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[Free Kindle] ⚖ The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, #2) ☭

[Free Kindle] ☦ The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, #2) ♃ Building On The Success Of The First Volume Of The Volleyball Coaching Bible, The American Volleyball Coaches Association AVCA Brings You The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II Featuring Contributions From Of The Top Volleyball Minds In The Game Today, This Resource Will Help You Build Your Program, Shape And Improve Your Team, And Sharpen Your Coaching Skills In Key Areas Such As These Building And Managing Your ProgramDeveloping Players Skills By PositionEstablishing And Implementing Match StrategyTraining And Conditioning AthletesOffensive TacticsScouting And Analyzing OpponentsEvaluating Statistics And Using Them To Your AdvantagePlanning PracticesThe Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II Presents The Drills Top Coaches Use For Developing Players At Each Position And Offers Insights On In Game Strategies For Various Match Situations, Including Strategic Serving, Defensive Schemes, And On The Go Decision Making In Addition To On Court Xs And Os, You Ll Learn What It Takes To Establish A Successful High School, College, And Beach Volleyball Program Setting Program Expectations And Tactics, Building A Positive And Winning Culture, Recruiting The Right Way, And Running Camps Are All Keys To Sustained Program Success Shared In The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II Endorsed By The AVCA And Edited By Volleyball Coaching Legend Cecile Reynaud, The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II Covers The Entire Court In Describing And Coaching The Nuances Of The Game And Shaping A Successful Program It S A Practical And Motivational Resource That You Ll Refer To Season After Season In Your Coaching Career FTC Disclosure I received this book free from Goodreads hoping I would review it. This is the second Volleyball Coaching Bible Unlike the first one, the emphasis of this book is on the advanced aspects of coaching Basic skills and concepts of indoor volleyball play had been covered earlier in Volleyball Coaching Bible I The four main areas of coverage are Coaching priorities, Program Building and Management, Positional Training Strategies, and Match Preparation and Strategies The segregation of subjects is rational and welcomed, as the audience for this book is the advanced beginner to intermediate level coaches Their knowledge of the game is advanced and their initial obsession with drill collecting and command and control of the team has subsided their focus now turns to some complex and involved topics The lead off chapter by John Kessel is an excellent way to motivate the coaches It gives a short history of the sport and it gives the reader a very unique and refreshing view of coaching The chapter is full of ideas on how to get around limitations, both in terms of resources and in terms of physical space One excellent characteristic of both Volleyball Coaching Bibles is that the authors are all experienced and credentialed practitioners in the subject that they are speaking to Chris Catanach, Randy Dagostino, Charlie Sullivan, Shelton Collier, Bill Neville, Salima Rockwell, et al are all veteran coaches and administrators well experienced in their respective topic areas.The problem that I had, and the only reason that I did not give the book a five star rating , it that even though the topics are well chosen, each topic constitute wells of significant depth, some are deeper than others but each topic is capable of generating a book by itself It is very difficult to adequately discuss and inform the audience on every nuance and subtlety associated with every topic For example, there are already books written on mindsets and on deliberate practices, a short chapter does not do justice to the depth and breadth of some topics In a manner of speaking, the authors were attempting to facilitate the reader in their task to drink from a fire hydrant it was an impossibility Yet, for as impossible a task as the authors were given, the book does introduce the topic to the reader I hope that the reader is motivated to continue their education beyond this important but incomplete compendium of chapters, to further their coaching education by researching and reading further about some of these topics.In the end, this is a valuable and well intended tome of great amount of coaching knowledge. An outstanding guide for coaches and players alike Integrating all aspects of Volleyball, including early, high school, and college play, this guide provides not only lessons, strategies, preparation and organization, but also practical knowledge in mentoring, teamwork, and life in general In such comprehensive manner, it lives up to its title, though such association of sports with aspects of religion may raise some eyebrows A must read for anyone serious about Volleyball and team sport A Goodreads First Reads book received.