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This really seamed like a case of I have to tie up the loose ends of the previous book but I do not feel like putting a lot into it The plot was simple and predictable No real in depth stories or characters Just felt smashed together and rushed As a huge Dexter fan I like how it ended but the book its self was not worth the read I expected so muchfrom Jeff Lindsay This was amateurish at best and at worst it was a poor way to cap of a series I will miss Dexter but I will not miss this book. 3.5 sDexter is Dead is the eighth and final book in the popular Dexter series by American author, Jeff Lindsay Dexter Morgan, blood spatter expert with the Miami Dade Police Force and everyone s favourite serial killer , is being held in Turner Guildford Knight Correctional Centre He knows he s innocent this time of the murders see Dexter s Final Cut , but how to convince anyone when he has been held for two weeks with no sign of a lawyer, an arraignment or even his sister, the ever scowling Sergeant Deborah It s all the work of his nemesis, Detective Anderson, Dexter is certain.With Rita dead, Deb wants custody of Astor, Cody and Lily Anne, and nothing further to do with the brother she s now disowning Eventually released, courtesy of a high power lawyer arranged by brother Brian and funded how, exactly , Dexter finds himself struggling to maintain his liberty surprisingly, his colleague, Vince Masuoka is of assistance and his life thanks to Brian s activities, Dexter is on a drug lord s hitlist Yep, life s being a real bitch for Dexter And then, to complicate things further, estranged Deb rings wanting Dexter s help after all the kids have been kidnapped.After a very slow start Dexter is sure that two weeks in detention has slowed his brain, and maybe Lindsay s too in which Dexter expends brain power on the quality of mattresses, the action hots up two dead bodies in Dexter s hotel room, a car bomb, Dexter is cuffed and slapped, perforated by glass slivers, sets a clever trap or two to lure out drogas, and then a grand finale involving a Mexican drug lord, a very expensive yacht and a big boom There s still some black humour and dry wit to entertain, and it s no spoiler to reveal that, true to the title, at the end Dexter is definitely dead The series was flagging a bit, so it s fitting to bid Dexter Rest In Peace. @READ E-PUB ô Dexter is Dead õ After Seven National Bestsellers And Eight Seasons As One Of The Most Successful Shows On Television, New York Times Bestselling Author Jeff Lindsay Bids A Thrilling Farewell To His Uniquely Twisted And Beloved Serial Killer, Dexter Morgan Dexter Is Dead Is The Definitive Conclusion Of The Character Who Has Become A Global Icon Dexter Morgan Has Burned The Candle At Both Ends For Many Years Blood Spatter Analyst Husband Father Serial Killer And Now, For The First Time, His World Has Truly Collapsed Dexter Is Arrested On Charges Of Murder He Has Lost Everything Including His Wife, His Kids, And The Loyalty Of His Sister Now Completely Alone, Dexter Faces A Murder Charge For A Crime Ironically He Did Not Actually Commit His Only Chance For Freedom Lies With His Brother, Brian, Who Has A Dark Plan To Prove Dexter S Innocence But The Stakes Are Deadly, And The Epic Showdown That Lies In Dexter S Path May Lead, Once And For All, To His Demise Jeff Lindsay S Trademark Devilish Wit And Cutting Satire Have Never Been Sharper Dexter Is Dead Marks The End Of A Beloved Series, But Is Also Dexter S Most Satisfying And Suspenseful Outing Yet I really wanted to like this book I mean, I have been waiting for it for a year Once a year, I get my Dexter fix and knowing this was the last chapter of his story, I was all but staring at my Kindle waiting for it to appear.Then I began reading The beginning was so slow, if it had been any other book by any other author, I would have put it down If half of the story is Dexter thinking to himself in a jail cell, then clearly you were simply trying to fill space.Once Dexter was released into the great big world, the story picked up, but still it was missing the usual zing of a Jeff Lindsay novel Yes, Dexter was hilariously self centered as he always is Yet the story was slow, forced I was okay with the ending It was fitting, in my opinion The journey was a little rocky.Adios, Dear Dexter We shall miss your Dark Passenger and everything that goes with it The stilted conversations, the phony emotions, your hunger pains. Out With a WhimperDisappointment, thy name is Jeff Lindsay It was abundantly clear long ago that Lindsay had fallen into a rut with his Dexter series, that the magic had gone away and he was just going through the motions I mean honestly, it reached the point where virtually every book had the same ludicrous ending Dexter s stepkids are kidnapped by the bad guy To call it stultifying would be a colossal understatement.Then along came Dexter s Final Cut, and it appeared Lindsay may have been attempting to invigorate his flagging franchise You see, at the close of that installment, Dexter s not so beloved wife, Rita, was killed The possibilities, they were endless How would Dexter handle single fatherhood without dearly devoted Rita How would he get by in the world without the woman who provided his primary cover as a normal family man For the first time in a long while, I found myself actually looking forward to seeing where Lindsay was going with the story.You can imagine, then, that news that the next installment was to be Dexter s grand finale came as as bit of a surprise Why invigorate a franchise just to retire it It didn t really make sense Still, one couldn t deny that Lindsay hadn t seemed interested in the series in a long time, so maybe this was an opportunity for him to end the series on a high point That possibility was juicy enough for me to get excited What was evenexciting That the premise of Dexter is Dead finds Dexter in jail for Rita s death and several of the other murders that happened at the end of Dexter s Final Cut We were going to get to see Dexter literally wrestling with the difficulty of Rita s death and staring down the possibility of indirectly answering for the wealth of sins he s committed across the years.That would have potentially been a great book If only Jeff Lindsay had possessed even the slightest interest in writing it Instead, the whole jail storyline becomes a subplot with alarming speed Instead of focusing, Lindsay forces Dexter to juggle his murder investigation with an utterly ludicrous subplot involving a drug lord who is displeased with Dexter s brother, Brian Brian agrees to bankroll Dexter s legal needs if Dexter will help him fight off the drug lord s goons, track down the drug lord, and kill him Have I mentioned that none of this drug business makes the least amount of sense And guess just guess which plotline Lindsay isexcited about Just as you start wishing Lindsay would just choose one storyline and stick with it, he does And he chooses the wrong one He chooses the nonsensical supervillain storyline he s already written a hundred times.You ll never guess what happens next THE KIDS GET KIDNAPPED I wanted to throw the book across the room in anger and frustration The fact that I didn t just goes to show how little I had invested in this world any And honestly, if this weren t the final Dexter book I might have just quietly put the book down and gone about my life, never looking back or thinking about picking up another one of Jeff Lindsay s Dexter books ever again anyway.Was it worth staying for the last page Not particularly I get no joy in saying that I stuck it out to the end There s no payoff or reward for loyalty to be found in this series You know, I don t ask for a happy ending or a lot of theatrics It s just sad when an author clearly doesn t care any, hasn t been putting in the effort for a long time, and then doesn t even give you the dignity of a half assed finale You d think Lindsay could have at least faked some enthusiasm for one measly book to do a proper goodbye, instead of falling on all the tired cliches he d already worn out several books earlier Even Dexter s goodbye is a tedious paint by numbers.Grade FForDexter, check out my blog Supposedly Fun. Dup cum ne amintim, penultimul volum al ciclului s a terminat n suspans, cu Dexter acuzat pe nedrept, cel pu in de data aceasta de crim i cu totul pe nedrept de pedofilie bun ideea acestui episod n dou p r i romanesc Scos din nchisoare de i mai psihopatul s u frate, Brian, dup ce sora sa, Deborah, i a luat copiii i i a ntors spatele, antieroul nostru se treze te h ituit nu doar de coruptul poli ist Anderson, ci i de trafican ii de droguri de la care a furat Brian Ceea ce conduce spre un final exploziv.Privit individual, Dexter decedeaz este un roman de ac iune noir bun spre foarte bun, n ciuda multiplelor probleme de verosimilitate cu care autorul ne a obi nuit deja i mai ales datorit stilului scriitoricesc i filozofiei cinice a personajului.Privit ca final al ciclului, este un relativ e ec Cele mai importante elemente ale pove tii Codul lui Harry, morala i justi iarismul, familismul, Pasagerul ntunecat, sergentul Doakes etc s au pierdut complet pe parcursul ultimelor volume Nici personajele nu mai sunt ce au fost Singurul care mai poart intriga n spate este Brian, dar nu este suficient pentru a satisface un cititor care are c t de c t a tept ri.NB Seria a opta a serialului nu are mare lucru n comun cu volumul al optulea, n afar de faptul c se termin totul i unele personaje principale mor Ajungem s o cunoa tem pe adev rata creatoare a lui Dexter o psihanalist penibil , scoas din p l rie de scenari ti, i, dac nu ar fi unele planuri narative i personaje secundare foarte reu ite detectivul particular Elway, n special, excelent jucat de Sean Patrick Flanery, i partenerul lui, eriful Max Clayton, de pild , nu s ar putea urm ri, efectiv.Tr g nd linie la finalul ciclului romanesc serialului de televiziune ambele merit urm rite, ambele pierd semnificativ din valoare pe parcurs ciclul, dup volumul al III lea, serialul, dup seria I , r m n nd ns por iuni semnificative de poveste care st rnesc interesul i satisfac par ial Puteau fi ambele mult mai bune r m n, chiar i a a, memorabile, n ciuda defectelor indiscutabil grave ba chiar stupide, de multe ori. I won this book audio book through a Goodreads giveaway.This is the first audio book I won and it took me a while to get through I read faster than a CD plays, but anyhow Jeff Lindsay, the author, narrated the book and he did an excellent job with different voices for the characters Dexter comes across as the character he is, a bit egotistic, arrogant at times, but always self effacing It s all an act of course because the real Dexter is a sociopath, incapable of normal human emotions A fact Lindsay Dexter reminds us of at least once a chapter In fact, the main fault I found with this book is the constant reminders of who everyone is Brian, the brother Deborah, the sister Anderson, the corrupt detective out to get Dexter Cronauer, Dexter s lawyer A lot of the story and the writing is fully over the top There is no such thing as exaggeration it s all exaggeration, and all for effect So, it s entertaining to listen to, but sometimes I d go oh my God, tell us for the eightieth time about Dexter s dark passenger It gets to paraphrase Dexter a bit much And yet the book as a whole is fairly entertaining Dexter is framed for a crime he didn t commit and spends several chapters in prison, complaining about the food, the accommodations, all of it Brother Brian eventually gets Dexter out using money he stole from a drug lord Brian also gets Dexter a high priced lawyer, and shows a lotbrotherly love than a sociopath really should Since Brian s a serial killing sociopath just like Dexter There are two attempts on Dexter s life, a little bit of a mystery about who wants him dead Deborah is estranged from Dexter and Dexter has lost custody of his kids A lot is going on here and it all ends in a tremendously complicated scene involving a boat, four kidnapped children and a bomb.I think Dexter dies at the end, but waitdoes he It s one of those maybe yes, maybe no type endings that can really go either way I guess it depends if Mr Lindsay has another book in him or if his publisher wants to pay him for one .Entertaining, but even as Dexter would say, the whole thing s rather silly, isn t it Dexter is cursed There just doesn t seem to be a way to close out his stories in a way that truly satisfies First it was the tv series, and now it s the books Now, of course, if i were just going to be comparing apples to apples, by comparing the end of the tv series to the end of the books, I can unequivocally recommend the book without qualm.We still have the dolorous dementia of a drowning Dexter, all friendless, family less, and fraught with firearmed foes and one steadfast psychopath of a brother to watch his back Such things are pretty damn good, minus the somewhat slow start, and the main body of action kept me glued to my seat It s the end, on the other hand, that s cursed.The end of the previous novel pretty much hamstrung Dexter, anyway, so it s not hard to see that this final novel is a swan song But there s the rub We re still meant to see him as our dark hero when there s nothing left for him to be heroic about, except for maybe the third or fourth recycled plot of having to save his children Even here, we barely got to see any of them on stage before Dexter is going all heroic against deep odds and Here s the spoiler alert view spoiler sacrificing his life for them hide spoiler Oh this was such a good ending I am a fan of the TV show and didn t know if I would be able to jump into this last book in the series by Jeff Lindsay I was so disappointed in the TV series ending that I wanted to read how the author really wanted Dexter s story to end.I was not disappointed This was the same Dexter that I had grown to love well loosely speaking when you re talking about a murdering sociopath However theI read theI enjoyed the book Dexter is portrayed in the book as a true sociopath, he has no feelings one way of the other In the show the last season showed Dexter having too much love and caring, for his girlfriend, Deb, his child, and that is not the true nature of a sociopath from what I ve read from psychiatric sources.We find Dexter jailed for a crime he didn t commit and a police detective who is forging documents, evidence, etc, anything he can do to put Dexter away But, cheers here, Dexter s long lost brother not only posted bail for him but got him the most accomplished criminal lawyer in Miami The plot thickens, of course, and we find that brother Brian has another motive for getting Dexter released There are gangs, drugs, and corrupt police and government officials involved in it all Detective Anderson has planted evidence, forged multiple documents, done everything he can to finish off Dexter It seems that the entire police force is rooting to put Dexter away.But wait, Dexter has a friend Vince from the lab can t abide by incorrect documents and people forging his signature There is a point when we think, well perhaps Dexter will get away once again.I won t plant spoilers but the novel is action packed with lots of ruminations by Dexter on himself and what he has done to so many people He has no remorse and still has the will to live, still believes that he can outsmart anyone, out plan anyone and he usually does I would recommend this book for fans of the book series but also TV fans who want to get to know the Dexter that the author intended and the muchsatisfying ending. Before we delve into this, I just want to say I almost didn t review this book Because I am used to being disappointed with Mr Lindsay by now That disappointment has been one constant of our reader writer relationship, abusive one at that Mostly due to the fact, he was never as good as the very thing he inspired The show s Dexter far surpassed the author s originally fresh idea Not really Lindsay s fault, but you know Not really blaming but really blaming him in fact, shoot the messenger This is Not Sparta So it s not that I almost didn t go this way But I am feeling as Whimsical as Winston, so yeah, let s do this anyway and in many ways Maybe taking many turns, and many turns of the moon, to see what we d get.So this final chapter, last words Listen All Lindsay had to do was to come up with something mildly better than the badly written last season of Showtime s Dexter Just terrible, horrible way to finish off this truly unique take on serial killers Huge disservice to the fans So here was his chance to one up the TV writers, since this was his signature Surely, he could have improved upon that abysmal season finale, that lumberjack bullshit He could have cooked up something better than what they botched, butchering it and not in the true Dexter fashion Which was always neat Because our Dexter was a Neat Monster A shame really But he could not do it, could he Cigarette dangling from his mouth King Kong got nothing on hi.actually, Kong got everything on him, including the combined talents of lovely Maika Monroe and Brie Larson.Jeff Lindsay could not fix that ending, it s all about the endings, for me at least Finish right, you know He could not make Dexter s Death beautiful In finality He no Poe He s no Robert M Ball, that s for damn sure You had one job Lindsay, just one job To best his own posterity should have been natural, but he came up short He didn t give his character a good end To sum up, unnecessarily, Mr Lindsay refused to redden Dexter s last smile The show s runners and Michael C Hall had the right of it Their idea how to conclude this was better and no, I am not going to tell you here what that was Google it No wait, that was David Duchovny s idea for a Hank Moody ending He wanted him to be dead by the time the show was done Okayyyy, moving on.What has Lindsay s Dexter given us, other than impel an excellent show, perhaps then our new found love for alliterations Maybe Okay, I understand these books wereabout the light touch and Dexter s soliloquy and sometimes funny but untrue inner monologue Narrating false things, exaggerating how he views the world How the world viewed him was no exaggeration I want the superhero serial killer in the books too Sigh Give me the heroes who surrendered The defeat of heroes is the only thing my palate can tolerate nowadays anyway.I don t why this irritates me so much I mean, Lindsay s Dexter bumbles through life with utter lack of self awareness Thinking, saying, believing things that are just not true OK, I get that it is about mild humor and general fluffiness wrapped around something dark and sinister Books Dexter pretty much does things that make him feel good and pretends that he doesn t care about such trivialities, that he is above all that But the thing is, he is not that clever, smart, good looking or sexy Where the show s Dexter isabout his Dark Appetite and yeah, he is a superhero truly Here s the thing, I only read the books after experiencing the TV series, big mistake, I just can t get over Hall s Dexter It s weird, both the very last episode and this novel featured a drowning, both drownings were supposedly ambiguous I guess Deborah in both mediums was the best thing about Dexter, a pure joy Too bad how they handled her character in both cases was lame Now that I think about, July has always been a Dexter month Anyways, the title of this book is Dexter is Dead, funny Dexter may be dead but it is Lindsay who drove the final nail into this coffin I ll forever grudge him that, Dexter deserved a proper end I don t know why it still irks me I am no stranger to strong shows ending weak Bang bang, sure, but no boom boom Leaving me completely dissatisfied Look at the sublime the A team, I thought it would be perennial, but nope It ran out of steam before it could finish And despite a great season, seven Game of Thrones has been going steadily stale, especially since they outpaced the books and now it is mostly fan service Even True Detective was not immune from a decline in quality Season one was phenomenal like Styles, but the second season was so poorly reviewed, I didn t even bother watching it Also, I mean, who didn t hate the final chapter of Hemlock Grove It was desultory, to say the least Even the soundtrack was lackluster I mean come on In the past, they have given us such great music Like The Kongos and Little Red Lung, hellllo But OST was dross in the third season And they went out of their way to make it unbearable and undo all the appeal of their characters It s like the showrunners were burning it all down to ground There was this scene I did like though Where they were in a restaurant and the walls had these Day of the Dead wallpaper, that was pretty cool That reminds me, looking forward to Pixar s Coco, though they have been on a steady stale themselves lately too The Only Fount of Creativity they are not any, sad to say Case in point, um the Good Dinosaur Can anyone tell me what that was True Blood, another show that had a dull and insipid final season But hey it gave us Warpaint, a gift that just keeps on giving I LOVE them Their song LOVE IS TO DIE in July of 2014 featured in the penultimate episode sealed the deal for me, still addicted You know what, Jenny Lee looks a lot like Shannyn Sossamon Oh shit, they are totally sisters In fact, Sossamon is one of the founders and a former band member of Warpaint Whoa Funny little life, eh Anyhoo, hoping the last season of Penny Dreadful is good, or good enough I hope it proves to be redeeming.This review didn t go the way you thought it would go, did it.Hehehe.Anyway back to Dexter.2008 First and Second seasons Very best writing and favorite seasons 2008 Third season It was nice to see Senator Organa interacting somewhere other than Alderaan Very well acted 2009 This is the BEST Dexter entry ever THE BEST Excellent in a way that they possibly couldn t top this and they didn t Watching this, you knew it will only go downhill from here And it did 2010 Beginning of an End But I accidentally found my very first Dexter novel It is definitely one of my most cherished serendipitous moments 2011 2012 2013 Meh Plus, I felt Hannah Mckay storyline was boring Codicil Final words, bottom line The show and the book series differ vastly obviously, they are different, but the books can still be fun and enjoyable if we take them as such.Might I remind you, the opening sequence of Dexter was Pitch Perfect Sometimes, I miss thatthan the show itself It was like the background music of a life I was never going to have What I didn t bury, I let it drown.