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~DOWNLOAD ⚖ Desolate (Empathy, #2) ♽ Ryan I Was A Son, A Friend, A Brother, A Psychopath Eighteen Years Of Being In A Psyche Ward I Was Released Into The World Things Have Changed, Blake Is Married To Melody And Is A Father To My New Fixation, Cereus My Beautiful Niece Who Knows Nothing Of My Existence When Consequences Of Past Sins Begin Playing Tricks On Me, Old Cravings Demand To Be Satisfied There Is No Cure For My Kind Of Sickness I Am Void Of Everything But Obsession I Can T Love, I Can T Feel, I Am Desolate Warning This Book Contains Dark Themes And Explicit Sex, Read With Caution Desolate Is The Second Book To The International Bestselling Title, Empathy Please Read Book One To Truly Enjoy This Title Genre Dark Suspense Type Book 2 of 3 from Empathy seriesPOV First Person MultipleRating After eighteen years of institutionalization Ryan Braxton used what he knew best and wiggled his way out to freedom A lot had changed since he last breathed fresh air but the urges were ever present and reawakened as he learned about Cereus, his latest obsession.I was intrigued by book 1 ending and wonder how the story would go I m glad it took readers through some unexpected turnsI only ever feel a release from the empty darkness consuming me when I feed it by inflicting some form of hurt or humiliation on anotherI like Ryan before, but I wasn t on his team I ended up changing my alliance by the end of this book lol It was good to see how he coped with the changes and how he evolved.Cereus was not someone I expected her to be I was drawn to her by her situation and how she connected to Ryan There were only bits if her side shown and I m looking forward to see how it will be nurtured He molds and conforms to the person he s with He can be your best friend, your boyfriend or your brother, and you would never know the demon is sitting there staring at you and designing your demise, until it s too late. Desolate follows the journey of a psychopath and how it affected the people around him It is an engaging companion to the previous book with a promising next chapterBooks in the series Forreviews reveals giveaways visit 4.5 STARS Told from three POVs,Desolateis an intriguing story that hold my attention from the beginning While I enjoyed Blake and Melody s POVs, I loved being in Ryan s head, a psychopath killer, an evil, ruthless man, a man without a heart, soul or a conscienceDesolatewas dark and twisted and I loved every minute of itI only ever feel a release from the empty darkness consuming me when I feed it by inflicting some form of hurt or humiliation on anotherThe story is set 18 years afterEmpathyBlake and Melody are happily married with a beautiful and smart young girl who s 17, Cereus They are happy, successful and they want to try for another baby Ryan has been locked for the last 18 years in Psychiatric Institution All these years he manipulated the nurses and even his doctor He did what he loves the most, he played with their minds.They think he poses no risk to the public, so he is released He knows Blake is married with Melody and he knows about Cereus as well He needs to know her, be in her presence, so he goes after her Blake finds out his brother was released, but wanting to protect Melody he chooses not to tell her about it.Ryan gets to know Cereus He likes her, he likes how she thinks and her personality He admires her and he knows she is different If in the past he wanted and tried to hurt Blake and Melody, he doesn t want to hurt Cereus He doesn t hate her like he should and he treats her as if she s his equal and that s a first for himCereus becomes the only one left in color amongst the darkening fog that is me threatening to devour the world She s different she has my blood in her veinsI really enjoyed this second book in the series Maybe eventhan the first book First and foremost, I must admit I was expecting something darker I know, I know, this was a dark enough read, but I expected something different This doesn t mean I didn t enjoyed it I loved the twist and turns I didn t see them coming, I didn t expected the story to progress like it did Like I said, being in Ryan s head was fascinating Not only he s manipulative, but he also is charismatic He s smart, he knows how human mind works and he knows how to get what he wants In my humble opinion, Ryan was portrayed very well as a psycho Now, I m not an expert, but I read enough dark twisted disturbing books, to say this Ryan remains a psycho till the end, but he also has a human side He shuman with Cereus that he is was with others I must say I liked Ryan and Cereus s relationship how they are with each other, how easy they talk with each other What I didn t expect was view spoiler Ryan to disappear from Blake, Melody and Cereus s life hide spoiler 4 Stars Wow, just when I thought I d read it all Ker Dukey comes up with this I don t know how she comes up with the sick and twisted things that make up the evil mind of Ryan, but bravo to her for writing it.This book is set eighteen years after Empathy and is told in the point of view of Ryan, Blake and Melody Blake and Melody are happily married and have a seventeen year old daughter, Cereus When Ryan is release from the psych ward where he has been residing all these years, he has one goal to go after his niece But what he isn t expecting is to find that she has a lot in common with him, she makes him feel like someone finally understands him But the urge to kill is always there.Ryan s release is causing a rift between Blake and his wife and Melody is at a loss as to what to do to save her marriage Added to that Cereus is drifting away from her and their relationship is also changing When a spate of murders take place, Blake is determined to put stop to his brothers viciousness once and for all. Ryan was seriously deluded, he is probably one of the most awful characters I have ever read but I couldn t help laughing my arse off at his degrading and disgusting comments He was evil and he didn t give a flying fuck what kind of destruction he left in his wake As a book character he was FABULOUS A true psychopath.This really isn t a romance story, but it is a continuation of Blake Melody s journey as a couple The question is, can Ryan be redeemed Well I thought so, he learned that he was capable of loving someone, even if he couldn t show it or admit it A perfect ending, although there is definitely room for onebook ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review 3.5 starsRyan what a scary psycho This second installment of the Empathy series was dark, twisted, violent, degrading not an ounce of sweet love, passionate romance It s the story of Ryan s release from the psychiatric clinic where he was being held and the consequences of his voidness and thirst for blood The story focuses on Ryan s twisted mood, thinking and behavior because of his mental disorder and on his plan to approach and hurt Blake, Melody and Cereus, his niece Will he be able to turn his life around Suffering, sorrow, heartbreak, misery, desolation Will Ryan be able to emerge from the bleak and desolate midnight of his inhuman existence Ryan s obsessive feelings for blood, death, dirty sex and his weird definition of justice and revenge make him a really creepy and horrifying character If you are into the darker reads this is one fine plot I do have some reservations though It took a long time for me to get really connected and involved with the new characters Sadly this didn t meet what I expected It was well written but I felt something missing I liked though how the characters from the first book fight with their own demons on a daily basis I would definitely recommend it to those who love a darkly captivating story that will shock you every step of the way Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 Stars Eighteen years after Empathy, we are reunited with Ryan, Blake and Melody With Ryan institutionalized for this duration, Blake and Melody formed a family together and have a high school aged daughter named Cereus Until now, they have enjoyed the peace knowing Ryan isn t walking the streets Not known to sit idly by, Ryan manipulates his way into sanity and earns his freedom As the older brother, Blake uses his influence to protect his family knowing how Ryan s madness truly has no bounds I was born with a superior genetic predisposition and all the naysayers are just ants, jealous of what they can t understand With his release, Ryan must fight his bloody demons in order to maintain his fa ade but being a man of self restraint isn t exactly his forte To his surprise, and for the first time in his life, Ryan has a new fascination that may unleash a force that he won t be able to control I m not sick and I m not broken I m desolate What ensues is full of tension because Ryan is essentially a ticking time bomb but the plot becomes evencomplex due to Cereus, as she adds an intriguing dimension to the storyline with her motives and beliefs Of course, the dynamic between Ryan and Blake continues to percolate making you question what will happen next It s as if the world knows night has fallen with no stars to lighten the sky, only darkness remains leaking hell back upon them From the first page, Ker Dukey is building upon the plot developed in Empathy and it is unnerving because the possibilities and depths of Ryan s depravity are endless I loved getting reacquainted Blake and with the passage of time, both Blake and Ryan retain their easy, sexy charm but the deception is quite different between the two Melody was her usual self but Cereus proved to be much stronger and multi dimensional for me Told between four POVs, the story feels direct and allows for emotional attachment to all characters despite their actions For me, this series just keeps getting better Ryan is a fascinating character with his quirks, dark urges and superiority complex He can be devastatingly charming or maliciously debasing in a blink of an eye With the introduction of Cereus, I am quite curious to see how her story develops and parallels Ryan in the next novellas In Desolate, Ker Dukey successfully creates a world where monsters lurk and where mistaken perceptions can be very misleading and deadly If you haven t tried the Empathy series, I highly recommend it Empathy series 4 WTF Stars This book was amazing I loved Ryan He was dark, soulless, straight forward, and funny I m not putting my lips anywhere near that stinking hole of yours Fuck knows how many cocks you ve had up in there, digging for a golden pussy and only ever finding a cheap, empty sack I also LOVED his funny unexpected factsYou know, Colgate in Argentine translates to go hang yourself, I say and grin Maybe your wife is trying to tell you somethingimage error I loved book one of this series but this story didn t grab me in the same way Melody and Blake s POV was a little on the dull side, but Ryan kept me engaged with all of his filthy thoughts and humorous dialogues The connection between Ryan and Cereus seemed weak, but I m intrigued about the next book up in this series Overall, this was an okay read. 5 moonflower STARS You re going straight to hell, Ryan Souls go to hell and I m lacking that vital component to make me human I m not going to hell I m the living hell, staring her right in the face. Wowing Eda with the sequel to a fantastic book happens RARELY. Very rarely, in fact Usually, I am left disappointed after exciting myself to death waiting for the continuation of a story that I loved and finding something rather mediocre in my hands when it s finally released Not with this book though This one was as good as the first, maybeso Looking deep into the twisted and dark mind of Ryan Braxton was extraordinary to say the least. Those of you that know me might have noticed that I am seriously into psychopaths and people with mental illnesses That would be because Psychiatry has always been a Medical branch that has fascinated me with it s diversity and depth In books, when an author can hold a mirror for us to taste the bitterness, the loneliness and the confusion of a psychopath s state of mind, and actually manage to sound realistic while doing it, I can t help but fall in love with that work.Ker Dukey mesmerized me with both her writing style and her storytelling, falling into the category of authors that hold a special place in my heart Thank you for creating a character I am partly ashamed to admit that has won my heart over, regardless of his evil ways. Or maybe exactly because of them Ryan Braxton is being released from the prison he s been locked inside for the last 18 years A prison for the twisted. A prison for the insane. A prison for the damaged people that society has cast away, to stay out of the light, never to be seen and spoken about But Ryan is being set free now Fooling the pathetically self absorbed doctors to believe they have cured him, playing them to think he is safe to have a life outside of the doors of the ward has been like a piece of cake I m not sick and I m not broken I m DESOLATE, born empty, lacking a soul You can t fix what was never broken The believe they have though, with help from me So now, I WILL PLAY THAT ROLE RYAN Melody and Blake have carried on with their lives without him They ve been happy while he was trapped inside a place with loons much worse than himself They ve created a new life, a life including a 17 year old girl, Cereus , his niece Ryan has a singular goal for when he is once again freeTo find Cereus The need to meet her and to know her is ever consuming He wants to look into her green eyes,same as her mother s, and delve into her mindShe s like a silhouette cast from my own shadow RYAN TheRyan and Cereus spend time together, thepotent their bond becomes Cereus knows love, but that doesn t make Ryan hate her, like it would with everybody else. Taking what is precious to her and watching her break doesn t ignite Ryan s blood and excite him, like it would with everybody else. Ryan doesn t want her blood spilt, her tears rolling down her cheeks or her soul breaking into half, like he would with everybody else.For the first time in his life, Ryan is feeling somethingthan pure obsession or sharp indifference towards someone and he is confused What is this Can it beLOVE Love is a weakness Love is a strength It bonds us How can it, if I don t feel it Because I will feel it for us bothWhat I loved most about this book was the fact that, even if it was just to manipulate and play with the people around him, we still got to see the vulnerabilities inside Ryan in a few scenes I believe, feeling unique, outside the circle and utterly different from everybody else might not always be a good feeling and that was very evident in some of Ryan s words.Sometimes I wished I knew what it was I was supposed to feel because it was almost lonely inside my head knowing everyone around me felt things I didn t RYAN You see,but he showed that he could love fiercely and sacrifice himself for another human being, which was beautiful, let me tell youI can feel your pulse in the brush strokes You will live forever in the image I create of you Your memory taunts me I know what you are and that I shouldn t miss you, BUT I DO CEREUS My review for Book 1 EMPATHYARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review Finally we get Ryans story Eighteen years after the events that happened in Empathy, we meet back up with Ryan and his family Been sent to stay in a Psych hospital for nearly two decades, you would think it would change a man That s not the case with Ryan Told starting from 8 months previous, it begins with Ryan still locked up and Blake living a normal life with Melody He s working as a police captain, happily married and still loved up, got a teenage daughter Cereus and his life is good until he returns a phone call and finds out that his brothers been released So, of course, he keeps quiet and doesn t tell Melody and decides he ll keep an eye on Ryan.Now I m going to say here if you re expecting Ryan to find redemption, a soul, some morals or feelings, whatever, you re in for a disappointed After convincing his doctor that he s cured, he gets released into the community He s already got his eye on Cereus and he s determined to get closer to her Just a little side note this is not a sexual interest, it s his niece, it is not creepy or incesty at all I really don t want to go into the story, it ll spoil it, I will say this book continued to surprise me It had the things I ve come to expect from Ker, hot sex, a brilliant story and likable characters along with a pretty big sprinkle of darkness, what I didn t expect was Ryan I am so happy Ker Dukey kept with Ryan s character from the start of the first book all the way through this one He is one sick little puppy He s got to be one of my all time favourite characters He is so complex, he s like an onion, layers on layers of craziness and insanity, and the worse thing was I could actually empathise with understand him He reads peoples weaknesses and pounces, getting what he wants from them I actually think he s quite genius, the way he plays people and situations I LOVED this book, I m a massive fan of Kers anyway and I had extremely high expectations after Empathy, I didn t think she d be able to mess with my mind any then she did but I m pleased to say she did I also thought this wasgraphic compared with Empathy, it brought an extra something to certain chapters parts This is, in my opinion, her very best book, I think she did absolutely perfect with it Now I m off to stalk her to see if I can getRyan, cos I needof his unique craziness.