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~FREE DOWNLOAD ♺ Blue Christmas (Christmas in Snow Valley #6) ⚇ As Head Of Snow Valley Hospital S Fundraising Effort, Paisley Hackett Barely Has Time To Organize The Craft Show, Cookie Decorating Party, And The Annual Christmas Ball What She Doesn T Have Time For Is Falling In Love With Clay Jett, The Incredibly Handsome Bass Player Who Sweeps Into Town She S Been Burned By A Tourist Romance Before, So With Everything Going On, Paisley Will Have To Work Overtime To Protect Her Heart From Clay And His Swoon Worthy Ballads This holiday novella is filled with wit and good humor The author does a great job of filling us in on Paisley s and Clay s history from their teen years in Snow Valley When Clay returns to Snow Valley to help his father years later, the pair get reacquainted.Many humorous moments are provided by Paisley s four year old nephew, Peake I thought the anecdotes about Peake were hilarious The by play between Clay and Paisley is also light and enjoyable at times At other times things get quite serious, just as they should when a romance is blossoming Paisley and Clay both have to overcome some negativity from their pasts as individuals before they can move forward in their current relationship.The author s ability to paint a picture with words is excellent Her description of the decorations, refreshment tables, and live music at Snow Valley s annual Christmas Ball made me feel as if I were right there smelling the cupcakes, watching the glittery decorations shimmering in the lights, and hearing the Iron Styx play rock n roll Christmas tunes I also liked her use of colorful vintage clothing worn by the main characters at the dance because I love anything vintage.The ending of the story is filled with clean and simple romance SighIsn t love grand If you re looking for a fun, quick read this holiday season, Blue Christmas will definitely hit the mark The author sent me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I received no other compensation for reviewing this book. I enjoyed this one quite a bit I liked Paisley and Clay, they had great chemistry My favorite parts were when they were together I thought they had a sweet romance It was fun spending a littletime in Snow Valley A great end to the collection Content CleanNominated for a 2014 Swoony Award. Cute story Full review to come. This story was sort of boring The h is really hung up on how she was hurt in the past and lets it dictate her life in the now Good looking H, an old acquaintance, comes back into her life and challenges her to takechances To be honest, reading the entire story, as short as it was, in the h s pov was pretty boring This story neededcharacter development,of a plot, justIt s a short, so I wasn t expecting much, but I will have forgotten this story by tomorrow I like this author s writing style, though, and I love how clean this story was It was really sweet, just not memorable I look forward to readingby this author, just full length stories from now on. Something Missing in This One Did Not Care For It I am sorry to say that this book was not even okay for me I m in the minority here but it just did nothing for me and made little sense It is never good when I don t like one of the protagonists and I didn t care for the hero until about 75% through and then I still wasn t real thrilled with him I would almost label him a trouble maker in the first half of the book IMO he did not set a good example for room full of children The pacing was too slow and it just never seemed to get to the pointany point The heroine as well as this reader was confused, not having a clue what the hero actually felt for her He shared very little with the heroine and made no declarations about how he felt about her and I didn t feel happy when it was over Yes, there was a HEA but it was certainly missing something I don t know how to explain this but it just felt like there was a lot of small, unimportant, dull, diluted things going on with none being very important or moving the story forward and they were all mushed together to make a story For me, there was nothing that stood out No big moment or moments that made you sigh I struggled to get through it I m sorry that I cannot recommend it and I certainly won t reread it like I did some of the other in this series. I read Blue Christmas by Lucy McConnell Paisley has been burned before and when Clay comes to the tree lighting, she is immediately smitten, and tries to talk herself out of liking him Clay left suddenly when they were younger and no one had heard from him since Paisley didn t want to have her heart broken again from someone who wasn t staying in Snow Valley I was instantly brought into this fun story by Lucy Paisley was so funny Her inner voice had me smiling and, at times, laughing out loud Lucy had some fun and playful dialog between characters The author does a great job of adding humor along with the romantic tension between Paisley and Clay Very enjoyable novella with great characters and the perfect amount of romantic tension and fun. Paisley is organized and loves to plan events, and she does a great job at it Clay is a talented musician and a dreamer And Amber is Paisley s awesome sister in law who has great clothes, and even better advice I loved her idea of the yes day for Paisley it was fun watching Paisley leave her comfort zone It was also fun watching her learn to trust again and realize that she didn t have to be like Clay to be happy with him.Content Very CleanSource .com part of the Christmas in Snow Valley anthology Paisley is a very organized and efficient woman She s the one who organizes a lot of the events for Snow Valley s Christmas festival, all in the name of raising money for the hospital When her older brother s former band mate comes back to town, Paisley is tempted to brush him off like her brother always warned her to do But Clay seems to have shed his bad boy image When he enlists her help in getting a loan for a recording studio, Paisley finds that she just can t resist his good looks and charm Not wanting to get hurt by a temporary romance, she does whatever she can to shield her heart.Paisley is such a fun character with a strong sense of commitment and family loyalty I love the relationship she has with her brother and his family and the way she is so dedicated to making this Christmas a success Clay is endearing and he s taken the long road to finding what he truly wants out of life In his own way, he s very devoted to the important things in life.I really enjoyed watching their interactions I loved the way their characters were woven into an already established setting I love Snow Valley and wish that I could visit this magical place.Content kissing Clean I received a copy in exchange for an honest review For adetailed review, please check out my review below