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Twisted4 StarsEmma Castille is a reader not in the psychic sense, but rather in the vein of Sherlock Holmes or Patrick Jane The Mentalist She joins forces with former FBI agent, Dean Bannon, in the search for a missing sixteen year old girl who appears to be the latest victim of a serial killer in the Big Easy.The second book in Cynthia Eden s LOST series hits all the right notes Set in New Orleans a favorite of mine , the story utilizes the gothic atmosphere and spooky vibe of the city to enhance the serial killer plot The chemistry between Emma and Dean is tangible and their romance is believable than the couple in the first installment Although the suspense is gripping and the villain a seriously nasty piece of work who enjoys playing with his prey, it is, nevertheless, quite easy to guess his identity That said, the action is non stop, and the climax and resolution are exciting and satisfying The hints at relationships to come are very intriguing and I look forward to continuing with the series. Dean is the control freak of the LOST team, never letting his guard down and always feeling the pain of the lost that won t be found While down in New Orleans to find Julia, a missing 16 year old, he meets Emma Emma is a free spirit that lets her emotions lead her She s also very good at reading people and noticing what most people don t Emma is Dean s only lead in his investigation, but she won t help him unless he let s her work with him to bring Julia home Neither of them expected Emma to be the suspects next target, though Working together they race to find Julia in time and to protect any victimsYou ll always be a good man I just make you betterLoved, loved, loved Dean and Emma Seriously, they are my favorite couple right now They were so similar in some ways, like how stubborn they both were, but so different in other ways that it made such a good combination of characters The chemistry that they had was so intense that I just couldn t put the book down and I refused to sleep until I was finished Cynthia Eden writes such amazing books, I will never get enough of them The suspense and mystery to this story sucked me in and I never stopped guessing what would happen until the very end I will forever be a die hard fan of this author and am already dying for the next book. Dean Bannon was an FBI agent until the bureau s rules and delays led to the death in a case he was working After that he left the bureau to work for Last Option Search Team or LOST, a group of specialists in tracking down missing people Dean comes to New Orleans looking for a missing sixteen year old girl, Julia It seems the last one to see Julia alive is Emma Castille, a street vendor with a knack for reading people To Dean, Emma is just another con artist bilking the public out of money to hear her utter nonsense readings, but he soon finds her skills very handy to their case Even with his doubts about Emma, he can t deny the immediate attraction She s gorgeous and the he gets to know her the he realizes there s to Emma than meets the eye Emma learned from her father to open her eyes and really look around She s a pro at reading people and surroundings so well that some would mistake her as s psychic Emma has dealt with death and darkness before, losing her father in the process She wants to find Julia so much she isn t afraid when the abductor targets Emma, as well Twisted was everything I want from a romantic suspense novel action, danger, twists and passion This is the kind of story you want to read straight through to find out exactly how it all turns out It was easy to get behind Dean and Emma s instant and intense connection Being faced with life and death situations really boiled down what was most important to them and they got to know each other at a deep level quickly Their romance was hot and desperate, and I thoroughly enjoyed it Even though I did guess who the killer was before it was revealed there was danger and twists at every turn making this one exciting read I m very intrigued by the next installment, Shattered, where Dr Sarah Jacobs, a criminal psychologist in the LOST group, is paired up with Jax, a guy definitely on the wrong side of the law Can t wait I switched back and forth from the audio version to the e copy and I have to say Abby Craden s narration is amazing Her voice lends a sultry and dark edge to the story I really enjoyed Hot damn, but this book was fantastic I Love You And I don t care if it s too soon or too fast You re the only one who has ever gotten this close to me I think about you all the time I want to make you smile I want to give you the whole world And when I lost you His voice roughened Everything went dark EverythingI wasn t sane without you I need you that much So much that I don t want to think of a life without you I can tDean Bannon is ex FBI, and working for LOST He is currently in New Orleans looking for a missing girl, Julia Then he meets Emma Castille, thinking she is just a con artist, although a beautiful one, and hoping she can lead him to Julia, as she is the last person who saw JuliaEmma is used to being scorned because of her past and abilities, but she refuses to let Dean order her around She doesn t obey rules, but she will do anything to locate Julia, even use herself as bait I want everything from you, and in return, well, everything is absolutely what I ll give youI loved Emma and Dean together He refuses to lose control, and Emma doesn t believe in control, she lives for the moment, and her passion drives Dean to lose his famous control They were so very sexy as a main couple, and I loved their chemistryEmma s talent reminded me a lot of Jane from Mentalist, and I found her and the members of LOST very interestingI m really loving this series Cynthia Eden writes another RS winner, with a great cast and suspense and a wonderful romanceI can t wait to read the next book about Sarah, a psychologist and the daughter of a serial killer, and Jax, a criminal who lives by his own rules and honorThis series is a must read for all romantic suspense lovers ARC was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is the second book in the new series by Cynthia Eden LOST Dean Bannon is a former FBI agent He now works at LOST which an agency that finds missing people He joined the LOST after his last in FBI ended badly to say the least Now years later, he is searching for a young girl and his past seems to be catching upto him.Emma Castille is a fortune teller in New Orleans She spend her teenage years living on the streets after her father s death in the hands of a killer.Their paths cross when a sixteen year old goes missing and on it s search Dean meets Emma, who seems to be the last person who saw her Now, the serial killer seems to have Emma in his sights as his next victim.I really liked them together, the cynical and blunt FBI agent and the equally cynical but charming fortune teller Emma is a very interesting character, she s a mentalist you know a female version of Patrick Jane from the mentalist , noticing things other people ignore I really liked her, she was a strong, independent woman who knew how to get what she wanted A perfect counterpart to Dean Dean was also a great hero, he was possessive and protective of Emma They were both attracted to each other from the moment they met but there was the fact Dean thought Emma was a con artist which made their earlier interaction interesting to read.Of course, the course to their happy ending was not easy, it was filled with twists and turns, a serial killer and an ex boyfriend The book also had the passion and the connection I have come to expect and love from Cynthia Eden s books.I really enjoyed the suspense part of the book as well, Cynthia gave hints but we didn t know who the killer was or what possible motivation could be the cause of his behaviour Overall, I m really enjoying the series and can t wait for the next one Shattered which is going to be about Sarah the psychologist in the team, she kind of reminds of Dr Hunt from Body of Proof and Jax a criminal and Emma s ex out in October Happy Reading You don t realize how very much you want to live until death tries to take you The second book in the Lost series blew me away When I read the blurb, I wasn t as excited as I had been about Broken but I was so wrong I loved this book than I did the first one.The team is needed once again Dean travels all the way to New Orleans in search of a runaway sixteen year old girl He may not find what he s looking for but fate has other plans for him Emma Castille never claimed to be anything than a good observer It s not her fault is she notices the little details that people choose to ignore It s not her fault that she can t forget the fear in Julia s eyes or the fact that Dean isn t as good at hiding his feelings as he thought Emma knows that she can help Dean find the missing girl if only he lets her help.What neither anticipates is a note in Emma s house claiming that she s next They both know that there s a killer among them but what they don t seem to realize is that the killer is closer than they think.OMG Twisted totally blew me away I thought the first book was awesome but this was beyond incredible and I just know that the next one will be even amazing I can t deny it, I m a huge fan of Eden s but if you had read all of her books you would be too I really loved Broken, the story and the plot were perfect but there were times that Eve wasn t such a great heroine With Emma I had no problems at all.Emma and Dean were very alike They both were strong, determined, loyal, protective and so stubborn I liked Emma She was so fierce regarding the people she cared about She didn t care what others thought of her Most, just like Dean in the beginning, thought that she was a con artist just like her father but they were all wrong not only about her but about her father as well Nobody knew that her father was everything to her or that when she lost him she lost literally everything Everything she now had, she had to fight to get With me without me you ll always be a good man I just make you better The romance between them was evident from the beginning Dean had it really bad from the first time he saw her I was so anxious to see how things were going to end up with them since they were both very strong characters I wasn t disappointed Seriously these two lit the pages on fire.As if I wasn t anxious enough about the romance, the suspense was killing me too I had no idea who the threat was and I really wanted to find out Until I did, everyone was a suspect I m hoping that the next book will be Sarah and Jax s story We already know Sarah and Jax is a new hot bad boy character he s actually Emma s ex and I have a feeling that you ll just love him Also there s something going on between Wade and Victoria I ve no idea if they are going to end up together but I wouldn t have a problem if they did.All in all, Twisted is a must read Just read it If you re not a fan of romance seriously, who isn t you ll love the suspense and the action but if you already love these, then this book is for you.Highly recommended ARC provided via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The second book in the LOST series by Cynthia Eden Dean Bannon comes to New Orleans to search for a missing teen There he meets Emma Castile, a woman who tells fortunes on the streets Emma encountered the missing teen and decides to help with the case When it looks like she is next, Dean is than ready to play bodyguard, even though Emma insists she doesn t need it.Different characters but the story was very similar to the first book in the series, Broken I still enjoyed it though and will happily continue the series. I really enjoyed it 4.5 starsStrong brave heroine Liked her a lot.Great hero Intense and interesting suspense with some unexpected twists.I flove strong women I believe in facing what I fear. ^READ BOOK ☜ Twisted (LOST, #2) ↝ In The Second Seductive LOST Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Cynthia Eden, An Obsessed Last Option Search Team Agent Goes Looking For Trouble And Finds Her In The Big EasyDean Bannon Comes To New Orleans For One Reason Only To Track Down A Missing Sixteen Year Old Girl That S Before He Meets The Drop Dead Gorgeous Con Artist Who Makes Him Want To Lose His Legendary ControlWith Her Past, Emma Castille Doesn T Claim To Be Psychic She Just Notices Things Other People Don T Like The Fear In A Runaway S Eyes Or The Pain In An Ex FBI Agent S Heart Her Chemistry With Dean Is Blistering, But Emma Follows Her Passion Not Someone Else S OrdersThen A Madman Breaks Into Emma S Home And Leaves A Twisted Message You Re Next Now Dean Refuses To Let Her Out Of His Sight Until He Pries Every Last Secret From Her Full, Sexy Lips And Suddenly Emma S Aching To Give Him Everything He Wants