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Timeless loveI love anything to do with time travel This is a great story, with likeable characters A joy to read This is a fantastic time travel romance and would recommend it for anyone who enjoys this type of genre.Taylor Kincaid, an American news reporter, is the long lost relative of Lady Agatha Keith Taylor journeys to Scotland to claim her inheritance as well as to produce a report for her programme While filming a sudden storm happens and Taylor is thrown overboard and goes through Ladysgate and ends up in 1650 s Scotland at the time of history when Cromwell is fighting the Scots Following her into the past is Duncan Fraser Together Taylor and Duncan become embroiled into the plot for hiding of the Scottish honours and Mary Queen of Scots Scottish Rose chalice They play the part as husband and wife and find a young orphan boy who is deaf and is neglected by the villagers of Stonehaven who think that he is the son of a witch They befriend the boy who comes to trust them Months later once their quest is completed they are able to return to their own time, bringing the boy with them They have only been gone 2 days but can the romance which has developed in the past continue now they are back in their own time. Love storyI love time travel love stories.I love happy endingsthis had all three I enjoyed it so much, I barely took a break. A fine time travel storyTaylor Kinkead is on a quest for material for her television show, Legends, Lore and Lunatics in which she debunks the legends and lore as superstitious nonsense In Scotland to learnabout her inheritance from her great great aunt, she hears about a local legend, Ladysgate, where those who pass through its portal are never heard from again.Taylor finds a local captain to take her to Ladysgate In rough water, she is thrown overboard and swept through the portal Duncan Fraser comes to rescue those on the boat, but he too is swept through the portal In short, they find themselves in 1651 just as Cromwell s men come to lay siege to Dunnottar Castle where Taylor and Duncan have taken refuge.The story centers around Mary, Queen of Scots and the Honours of Scotland the crown, scepter and sword However, there is another item that should accompany the Honours of Scotland, a chalice called the Scottish Rose.37 Doggone Another new author Another strike out Not squeaky clean so this is a DNF I was initially so intrigued by the idea of two people traveling back in time at once not something I have read often before in time travel fiction Ah well There arebooks in the world. Wonderful read Loved this book Great story, captivating characters Believable adventure I want to read all of her books now Ms Jones writes like I would write.if I wroteSince I don t, I will enjoy her stories Thank you Ms Jones Was good story But would love to have knownabout the family Lady Agatha. An American T.V reporter, Taylor Kincaid, who likes to delve into and debunk supernatural stories of the past, comes to Scotland to find new material Taylor has also been informed she has been left an inheritance She is young and vivacious, and as she is unable to produce children she has thrown her whole life into her work She meets her Aunts lawyer who is unscrupulous and ends up betraying her, however, in the meantime she is fascinated with the story of the Ladysgate , the story goes that people pass thru into the past and never return Cutting to the chase, she ends up going thru this gate, a gallant young Scotsman follows and they find themselves back in 1651, they have to keep to their wits to stay alive, however, along the way Taylor learns that the Scottish Rose, is not a myth, and she finds herself playing a part in history, and also the story of her own ancestor Escaping back into the present, Taylor and her Scottish love bring a young boy they have saved and live as a family in her old ancestral home Nice story. (Download Kindle) µ The Scottish Rose Ú The Scottish Rose Seamlessly Blends The Elements Of Romance, Time Travel, Adventure And Danger With Truly Spectacular Results Romantic Times Taylor Kincaid Is The Host Of A Popular Television Series That Debunks Myths And Legends So When She Travels To Scotland After Receiving Notice Of An Inheritance, She Hopes To Unravel The Mystery Behind A Local Legend Surrounding The Disappearance Of Locals Through The Ladysgate, An Archway Of Stones Just Off The Scottish Coast Despite The Warnings Of Rugged Sea Captain Duncan Fraser, Taylor Sails Toward The Arch But When A Vicious Storm Strikes, She Is Thrown Overboard And Through The Portal, With Captain Fraser Close Behind Her Together, They Come To Grips With The Inconceivable They Have Somehow Ended Up InTaylor And Duncan Soon Find Themselves Thrust Into A Desperate Plot To Save The Scottish Crown, Sword, And Scepter Amid Imminent Peril As They Attempt To Re Cross The Centuries, They Risk Losing The Love They Ve Found In A Time Long Past I was hooked as soon as I read that the The Scottish Rose promised romance, time travel, adventure and danger The author s imagination, coupled with extensive research and commendable writing skill, prove to provide the reader with an enchanting story The legends surrounding the Honours of Scotland, the history and lore of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the mythical Ladysgate were all intriguing I hesitate to give out a five star rating due to a few details, such as the subplot of the attorney and the inheritance although I did enjoy tracing the character s genealogy Here, some of the narrative was a bit tedious and other storylines seemed either clich or a bit too easily resolved I can t label this a Clean Read, but at least we are spared the bodice ripping and rape scenes so often found in time travel, historical fiction All in all, I enjoyed the captivating plot the magic, the mystery and the history.