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4.5 Take Me Out to The Ball Game Stars As soon as I read the blurb for Dare to Kiss I knew I had to read it I m not a huge sports fan nor have I ever really been into sports myself but how can anyone deny the originality and uniqueness of a female baseball player I went into this book with eyes wide open and I m so glad because it was a HOME RUN Lacey and her father are new in town Lacey wants to start living again She wants to leave the sheltered and depressing life she and her dad have been consumed by Lacey is not great with sharing, not even with readers Overtime we learn about what happened to her but as time goes it becomes apparent something awful, brutal and gruesome lies in her past Lacey made friends over the summer with a popular football player He helps her get her groove back since it s been awhile since she s played Oh and the kicker is Lacey has to try out for the team, she s not a shoe in Her well known past will only get her so far and she has to prove herself to the coaches and fellow teammates Most who are male and not happy that Lacey wants to be one of them As you can imagine high school is a bitch and these kids hold no punches Pranks, jokes and secrets keep these kids alive and Lacey is like a new toy for them to play with Kade Maxell is our hero in this book I wasn t sure when we first meet him because let s just say their meeting doesn t go so well and Lacey proves she is than just a girl who wants to play ball She s a take no prisoners badass who can handle herself Lacey does have a weak spot Her past Thinking about it, dreaming about or even talking about it can be dangerous and when there s another girl trying out for the team who reminds her of someone she lost, someone she just lost and someone she saw in tragic way PTSD, blackouts, panic attacks Lacey suffers from them all She thought she was getting better but her new school and new life seem to be getting the better of her.Overall I really enjoyed this book It was an interesting mix of originality with a lot of the drama and badassery that we get from Tijan s Fallen Crest Series The Maxwell brothers are very much like those Mason boys and they don t like anyone messing with what s theirs To say it s a hardship having so many hotties in this book would be a total lie and after Kade and Lacey s story is done I d love for each brother to get their own as well Sports fans would probably love this book even , but for the average reader looking from some drama tastic, YA bordering New Adult for some naughty stuff , I would highly recommend checking this book out I m very mad, I ll admit, mostly because I did not know this book would have an incomplete end I m not saying cliff hanger because I did not get that impression but it was clear with so many things left unanswered that this story was far from over Copy Provided by NetGalley for Honest Review So first off I have to love this book since I am obsessed with baseball and romance Let s face it put the two together you have a match made in heaven So Lacey s character is great She is beautiful, strong, stubborn at times, and very smart I felt so bad for her for what happened to her mother and sister, poor girl She is a great baseball player which earns her points playing a male dominated sport as well Kade was the mysterious bad boy everyone says to stay far away from Player in all sense of the term But when it comes to Lacey, she is his kryptonite What is so special about Kade other than being drop dead gorgeous Hello triplets Far out So this book would ve gotten 5 stars if it wasn t for all the drama There was too much drama with not enough background But I guess when it comes to high school that is what it is about right So I started this book not really sure what I was getting into A book about a chick who wants to play baseball with the boys alright, I read Catching Jordan, I liked that I ll probably like this too then5% Wait, what is going on here This is kind of interesting15% Uh, not expecting to be reading an awesome book right now, but I think I am35% Ok, awesome book I love it.60% I need sleep but I can t stop reading 70%ISH fell asleep clutching my kindle woke up 5 hrs later because I wanted to finish this.It s hard to not relate books I m currently reading to ones I ve read in the past So here s the best I could come up with for this Catching Jordan meets Fallen Crest High in the best possible way.I adored Lacey She is a badass baseball player, who is trying to make a new start for herself her senior year After the tragedy of losing part of her family, her and her father move to the east coast to try to move on Lacey is struggling with PTSD, the stress of trying to obtain a spot on a college baseball team, and making the baseball team in her new high school She is pretty focused on these goals so she wasn t expecting someone like Kade to shake things up for her.Kade is sexy, moody and totally into Lacey the minute he meets her He s the hottest guy around and full out intimidating when he is surrounded by his equally attractive brothers TRIPLETS These guys band together around Lacey as she gets the hang of her new life and trains for try outs.Full of drama, lust and character growth, I loved everything about this book CANNOT wait to read the second installment which won t be out until Spring of 2015 I am very happy to add this to my favorite shelf and look forward this book was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review Oh it started soooo good with a female athlete who has her issues, but still is a badass and a hot male, who is a little bit a mystery Their first encounter involved a gun and a fist, because of that you expect a mind blowing story and then it happened view spoiler I ve mentioned before that I m not against instalove if the story is believable and this one was far from it I mean they have exchanged literally ten sentences and he was likeI didn t tell you how I felt just so you would say it back We have a lot to learn about each other I get that But I m not going to deny what s in my heart And when I want something I go after it No games I know there s something in here He placed his hand on my heart.I think to drop the L word you have at least to know some important information about the other person and this isn t the case here e.g he doesn t even know that her mother is dead I name this one because it is a big part of the story I just didn t fell the heat, passion, hunger, lust and love between the two of them and the reason could be because the story is only written from Lacey s POV.The good thing about this story is that I liked the heroine than the hero and this rarely happens I also liked how her PTSD was handled I mean I m not an excerpt about this illness but I was just happy that there wasn t a surprisingly healing because she met the love of her life I especially liked that the hero has not one, not two but three brothers triplets I meanAnd Kelton s story should be interestingLacey, I love the crap out of you, Kelton whispered What My jaw hit the dirt Kade s message Kade s Not mine My brother is fucked up How do you put crap and love in the same sentence His blue eyes swam with embarrassment. hide spoiler E arc provided by NetGalley to read and review.I honestly have mixed feelings about Dare To Kiss Granted, I didn t hate it but I can t say I love it either.The first thing that caught my attention about the book is the blurb I love a good story with a kickass heroine and a swoony romance And Dare to Kiss is both of those things Unfortunately, there were some aspects of the book that I m really bothered with What I didn t like about the book It felt like Lacey had personality issues Her personality was inconsistent One moment she s a tough, smartass girl and the next she s turned into a drooling girl overly obsessing about the hot, bad boy She seems way too bitchy at times and other times just plain nice I was bored for the most part of the book The story dragged on halfway through I didn t feel the mystery and intrigue I thought would be present when I read the blurb There was too much drama Too much unnecessary drama I just kept rolling my eyes when the characters acted very bitchy, whiny and immaturely What I liked about the book Lacey s strength I did mention the inconsistency with her personality but her determination and kickass ery stood out to me I like that she s a force to be reckoned with on the baseball field and she can throw a mean hook when necessary She stands up to bullies and I admire that about her The romance Oh, the romance Lacey Kade equals a fangirl moment with a lot of swooning Need I say 3 Baseball I have no idea how to play baseball but the way the sports was incorporated in the book made me want to learn how The way that most of the characters lives revolved around the sports made it very engaging to read about and I felt the passion they had towards it All in all, Dare To Kiss is not the most brilliant book I ve read but it is highly enjoyable and definitely swoon worthy. Original review can be found at received an advanced readers copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you I wasn t exactly sure what to expect when I picked up this book The synopsis sounded intriguing but with the baseball angle a sport that puts me to sleep I feared that it might not hold my interest.This book is about Lacey s struggle with PTSD than it is about baseball Don t get me wrongbaseball is a very important part of the story, but her struggle to heal from a very traumatic event is the bigger focus I really enjoyed this aspect of the story Alexander does a great job at describing her turmoil and I think she nailed the worries and concerns of a teenage girl She was also spot on with the pressures and bullying that occur within the walls of a high school.The day before Lacey is to start at her new school she has a run in with Kade Let me just say WOW What a way to meet a person Although their first few interactions are less than ideal, the tension and chemistry between the two are oozing off the pages I don t know how to explain it but to say that I had goosebumps on numerous occasions Kade is every girls dream with his sexy good looks and mysterious personality He is definitely book boyfriend worthy Lacey is also a down to earth and a likeable character I appreciated the fact that although she was troubled, she wasn t weak and helpless for the most part The supporting characters from Becca to the Maxwell triplets Kade s brothers rounded out an enjoyable and well developed group of players in the story.Along with Lacey s struggles to overcome her PTSD and her budding relationship with Kade she has to deal with peers that do not want her on their baseball team This may sound typical of the teenage experience but with the unusual death of a girl from the team two years prior and some shady characters with a vendetta against the Maxwell brothers, it is anything but typical.The story flowed well and I was invested the entire time This book is the first in a series and although there is no cliff hanger exactly there are still many issues that will make you want to read The next book will continue Lacey and Kade s story but it is my hope that each of the Maxwell triplets will get a story of their own as well.I really enjoyed this book S.B Alexander is a new author to me that I will be keeping a close eye on I can t wait to read the rest of the series. Loved loved loooooooved it OMG, how am I only discovering this series now I just love those Maxwell boys Very entertaining, well written, with a strong MC you can root for and a plethora of gorgeous boys And I loved all the drama and angst Onto book 2. Received a copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads This is my first book by S.B Alexander,and I really enjoyed reading Kade and Lacey s story Both characters were amazing,I really liked them.But the story had lots of high school drama,jealousy,fights over girlfriends,etc which didn t appeal me It is a story about Lacey,who is suffering from PTSD after her mother and sister died and she keeps struggling with her panick attacks I had some issues with her character because she shows herself as very strong and she definitely is,but she is also annoying sometime.And when it comes to Kade,she forgets everything else I don t usually mind these drooling over the hot guy scenes,but she used to do that ALOT,and also when she had pulled a gun on him when they first met Sometimes I just didn t understand her The quality I liked most about her was that she held herself really well all the time and also dealt with her PTSD which troubled her a lot.I liked Kade s character very much,and even his brothers were really cool Other than the unnecessary drama,the story was really good.I really liked Kade and Lacey,they were awesome together Baseball was also a huge part of the story as it was Lacey s dream to get into the team,and I loved her determination towards it I can t say that I loved the book,but I didn t hate it either.The story was really enjoyable and I am looking forward to the conclusion of Lacey and Kade s story in Dare to Dream.Going to read the next book soon `Free Book ⇧ Dare to Kiss (Maxwell, #1) ⇶ Besides Her Family, Lacey Robinson S Only Other Love Is Baseball She S On Top Of The World When Arizona State University Approaches Her To Discuss A Scholarship To Be The First Girl Ever To Grace A College Boys Team Is Beyond What She Has Ever DreamedHer Fastball Is Impeccable, Her Curveball Equally As Good, And Her Slider Annihilates Anyone Who Dares To Step In The Batter S Box But Fate Has Its Own Way Of Throwing Curveballs When She Loses Her Mother And Sister To A Home Invasion, Baseball And Her Dreams Die With Them Tragedy Has A Way Of Seeping Deep Into Her Psyche, Causing Nightmares, Panic Attacks And Blackouts Diagnosed With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Her Psychiatrist Recommends A Change Of Scenery And Picking Up The Things That She Loved To Do, And For Lacey That Is BaseballAfter A Move Clear Across The Country, Only Two Things Matter To Lacey Overcome Her PTSD And Make Kensington High S Baseball Team But Trying Out For The Team Comes With Obstacles The Captain, Aaron Seever, Doesn T Want A Girl On The Team Her Life Is Further Complicated When She Meets Kade Maxwell, A Tall, Sexy And Drool Worthy Bad Boy Who Has A Magical Touch That Awakens Her Feminine Side And A Kiss That Slowly Erases Her Nightmares But Getting Involved With Him May Be Dangerous When Kade S Archenemy Returns To Town To Settle A Vendetta To Complicate Matters, Her PTSD Has Taken A Turn For The Worse She Has To Find A Way To Heal Otherwise She May Not Have A Chance At Anything In Life, Especially Love This Is A New Adult Novel And Contains Strong Language And Sexual Content Intended For Audiences Age