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I ve read this book several times on wattpad and just finish the published version I love it Lana keeps you up at night because you simply cannot get enough of Ellie and Dublin It is my favorite book so far and I can t wait for the sequel Why this book is so amazing 1 No insta love2 No love triangle3 Sexy alpha vampireYES Dublin Eleanor perfection There s a slight dom sub theme that I loved I also loved how protective he was of her, yet he d never admit it I usually can t honestly say I completely love a MC But I loved, loved, loved being inside Eleanor s head I found her innocence, snobbish, and naivet absolutely endearing And DUBLIN, oh my god I LOVE Dublin There I said it His character remained strong and arrogant but we get to see his interaction with Ellie, his protective side that had me swooning I love reading romance novels, so most books get a 4 or 5 star rating from me this one gets a 10 out of 5 stars.This book has blown me away It is like nothing I have ever read before And it continue to hold me captive as I read it over and again waiting for Chain Me FREE PDF ♼ Drain Me ♾ Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BOWBDWhen Diagnosed With A Fatal Illness At The Age Of Twenty Six, Eleanor Gray Is Resigned To Her Fate At Least Until The Enigmatic Dublin Helos Appears And Makes Her An Offer She Knows She Should Refuse Life Or Death With A Decision As Harmless As Checking The Wrong Box On A Mysterious Questionnaire, Ellie Is Plunged Into A Dangerous World Where Souls Are Sold To The Highest Bidder And Pleasure Is Fueled By Pain The Rules Of This New Life Are Simple Submit Everything Mind, Body And Soul But The Further Ellie Falls Under Dublin S Control, The She Comes To Realize That It S Not Just Her Sanity At Stake, But Her Heart And A Whole Lot Of Blood Too I made an account to talk about this book, I ve followed Lana Sky from Wattpad, to the vault, and now to here because of this book Her characters are what drew me in most to this book The unconventional hero and heroine have a twisted chemistry that brought me to my knees I will not however recommend this to any one who is unfamiliar with darker romances This is by no stretch of imagination fluff ladies and gents Drain Me is a dark and sexy debut novel by Lana Sky in which we have our heroine, Eleanor Ellie Gray, who s quirky innocence is refreshing and as it says in the book Innocence is irresistible to those who have lost their own and true to form the creatures of dark are drawn to her in some way Cue the deliciously dark, Dublin Helos, who quite possibly could be the Devil incarnateif it wasn t for a pesky, albeit subtle, moral streak The story begins with a tragic diagnosis for our prudish and naive Miss Gray, who let s face it, was basically just going through the motions of life, so much so that she embraced death as if it was a long lost friend All that changes when she has a chance encounter with a man enter our scrumptiously devious Dublin who offers her a choice When Ellie accepts his offer we get to see her shed the prim and proper shell of an already dead inside Ellie and slowly awaken to life as the strong and willful woman she could have always been had she not been in the shadow of her vibrant, and outwardly beautiful, younger sister Dublin s demand of control and sensual temptations soon prove too much for Ellie to resist as she spirals downward into the depths of shadows, blood and lust And she discovers that the price of life might be higher than she ever bargained for.So come on and take a chance on a story that is sure to lure you into taking a ride on the dark sideIt will leave you begging for the next installment. Review copy received from author in exchange for honest reviewDNF at 60%This book was okay, but I just got a lot to say First of all, the cover was basically screaming Vampire and I haven t read a vampire book in ages I remember being so obsessed with them years back in my high school years But no Technically, some of the characters here do suck blood, but they re not labelled as vampires Okay, cool No big deal Not exactly something worth to nitpick on But what didn t do it for me was the heroine, Ellie She s dying due to terminal illness, and then obliviously agrees to a second life offered by a supposed vampire slash demon named Dublin However, as payment for being granted a new life, she must serve Dublin Thus, she s given two choices pay using her money, or pay using her body Now, of course, if she ever chooses paying with her money, then the story is basically over Done Dublin takes her money and they go their merry ways So obviously, to make the story actually flow, she picks the option of paying with her body She s later on taken into a vampire night club for the elite where the clients feed on the girls and have sex with them Now, this is where it starts Ellie may come off as a strong willed heroine just because she agreed to something she knows she can t do, but her will says otherwise, despite her inexperience Now, a smart heroine knows her limits, but we ve got Ellie continuously agreeing to every single thing, even when Dublin has offered to give her an out to save herself And then, she starts to become all victimized and submissive I just can t deal with her Dublin, on the other hand, was dark, compelling and mysterious Although, he did kind of threw me off in a couple of scenes where he gets very much aggressive and dominant towards Ellie, but as a dark romance novel character, such actions are supposed to be in his nature I really liked the chemistry between them though, no doubt about that There was total intensity, but I just couldn t deal with reading about a heroine that s just dumb as hell I just had to drop it. Let s make this clear, this book is like this when reading okay, next break, stopping Okay, really, next break, I m stopping okay, DAMNIT DUBLIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING, okay, really, next break, I m stopping, after he after she after my head explodes AND repeat saying that, I mean it in the best possible way Ellie has an excellent way of making you believe what she is doing is okay and Dublin the one we should all fear, cause I m sure he s real in some dimension makes you believe everything he s doing is TOTALLY normal No, really, it s okay for him feed off Ellie cause it s yeah, it s okay and it s okay for him to keep hitting Ellie with riddles and little information as he breaks her and makes her into his.The ending may make you irrationally scream and be like twinkly eyes where s the next b book, Lana All in all, just read the damn thing. It was long winded and slow, I skimmed over large sections of it because I was bored On top of that I really didn t like the way Eleanor was constantly put down because she wasn t beautiful Some have said it was nice to have a heroine that was normal but how is that nice when it is pointed out that she is unexceptional all the time That no one would want her because she is plain This sounded right up my street but sadly it just didn t work for me. So I was very fortunate to receive an ARC of this book from the author Note that this does not in any way affect my personal rating of this book and all opinions are my own etc.Eleanor Gray is an heiress Born into wealth and luxury, she should have everything she ever wanted Rather than spoiled though, she s a bit apathetic to her wealth, especially as she is sentenced to a rather unfortunate fate A deadly illness cue somber music A chance encounter with a mysterious doctor, followed by a strange note with a checklist addressed to her Live or Die Choose Wisely. Once Ellie makes that fateful decision between life and death, she is whirled into a dark world, where blood is everything Where everything has a price and a pretty little paycheck is nothing Eleanor Gray, or Ellie as she prefers, is an interesting character She s not personable like most heroines seem to be, and she s very stubborn, among other things Maybe it was how she was born with so much, but she has little care in life, except a choice few She s desolate And I think that s what drew me to her so much her vulnerability Dublin pushes her buttons in the most dangerous way possible, and she never lets go but provokes him back insteadI want the real Eleanor Gray, he had told me once Well, here she was in all of her insane, complicated glory. Dublin Helos is one hell of a character as well He s everything you would expect from a cold hearted does he even have a heart P vampire, and I couldn t blame Ellie at all for the confusion and frustration she felt whenever they had an interaction Ellie confounds him, and watching him slowly slip out of control was one of the most fascinating things I ve read I would say , but he s such a gem of a character that I don t want to spoil any part of the story for youYou call this He gestured toward my body with a disapproving wave of his hand Corruption Dear God, EleanorI haven t even begunDark and rich, like the blood vampires are oh so fond of, this story is definitely a gem from a very promising debut author Ribbons and handcuffs galore, Ellie and Dublin will show you a world that will sink its teeth into you and drag you down into the depths of darkness P warning This book is a little dark, so brace yourself And watch out forsleepless nights because it s addicting. Drain Me is dark, sexy, thrilling, sensual, alluring and quite frankly, the next big thing I received an ARC of this novel from the author and I fell in love with it like you fall asleep slowly then all at once Sorry for the poor The Fault In Our Stars reference It is a tale of money, sex and lust A book that, once published, will be in a well deserved spot on my crowded bookshelf Eleanor Ellie Gray.Heiress, sister, dying woman Born into wealth, she has been handed everything she could ever want on a silver platter But she doesn t care for it She is a desolate young woman whose life is coming to an end An end she welcomes With a bleak future ahead of her, she sets about getting her affairs in order But when she is given a choice, everything she knows is flipped, turned upside down Apologies for the Fresh Prince anecdote Two choices, one tick.Live DieChoose WiselyEnter Dublin Helos A vampire Adonis The man of every woman s dreams Or is he This man loves blood, sex and control He throws Ellie, head first, into a world of darkness, confusion and frustration And like a true Gray, Ellie accepts everything that is thrown at her Her stubbornness and refusal to back down has gotten her into trouble and this time, money can t save herI m here to offer you a choice, Eleanor accept your impending death, or something elseEvery word of this book will entice you It s compulsion will drag you down the deepest, darkest parts of Hell, where Dublin is waiting to chain you up and devour ever last drop of youCorruption is pain, he explained while cresting my hip with the tip of a nail It s relishing in it, savouring the violence It is feeling your own defences shatter and knowing that you are helpless against the onslaught Even worse, while deep down you know that you should run from the pain, fear it even Instead you crave itDark, enticing, rich, sexy Drain Me is the debut novel of an author I have followed on Wattpad for quite some time Each and every one of her novels is a work of art Art worthy of a place on every bookworms bookshelf I will be first in line to claim a copy when it becomes available.