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READ PDF ⚷ Acheron Highway (Jonathan Shade, #2) ⚣ He Stole My Heart, Mr Shade I Want You To Find Him And Steal It Back The Dead Won T Stay Buried In Denver, So Jonathan Shade Isn T Too Surprised When A Deceased Woman Shows Up Wanting To Hire Him A Necromancer Stalker Has Stolen Her Heart Literally And She Needs It If She S Going To LiveBut Shade S Jobs Are Never Simple The Dead Won T Leave Him Alone They Work For A Lovesick Goddess Who Wants Shade To Turn Over Her Former Lover Chased By Zombies, And Then By An Army Of Skeletons, Shade And His Magically Engineered Partner, Kelly Chan, Fight To Stay AliveKeep Your Hands And Feet In The Vehicle At All Times, And Hang On, Because There Are No Safe Exits From Acheron Highway The Jonathan Shade Series Modern SorceryAcheron HighwayDragon GateAnubis NightsSunset SpectersWizard S NocturneRazor DreamsVertigo EffectClub EternityTimeless Gods 3.5 stars this went to a surprising place near the end, up til that point it kind of meandered along My original Acheron Highway audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Gary Jonas has hit another home run with Acheron Highway, the second Jonathan Shade book.The usual cast of characters return albeit briefly Kelly Chan, Brant, Esther and Jonathan along with some DGI folks which also spell a fun time like Phil who is so terrified of Kelly that he practically wets himself when she smiles at him.This book is darker than the first in many different ways First the dead are walking and hunting Jonathan They want information on the missing Charon or Sharon as he is known to Jonathan the lover of Hades Persephone Persephone is relentless and wants Charon home where he belongs and she is willing to do anything it takes to get him back including hurting Jonathan.Persephone sends the walking dead after Jonathan, with a little help from DGI Jonathan thwarts that attack but finds himself knee deep in another case while trying to contact Sharon This case involves a necromancer and his obsession with a woman who rejected him He literally steals her heart.Between the zombies, the army of skeletons and the vengeful Persephone Kelly, Brant and Jonathan struggle to survive The deadly clash comes down to death deaths that Jonathan will not tolerate friendships end and Jonathan changes But will the change be enough to save his friends Can he stop Persephone This book is amazing There was one point where the shocking turn of events made Jonas my least favorite author His characters are so well developed they are almost real He is masterful at creating twists and surprises that leave one breathless His plots are well executed Jonas books are truly like riding a roller coaster ups and downs This book I listened to almost non stop because I couldn t turn it off.Jonas drove home that friends are important Life is short and frail Luck runs out one must change eventually if friends and family are to survive Being flippant has a place but not when it is life or death situations.Joe Hempel does an excellent narration As the listener I could not help but be swept away into the story as Hempel took control and became Shade This is not something that is done easily but Hempel succeeds where others fail The only issue I had was Hempel sounded like he was saying Essler instead of Esther His ability to project emotions and energy into the characters through is voice brings the book alive.There were no issues with the audio production aspect of this book It was well done Audiobook was provided for review by the narrator. OMG I absolutely love this series After finishing, it took me a full day to gather anyrational thought than that I loved the first book, and this one was even better With a necromancer, some zombies, and an evil goddess, the tone was a little darker in this one There are still humerous moments though, and it s done very well So far both books could stand on their own, but I highly recommend reading them all and in order It was very interesting to see the goddess Persephone in the story, and as such an evil, love sick bitch I totally didn t see the twists coming at all They just kept on coming too Joe Hempel is the narrator of the audiobook, and he is perfect I wish he could voice every audiobook in the world, he is that good I m so impressed with this series so far I can t wait to start the next book, and see what Jonathan Shade gets into next I was provided this audiobook in exchange for an honest review This does not change my opinion of the book in any way. Acheron Highway Note While this is Book 2 in the series, it stands pretty well on it s own Of course, Book 1 was pretty freaking awesome, so I recommend checking it out This book does contain plot spoilers for Book 1, just in case that would bother you if you read them out of order.PI Jonathan Shade is still hanging out in Denver He s approached by Miranda, who literally has no heart She wants him to find it Turns out there is a necromancer wreaking havoc in the area and Shade needs to put him down Yet he is also in hiding from a powerful goddess who demands he helps her find her old lover The bodies pile up, and then walk around, only to be laid out flat again by Jonathan and his crew Never a dull moment in this book I really enjoyed Book 1, Modern Sorcery, quite a bit and it made myTop 2015 List So I was quite happy to return to this urban fantasy world again Acheron Highway does not disappoint I listened to it in one day This book has the right combo of mystery, action, character development, and the supernatural I was never bored and the book doesn t fall into the trap of battle fatigue either.Jonathan Shade continues to be an interesting character He s got this past that we learnabout and he also has these special abilities that he has to get creative with In fact, towards the end he does this big trick that I wasn t expecting Normally, the plot device used at the end of the book would really turn me off I like actions and choices to have consequences, and ones that our characters have to live with But this author pulled it off really, really well And there are still consequences, and I hope to learn how severe they are in the next book.Kelly Chan is still my favorite female character She s a warrior sekutar, built by wizards to be the ultimate bodyguard However, she went rogue some time ago and opened a martial arts studio She s also a loyal friend to Jonathan In this book, she takes a pretty hard hit at the studio riveting scene and it s a game changer.Meanwhile, Sharon, the librarian from Book 1, is in hiding after the antics she pulled She s walking the line of trying to keep her friends safe but also hoping it will all blow over if she just lays low Things keeps getting bloodier and bloodier and at least part of the responsibility for that lies on Sharon s shoulders The friendship between Jonathan and Sharon is forever altered by what goes down in this book Heavy duty This is a great addition to the urban fantasy genre I received a copy at no cost from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.The Narration Joe Hempel didfine work on this series with this book Once again, his own enjoyment of the characters and plot comes through in his voice acting All his characters are distinct and his female voices are believable I love his drawl for Esther, a ghost from the 1920s, and his Asian accent for Kelly Chan.