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Amazing to see someone turn from their deepest held beliefs, confront the darkest parts of their faith and try to make amends I can t imagine the mental toll it took on him, trying to keep his home life, religion and undercover work separate. First, let s just establish that I ve got to take the author on his word There is no way I can check his story I find no real reason to doubt the story, though, except it being pretty unique, but its relative uniqueness doesn t make it less probable, imo So ok, let s say that this is all true, or close enough not gonna go into a discussion on what truth is and what details might be changed lied about and and and So, my belief that his story holds water being stated, I have to say that this story is quite exciting, and quite crazy There s stuff to be learned here different islamist networks and how they re interconnected a few details about secret communication etc the mentality of those utter losers the mujaheddin of the West , maybe nothing you can t learndetailed elsewhere, but the authencity of a personal story is hard to beat It s fascinating in some ways, disgusting in others, scary in yet others and even rather ridiculous To me, the part with the closing of the mind is most interesting, the psychological part, if you will Why do people want to go and blow themselves and a bunch of others up, in the name of you know Islam Or was it the bermensch, in brown or in red version The thousand year Reich of paradise in this world and or the next Same shit I m quite convinced it s the same kind of people it all appeals to Why, I m not so sure of Excitement, drama, purpose, perhaps Belonging Strict rules you can adher to and then you re saved , one way or the other I don t know I just don t think it s oh so very complicated This book does not change my view in that sense Fighting it, however, iscomplicated It doesn t quite sound as if our societies reactions are adequate, though Somehow, I think that sscary.It is, however, a good read I think it will appeal to both thrill seeking readers and to readersinterested in the topics as they are radicalization, the war on terror, all those related subjects Thumbs up. This is a mesmerizing journey taken by this Danish man One always thinks of Denmark as a highly civilized country pleasant and safe a wonderful place to grow up in So this book blows some of those stereotypes to smithereens Anyway here is the short version Morten had an unruly childhood with an abusive stepfather he became involved in gangs, drugs Disputes were settled by fists and brawls inside and outside pubs In his early twenties Morten discovered Islam It gave his life structure and what he thought was a moral base Friendships became based on the knowledge and discussion of the tenets of Islam To study further he went to Yemen not quite realizing that he was on a pathway to embracing a version of Islam that was intolerant and had a straight jacket view of the world Those who disagreed with this outlook would be considered deadly enemies who could be justifiably killed He became a member of Al Qaeda.Morten married within this cult and had two children He was traveling extensively in Europe and Yemen so he never had much to do with their upbringing.Eventually Morten started to realize how intolerant he was becoming Being with people in both England and Denmark who were suppose to be his mortal enemies, but who otherwise behaved in a normal manner, made him aware of the moral quandary of his religious position He had also been approached by undercover agents in both England and Denmark They knew what he was up to So he came around to becoming a double agent for Denmark PET , England MI5, MI6 and the U.S CIA Morten was a guy that could not stand still.Page 125 my book Morten speaking to his motherMum, you can t tell anybody this And you re the only person in the world who knows I m not a Muslim anyand I ve started to work for Danish intelligence There was silence for a few moments There s never a dull moment with you, she finally replied.We get a chilling portrait of his volatile life and those he met There is the Yemeni American Anwar al Awlaki killed by drones in 2011 I think one of the most bizarre is the Croatian woman, Irena Horak, who became Awlaki s third wife and then became a widow in Yemen surrounded by the Al Qaeda clan We witness the wheeling s and dealings of Morten with all the spy agencies who listened and took copious notes of the vast Al Qaeda network but then kept persuading Morten to go on ever dangerous missions to Yemen and Kenya.This is a non stop read, and frightening There are so many layers of Jihadi s that when one branch is eliminated, others take over Awlaki s you tube lectures are still out there and are an inspiration for new recruits The bomb maker Ibrahim al Asiri is training others The list goes on.As a warning to Donald Trump s position on making gunsavailable and marketable this was in a footnote on page 392 The American al Qaeda propagandist Adam Gadahn says that America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms Anyone can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check and most likely without having to show an identification card He concludes So what are you waiting for James Bond is still alive and well and living as Morten Storm in an undisclosed location in the United Kingdom Or is he After reading this spy novel come to life, I m not so sure.Morten, known to radical Islamists in Europe and Yemen as Murad, in this tell all biography takes us behind the scenes to look at life from inside the world of al Qaeda In this 343 page journal, Morten and his co authors Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister, take us on a roller coaster ride through the dark side of terrorism Morten Cruickshank and Lister left nothing out of this operator s manual for spies The authors include photographs of some of the intelligence community s most wanted terrorists Here you ll find a list of not only the main characters, the dramatis personae in Morten s story but also several pages of lists of militants and Islamists, both dead and alive Evenrevealing, we re given a list of Morten s Danish, English and American intelligence handlers, first names only for obvious reasons , the good guys in this cloak and dagger tale Adding an element of strong authenticity are the last eight pages dedicated to showing the reader all the e mails and other documents, the spy stuff and the paper trail that reportedly corroborates Storm s life as a double agent.There are several plot twists within these pages I had a hard time understanding How does a young man, born in Denmark, evolve from being a member of a Danish biker gang to becoming a Muslim and then a radical jihadist, hell bent on slaughtering infidels everywhere Later, how does that same friend of Osama bin Laden s apparent successor, Anwar al Awlaki, suddenly renounce not only Islamic terrorism, but become a jihadist hunter How does Morten, while performing undercover missions for the CIA blow through 250,000 and not return one penny when one caper goes bad Why would American and European spy agencies work with someone who has a cocaine habit Was there really a CIA plot to get Morten near al Awlaki s successor, Nasir al Wuhayshi, so the spy agency s own mole would be eliminated in a drone strike There are a lot of unanswered questions here.Whether any of this James Bond wannabe s story was entirely made up or not, I ll let you be the judge Or, we could all wait for the movie Storm s life is reportedly going to be brought to the big screen by Paul Greengrass, director of the Bourne Identity spy trilogy. Fascinating story of a young Danish man who went from smuggling items, to being in a biker gang, to becoming a Muslim and then radicalizing For years in service of jihad until realizing he no longer held those same beliefs Instead turning to the Danish security service PET as well as MI5, MI6 the CIA During which his exploits lead these intelligence services to many major terrorist players Then thinking those same services weren t playing fair he went public It is an all around great story, all of which is true A great read, a page turner, one of those books you don t want to put down. A fascinating book Morten Storm grew up a troubled youth in Denmark, drinking, fighting, and raising hell until he one day randomly picked up a book about the prophet Muhammad in the local library The book transformed his life and he pledged his devotion to the Islamic faith.As time went by he became radicalized, believing in the jihadist cause He came into contact with many other jihadis throughout Scandinavia and Britain, and while living in Britain was encouraged by a cleric to study Islam in a remote part of Yemen Storm agreed and while there he became even further radicalized, becoming an acquaintance of many important fanatics, including the American born top terrorist Anwar al Awlaqi As a large European with flaming red hair, Storm made for quite a curiosity in the Middle Eastern radical circles After a few years Storm began to question and then ultimately renounced his faith He began to believe that global terrorism must be stopped, so he reached out to the Danish intelligence agency PET and offered to become an undercover informant Soon he was also recruited by the British intelligence and the American CIA The book details his covert and very dangerous operations within the heart of Islamic fanaticism Of particular note is the tense chase for his friend Awlaqi, based on the intel provided by Storm.The extremist views taken by the Islamic true believers are unbelievably chilling The wholesale slaughter of innocent Western civilians is absolutely justified in their minds This book provides an excellent inside look at some of the main players and territories in the Islamic global jihadi movement, as well as the Danish, British, and American intelligence agencies who are sworn to stopping them. starts out a little unbelievable but the wealth of research behind it to historical events and figures is fascinating and in the end is a believable tale of deception and betrayal You re left feeling sympathetic to him and in a way grateful for the sacrifices he has made to stop these truly dangerous people. If only there wereagents like him I would feel confident about the war on terror Alas I fear he is one of but a few or maybe the only one The first third of the book explaining his conversion to Islam was slow but it picked up considerably when he got to the Middle East Interesting to see the relationship among competing security services. To counter the obvious concerns about the credibility of this tale the authors provide a large amount of supporting evidence The fact that it is true makes it a pretty incredible story, real double agent, 007 stuff It gives a good idea of how disaffected folks can lose them selves in a mass movement, in this case radical reactionary really Islam The book provides good insights to the jihadist movement and the divisions within Islam itself As current events in the Middle East today show all too well the hatred for Moslems of differing beliefs can be as great as towards westerners The motivation to attack Europeans and Americans is displayed in what to any American should be a frightening fashion Well written, fast paced, and at times downright scary this is a really interesting read. `FREE DOWNLOAD ☙ Agent Storm ↡ Morten Storm Was An Unlikely Jihadi A Six Foot One Red Haired Dane, Storm Spent His Teens In And Out Of Trouble A Book About The Prophet Mohammed Prompted His Conversion To Islam, And Storm Sought Purpose In A Community Of Believers He Attended A Militant Madrasah In Yemen, Named His Son Osama, And Became Close Friends With Anwar Al Awlaki, The American Born Terrorist Cleric But After A Decade Of Jihadi Life, He Not Only Repudiated Extremism But, In A Quest For Atonement, Became A Double Agent For The CIA And British And Danish IntelligenceAgent Storm Takes Readers Inside The Jihadist World Like Never Before, Showing The Daily Life Of Zealous Men Set On Mass Murder, From Dodging Drones With Al Qaeda Leaders In The Arabian Desert To Training In Extremist Gyms In Britain And Performing Supply Drops In Kenya The Book Also Provides A Tantalizing Look At His Dangerous Life Undercover, As Storm Traveled The World For Missions Targeting Its Most Dangerous Terrorists , And Into The World S Most Powerful Spy Agencies Their Tradecraft, Rivalries, And Late Night Carousing, As Well As Their Ruthless Use Of A Beautiful Blonde In An Ambitious Honey Trap Agent Storm Is A Captivating, Utterly Unique, Real Life Espionage Tale