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{Read E-pub} ⚡ Stalin's Daughter: The Extraordinary and Tumultuous Life of Svetlana Alliluyeva é eBook or Kindle ePUB free

{Read E-pub} Ø Stalin's Daughter: The Extraordinary and Tumultuous Life of Svetlana Alliluyeva ⚺ The Award Winning Author Of Villa Air Bel Returns With A Painstakingly Researched, Revelatory Biography Of Svetlana Stalin, A Woman Fated To Live Her Life In The Shadow Of One Of History S Most Monstrous Dictators Her Father, Josef StalinBorn In The Early Years Of The Soviet Union, Svetlana Stalin Spent Her Youth Inside The Walls Of The Kremlin Communist Party Privilege Protected Her From The Mass Starvation And Purges That Haunted Russia, But She Did Not Escape Tragedy The Loss Of Everyone She Loved, Including Her Mother, Two Brothers, Aunts And Uncles, And A Lover Twice Her Age, Deliberately Exiled To Siberia By Her FatherAs She Gradually Learned About The Extent Of Her Father S Brutality After His Death, Svetlana Could No Longer Keep Quiet And InShocked The World By Defecting To The United States Leaving Her Two Children Behind But Although She Was Never A Part Of Her Father S Regime, She Could Not Escape His Legacy Her Life In America Was Fractured She Moved Frequently, Married Disastrously, Shunned Other Russian Exiles, And Ultimately Died In Poverty In WisconsinWith Access To KGB, CIA, And Soviet Government Archives, As Well As The Close Cooperation Of Svetlana S Daughter, Rosemary Sullivan Pieces Together Svetlana S Incredible Life In A Masterful Account Of Unprecedented Intimacy Epic In Scope, It S A Revolutionary Biography Of A Woman Doomed To Be A Political Prisoner Of Her Father S Name Sullivan Explores A Complicated Character In Her Broader Context Without Ever Losing Sight Of Her Powerfully Human Story, In The Process Opening A Closed, Brutal World That Continues To Fascinate UsIllustrated With Photographs This compelling biography is the intimate and tragic story of a woman fated to live in the shadow of her father, the notorious Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.When I was a school girl during World War II, I thought Uncle Joe was the USA s strong friend, and I was glad that he was on our side I had no knowledge of his cruelty or merciless purges As the years went by, I was shocked and horrified to learn the extent of his evil and brutality.I was a little intimidated by the thickness of this book, but totally absorbed as soon as I started reading I recommend it highly and am indebted to Goodreads for sending it to me free of charge. . My FAVOURITE book of the year From the first sentence Of this book I was hooked.What would it mean to be born Stalin s daughter, to carry the weight of that name for a lifetime and never be free of itFrom her days in the Kremlin, to her defection to the US Svetlana Alliluyeva s life is a fascinating and an emotional read both historically and psychologically The title of this book is not an exaggeration, Svetlana Alliluyeva s life was extraordinary and tumultuous and Rosemary Sullivan s research and writing is outstanding I found this a compelling biography, packed full of history, fast paced with plenty of emotion I had the whisper sync version on kindle which enabled me to read and listen to this book I perfer to read historical books but loved listening to the pronouncations of the Russian names of places and people and the narrator was very easy to listen to The kindle version has plenty of photos and a family tree which is such a bonus I think readers who enjoy Russian history will find Svetlana s story facinating reading I just loved this book and although it took me close to two weeks to finish it, this is because I savoured every sentence and spent so much time googling people and places I didn t want the book to end and the hardback copy is on my Christmas Wishlist as this is a book I want in my Library. Audiobook I ve been taking some long trail hikes recently hiking 2 and 3 hours every other day Listening to this story became tedious I certainly didn t get any voyeurism satisfaction.which at timesI had the thought, the setting creates We learn the history about Stalin s daughter, Svetlana.The Kremlin Years, The Soviet Reality, Fight to America, Learning to live in the West We learn basic facts about her mother, her brother, her relationship with her father, Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin , as a child. and as a teenager We learn about her studies in American History, her close friend who was Jewish..and her first love We learn of Svetlana s first marriage the birth of their son We learn about her second marriage the birth of their daughter We learn about the man from India she loved and marriedand his death.We continue to learn Svetlana was a cooperative defector..a kind, friendly, quiet woman When she came to the U.S She left behind her children married again in the United States birth of their daughter Whew By now MY BODY was exhausted just thinking of all the babies she had.I was getting exhausted by details and names dropped Another divorce.another move into another house Another lover yet to come or maybe I was in need of a break from hiking At times this story was as dry as the dirt I was walking on For all the editor police just might add this novel to your pile of books to send to The Editor s Jail I would have enjoyed this book just as much honestly even if 200 pages were missing Weeks of listening to this audiobook made my brain hurt after awhile Yet, author Rosemary Sullivan, makes sure we remember THE MOST NOTED DEFECTOR in the United States in the 20th century 3.5 stars