to let anyone get closed to her, she is loud and outgoing, she dont want anyone help bacuse she think they will pity her, than we have Jared he will do everything that he could into Rachel gives up and caves in, Jared dont care what people think of him, and as their dealing with Rachel insecurities and needing to understanding the srong guy, at the other end Jared is also dealing with some health issue that he is scare to face it, will they make it and pass their issues and be happy.I love the way that this two are with each other, love the way how Jared is with Rachel, love it how he show her how much he care and love her.Book 4 Never Let Go This is the final book of the series, this book picks right up where Hold On Tight is left off This was the perfect ending to this sereis, we get to find out alot of the answers that where left on the last book, we get to find out about what was going on with Chris, we get to see how the girls made up and they all became friends again, we get to see each characters clear and how their characters grow up, and the way they all became a family, and the love that they have for each other I really love and enjoy this sereis and I am ready to Re Read it again, thats how much I love this series and I am not gone stop saying that, their is alot of angry moment, sad moment and crying moment, but I love them all, Author Nicola Haken THANK YOU for introducing me to this amzaing wonderful characters and this awesome great books love it. #KINDLE ⚸ Lean on Me (Take My Hand, #3) ó Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBN Rachel Mason Oozes Confidence She S Outgoing, Adventurous And Would Chop Off Her Right Arm Before Caring What Other People Think Of Her Or Her Disability Right Jared Mattheson On The Other Hand, Is Than A Little Goofy And A Whole Lot Of Carefree He S Happy Living The Bachelor Life On His Father S Credit Card, Takes Nothing Seriously And Wouldn T Know Difficulty If It Slapped Him In The Face Right With Emily And Dexter Away In The States, Rachel And Jared Are Left Behind To Keep Each Other Company They Share The Same Sense Of Fun, Their Personalities Bounce Off One Another Perfectly And Perhaps Inevitably, They Become Best Friends But What Happens When The Lines Of Friendship Start To Blur How Will They Cope When The Sides Of Themselves They Ve Kept Hidden From The World For So Long Begin To Show Their Journey Together May Have Started With Fun, Games And Alcohol But It Seems The Future Has Other Ideas Turns Out, Even The Strongest Of People Need Someone To Lean On Sometimes Not Suitable For Under S Due To Adult Language And Sexual Content Less This book is all about Jared and Rachel and what was going on with them while Emily and Dex were working through all their problems.We met both Rachel and Jared in the first book but never really got to know them Rachel isn t afraid to say what is on her mind and never holds back with her opinion of anyone Jared is a spoiled brat and knows it However, when these two are left behind with just each other as company, Jared decides to make his feelings known And man does this boy never give upFull of compliments today aren t you Seriously, you need to calm it down before my ego explodesThe banter between these two is absolutely hilarious They definitely have a very unique relationship However, Rachel is extremely afraid of allowing herself to get too close to him She has never wanted to depend on anyone for help It s not that she has had a horrible the complete opposite to be honest But she always wanted to prove to people that even though she is in a wheelchair she will not depend on others for help Jared sets out to prove to her that yes he wants to be there to help but not because she needs it because he loves herYou ve got me right where you want me, haven t you Not exactly We would probably get arrested if you were where I wanted you right nowAnd then when something is thrown their way unexpectedly, it s then that Jared proves to Rachel that he isn t going anywhere and he is in this for the long haul These two go through some emotional situations and push each other beyond most people s breaking points But in the end true love will always win.I love how this story was all about them and ends right where Emily and Dex s story in book 2 ended Perfect harmony Nicola definitely has the gift for a writing a story and just sucking you in Another fabulous book I was really looking forward to a story in this series focusing on Rachel and Nicola Haken did not disappoint Rachel Mason and Jared Mattheson are each other s new best friends when Emily and Dexter take off for the states They share the same humor and enjoy spending time drinking or just hanging out, which is why their friendship blossoms into Rachel is in a wheelchair, but damn if she s going to let herself be taken care of and Jared needs help, but refuses to share this information or take care of himself They are all kinds of screwed up.Rachel is sassy, strong, loud, and opinionated She s also hilarious Her hard exterior is really just hiding a lot of insecurities though and making a relationship work with Jared is not easy She pushes people away because she doesn t want to need anyone She s also not scared of much besides being pitied and she sure as hell doesn t want that from anyone Jared is a goofball that can make Rachel laugh He can see past the wheelchair, but she has a hard time believing that he won t run when he doesn t want the pressure and stares that come with being with someone in a wheelchair Jared has some insecurities as well and doesn t want to be seen as weak, but they both need to learn that having someone to lean on isn t so bad.These two have a lot of baggage to work through, but it is so worth the ride Jared s sweet way of wooing Rachel will have you swooning and her finally giving in to her feelings for him will leave you breathless They really accept all of each other, including Rachel s snarky comments and Jared s fifteen year old maturity level I really couldn t wait to read this particular book in the series because it focuses on Rachel, who has become one of my favorite book characters The comments that come out of that girl s mouth are jaw dropping shocking and I love it Now, you d think it d be hard to miss someone in a big square chair with two giant wheels on either side of their arse wouldn t you Well you d be wrong Honestly, the amount of people who carry on about their business as if I m invisible is unbelievable Take the guy standing in front of me in the queue He reached into the back of his pants, adjusted his underwear and then started scratching his arse Now you ve gotta remember, when you re in a permanent sitting down position, that means your eyes are butt level with everyone else As usual, I just looked away and let him and his itch enjoy their special moment together Until I heard the nauseating sound of his fingernails grazing his arse hair Want me to help you out with that seeing as I m down here She always seems so confident and sassy, but there was no way that living life in a wheelchair didn t leave some sort of emotional scars Jared, who is in desperate need of a jolt into adulthood, is an amazing boyfriend and perfect for Rachel.LEAN ON ME was full of laughs, sexiness, and deep emotional ties between two totally lovable characters The TAKE MY HAND series will go back to Emily and Dexter s story in book four, but I hope that Rachel and Jared will have a strong presence since there are big things happening in their lives that I really want to hear Copy provided by the author publisher for an honest review Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews Anyone for a pot noodle 5 Review of Lean on Me by Nicola HakenThis is the third book from the Take My Hand series a firm favorite of mine and quite unusually focuses on the story of the supporting characters from the first two Take My Hand books, Rachel and Jared These quirky and colourful characters feature a lot in the first two books and I was already charmed by both of them before reading this You wouldn t believe my short lived disappointment when I realized I d have to wait to find out what happens to Emily and Dexter However my reflex reaction on reading the synopsis was stuff them for now, lets have us some Rachel and Jared.Their story comes at a cleverly placed break in the main story of Dexter and Emily, when the main two characters disappear to America At the end of Hold on Tight I was left with a certain curiosity as to what had been happening back in London whilst Emily and Dexter were absent In many series, the secondary characters usually have a nice spin off book or series themselves but that is usually introduced after the main characters get their HEA But that s where I LOVED Nicola s thinking Rachel and Jared s story is perfectly placed in the series and after finishing the book you are effectively left with two cliffhangers and two contemporaneous stories, neither of which are effectively fully finished Book Four has a lot to live up to I think this is a brilliant concept and a refreshing change for me as a reader Their characters developed slowly but wonderfully through the book and although a few surreptitious hints in Hold on Tight suggested things were developing back in London, no one could prepare you for just what was in store for these two.I love Rachel, the wild potty mouthed, tattooed bird in a wheelchair I have a feeling if I were to ever meet her in the street I would totally not see the wheelchair but be amazed at the person it holds Refreshingly, unlike many other female book leads, she was far from emotionally scarred or disturbed I wholeheartedly admire her determination to be as normal as possible and I think this is what endeared me to her in the first place Emily had been her rock for so long but she was unwilling to allow her life to change in her absence Her wit and guile had me in stitches in parts but I also felt a deep connection with her and her emotions in the less happy moments too She may come across as a hard hot headed alpha female but not too far underneath the hard exterior she was a living breathing feeling human being too And yes I did cry with her on an odd occasion too Her grit and resolve to be independent despite her challenges amazed me and I feel that she again was such a refreshing change from the sometimes utterly annoying indecisive angst ridden female leads out there And she likes pot noodles too Rock on Rach Jared too develops from the cocky womanizer he is in the first two books The essence of this book delves into the fact that he has been hiding a secret from everyone that in fact fully explains him and his behavior Again his secret isn t some deep dark angst ridden psychological cause but in essence quite a heartrending reason When I fully understood why he is like he is my heart melted and I forgave him pretty instantly for being him I also loved Cindy the new girl on the block too Hope she features again in this series I won t spoil it but you definitely need to read it just to find out It has been quite a while since I have enjoyed reading a book as much as this and the story isn t a smooth mushy road of happiness and flowers although there are a few of those too but an emotional journey of discovery and acceptance Rachel and Jared can learn a lot from each other and I look forward to their reunion with Dexter and Emily in Book Four Bring it on Five AMAZING STARS See review at Third installment of the Take My Hand series This is Rachel and Jared s story, also written in dual POV with the reader finding themselves in both character s heads I ve read all three books in this series so far, and I have to admit each one I read was the best of all, this one takes top rank for me I predict I ll end up feeling this way about the next book that will be coming out as well I find myself singing the author s praises each time I ve reviewed one of these books, but it s truly deserved She does an amazing job of fleshing out her characters and the plot, drawing you in to the point of feeling you re part of the story I loved this book It had my heart breaking with just the prologue alone, so Nicola jumped in feet first with this book to grab you.Rachel and Jared have been spending time together as Rachel finds herself without BFF Emily who is still in the states with Dexter and has fallen off the grid with no contact Finding herself in that situation, she does as any other red blooded woman would do.she falls for the hot sexy man But wait, this is Rachel we re talking about Ms Independent, takes no shit, needs no help So how can this be Because Jared has made up his mind that it s Rachel he wants and he refuses to give up We find out about Jared in this book which was a definite eye opener I found these two funny in the first book, and discovered this time around that barely scratched the surface Rachel and Jared are crazy funny, together it s even crazier How can you expect anything less with a sex aid named Cindy As with any romance you read, the happy couple has bumps in the road I m glad there s not some jilted lover hanging in the shadows trying to break them up There is one point where the trust is broken and it seems the end might be near, but thankfully it is short lived as it s cleared up almost as quickly as it happened.We find out a secret about Jared that he has kept hidden from everybody but Mick So you know that spells trouble when Rachel finds out about it.I only viewed Jared as a funny sidekick character in the other books I now admit that I went full tilt and fell head over heels for him here He s loving, caring, considerate, sentimental, protective and just plain sexy Who doesn t want a boyfriend like that When he came out and professed his love for her, I was a big puddle of mush I liked getting to watch Rachel come to terms with the relationship as she realized Jared s actions weren t pity, it was love Of all the character reader conversations , I adore Jared s the mostYou feel like his best friend the way he talks and confides in you as the story moves along Not to say this book is all sunshine and rose petals, it s got it s moments that will knock you on your butt Thankfully, the characters are strong enough to grow from those moments and not just turn the other cheek and get beat down.There is something huge that comes up and I love how it s handled, not just with Rachel and Jared but how the other characters are involved as well But it s awesome how close it brings our beloved couple and you see just how great they are together.Only drawback is how the story ends Don t take that as a bad thing, it s just preparing you for the story to continue in the next book The second and third books both end at the same point basically, just from two different points of view So it should all come to fruition and all four characters back together once we get to crack open Never Let Go I just know I hate all this waiting. Read reviews at Will Read for CoffeeLean On Me is the third book in Nicola Haken s, Take My Hand series A large criticism of the second book, Hold On Tight, was that Rachel and Jared really didn t have a large part in the book The third book fixes that Lean On Me takes during the same time period of Hold On Tight but it s all about Rachel and Jared I think we knew this was coming but it still happens in a way that is still unexpected and extremely interesting Just like with the other books in the series, this book will draw you in from the very beginning Rachel is tough, confident, and fiercely loyal But some of her confidence is a front to prove that she is not her disability and can do anything that you throw at her Jared is a carefree playboy, he s always up for a party and completely content with is lackadaisical life These two together are extremely entertaining, their constant back and forth can have you laughing so hard you can t read through the tears Lean On Me shows a side of Rachel and Jared that we always knew was underneath their witty exteriors We get to see the not so strong side of Rachel and how much she truly fights to deal with her disability We also learn Jared s deep dark secret that explains his behavior and makes your heart pour out for him Reading about this side of Rachel and Jared will pull at your heart strings in every way possible as they turn to each other in the mist of their best friends being MIA I couldn t read this book fast enough Rachel and Jared s path to love is not without challenges Nicola Haken, once again, fleshes out the characters and their relationship to the point where you literally feel like you are right there with them There are times when I found myself screaming at the characters or crying right alone with them Even the secondary characters pull you further into the story and just give you another person to love True to form, AGAIN, we are left on a huge cliff hanger Although it sucks to wait, I am looking forward the Never Let Go even than I was looking forward to this book I feel like it will finally bring our crew back together in an even stronger way than before because we have been able to watch their romantic relationships get so strong, I know that their friendship will be just as riveting I want to say that this was my favorite book in this series but it all connected so I am not sure they will be as intriguing without all the extra So we wait Nicola Haken puts it ALL out there in her books If you are squeamish or have anything against fowl langue, drinking, and a strong psychical connection, this is not the book for you If you like raw, emotionally, and authentic love stories, you will love Lean On Me and the rest of the Take My Hand series ARC received in exchange for an honest review The Take My Hand series has been one of my favorite series I ve come across in my short time reviewing books, and in the latest volume, Lean On Me, I am not disappointed in the least In fact, I think this has been my favorite book to date.Lean On Me takes place during the same span of time as Hold My Hand, however this is the story of Jared and Rachel, and what went on back in England while Emily and Dexter were back in the States dealing with the death of Dexter s mom Rachel, as we have come to know, is quite literally, hell on wheels She doesn t let the fact that she is in a wheelchair stop her from saying and doing whatever it is she wants to do What we quickly come to realize though, is that Rachel s over the top personality hides a lot of the self doubt she carries with her She constantly feels like she has to prove herself and that she is not worthy of the love and attention that Jared is willing to so freely give her She puts up a tough girl veneer, not letting anyone, especially someone with such a capacity to break her heart, close to her Jared recognizes that wall that Rachel has put up around her because he too is suffering from an affliction that makes him different While not a visible disability, like Rachel s wheelchair, Jared has a condition that could lead others to pity him or treat him differently I absolutely love Jared and Rachel together as a couple The witty banter back and forth between the two never gets old and I found myself laughing out loud several times because the two were so ridiculous towards each other, it truly made them endearing characters I love the friends become lovers trope as it is very near and dear to my heart, considering I married my best friend These types of relationships to me are so much real than the instalove we see in a lot of NA novels.I like the message that is being sent in the inclusion of a character like Rachel Even though someone may have a disability, it IS possible for them to lead a normal life Yes, there needs to be adaptations along the way, and those adaptations may lead to unconventional methods, but just because you have a disability does not mean you need to rely on others I also loved that we see Jared asking some really stupid, but well meaning questions along the way As someone with a disability myself, I can tell you I don t know how many times I have had to shake my head and keep from laughing at some of the misconceptions people have about my condition I understand people just want to help, and that they care, but sometimes we just want to prove that we can do it ourselves Disability robs us of so many things, self reliance being the major one, however the longer we can hold on to what little grasp we have, the better.Lean On Me was another five star read for me Again, this is definitely the best of the series because I really love these characters Their relationship is very real to me, and I can see it only get stronger as time goes by I can t wait for the next installment of the series, Never Let Go, which will hopefully be out this spring We ll finally learn what Chris is hiding, and see if there will be happily ever afters to go around Thank you, Ms Haken, for artfully bringing these characters to life, not just as people in a book, but as friends we ve come to care about. Third book in the seriesdoes NOT disappoint Review to come with my tour post on 2 24 FULL REVIEWYou re just you You re a girl I ve gotten really close to recently A girl who shares my twisted sense of humour, likes the same TV shows, shares mutual friends, drinks like a fish, swears as much as I do and who just happens to be f king beautiful You re sat down So what Jared Mattheson is relentless in his pursuit of becoming than just friends with Rachel Mason Knowing that the hang ups are hers and hers alone makes it difficult to really reach in and steal her heart That doesn t deter him though that man has a bag of tricks Rachel never saw coming and ultimately has no choice but to cave Of course, it doesn t hurt that she has feelings for him as well.Now, it s just her fear holding her back fear of losing what was for the possibility of what could beI agreed to go out with him because that is what we do We re friends we go out and drink together and I don t want to lose that I don t want to lose him I don t want to lose our friendship I love Jared There I ve said it I love him As a friend or something I m not too sure yet Either way, the thought of losing him makes my chest hurt Being strong all the time is tiring Neither wants to give when it comes to leaning on the other Rachel with being in a wheelchair and Jared with his um, episodes But how can a relationship that needs to be based on trust carry the weight of insecurity Finding out isn t the hard part I suppose it s coping with the fact that they may need each other than either one is willing to admitJared, I Shh, I muttered, pressing a finger over her lips You don t need to say it back Not yet, I already know you feel it but I don t want you to say it until you trust me And like I said this morning, you will, Rach, because I m going to spend every day of forever proving it to you Talk about SWOON WORTHY Jared Mattheson is officially my new BBF, I am so in love with that man and his quirky accent I m sucker for a sexy accent I can t say enough about Nicola and her writing skills that girl has got some serious skills I absolutely love her work and this book is no exception Lean on Me gave me just enough of everything I need in an aww story Plus it kept me in touch with characters from previous books, which is always a bonus I cannot wait to read the next installment no doubt it will be just as amazing as this one and the ones before it.I know I m supposed to go on and tell you about the book, but truthfully I want you to read it and be surprised I was and I loved it Jared and Rachel are amazing together and the pieces that fall into place throughout the story are fantastic I want to know what happens next and hope there will be an update coming soon Beautiful story of overcoming odds not just with everyone else but the most important person in their life themselves 5 Don t Let the Wedge Come Between You Stars