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Read Kindle ☰ Das Reich und die Germanen: Zwischen Antike und Mittelalter (Das Reich und die Deutschen) ♽

Read Kindle ♅ Das Reich und die Germanen: Zwischen Antike und Mittelalter (Das Reich und die Deutschen) ⚕ The Names Of Early Germanic Warrior Tribes And Leaders Resound In Songs And Legends The Real Story Of The Part They Played In Reshaping The Ancient World Is No Less Gripping Herwig Wolfram S Panoramic History Spans The Great Migrations Of The Germanic Peoples And The Rise And Fall Of Their Kingdoms Between The Third And Eighth Centuries, As They Invaded, Settled In, And Ultimately Transformed The Roman Empire As Germanic Military Kings And Their Fighting Bands Created Kingdoms, And Won Political And Military Recognition From Imperial Governments Through Alternating Confrontation And Accommodation, The Tribes Lost Their Shared Culture And Social Structure, And Became Sharply Differentiated They Acquired Their Own Regions And Their Own Histories, Which Blended With The History Of The Empire In Wolfram S Words, The Germanic Peoples Neither Destroyed The Roman World Nor Restored It Instead, They Made A Home For Themselves Within It This Story Is Far From The Decline And Fall Interpretation That Held Sway Until Recent Decades Wolfram S Narrative, Based On His Sweeping Grasp Of Documentary And Archaeological Evidence, Brings New Clarity To A Poorly Understood Period Of Western History great for understanding border psychology and life on the Rhine in the 4th century.Very relevant for today in the wealth of disparities. Can I get away with rating a book I didn t read all the way through I wouldn t have thought it possible to make invading barbarian hordes seem dry and stuffy. I took a long time with this book It is not the type of book that you can t wait to curl up with The subject matter is vast and complexly intertwined So many names, so few visuals It is immensley important in it s field and a valuable and informative read, but I took it best in pieces so that my brain didn t go numb.