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Really good book Kaede really grew on me not that I didn t like her before and now I think she is my favorite character Towards the end of the book I kind of stopping liking Shizuka, and I m afraid her character arc may not be what I want to see not a bad thing, just disappointing Takeo was cool and I liked the changes that happened to him in this book.Overall really enjoying this series so far A great series about ancient Japan with its samurais and their conduct codes, ninja like fighters, Christians persecutions it has political scheming, interesting twists and turns, intriguing liaisons between characters, sword fights, love, treachery, friendship.The characters are well developed, complex, with inner turmoil and weaknessesDeath comes suddenly and life is fragile and brief No one can alter this either by prayers or spells I didn t enjoy this as much as the first book but it wasn t bad Not much seemed to happen The writing was still nice to read and lyrical, and it s a nice series to marathon Some spoiler ish rambly thoughts that won t make much sense unless you ve read the book view spoiler I like that Kaede is actually doing things now, and there s a focus on gender and feminism through her role It s interesting to see her education apparently a man s education and the reputation she s getting I still don t find her that likeable her obsession for Takeo and her fainting makes me sigh a lot but I at least appreciate where her character s going The plot was weird with this one Lots of build up and foregrounding with the whole prophecy thing It s like nothing really happened and then all of a sudden they both ended up in the same place and got married I m not really keen on how these books seem to be so slow paced throughout and then rushed at the end I m glad that Kaede got to see her family again and spend time with her sisters, but that part with her father was disturbing shudders There were times when I was confused with the characters names, which didn t really bother me with Across the Nightingale Floor I didn t refer back to the list at the start as much, to be fair, but I struggled with differentiating between them Some characters are just there and I forgot what their role is supposed to be The minor characters are actually interesting but the focus is on the protagonists so much that they kind of fall under the radar I miss Shigeru The mention of him is nice though I just saw in the summary of book 5 that it focuses on him Yay I m looking forward to that I d love for Shizuka to have her own chapter She s great and there s so much potential there For me anyway, she s a interesting character than Kaede and the other women I ve forgotten his name but I really didn t like that guy who travelled with Takeo and was jealous of him and Yuki I have a feeling that he s still alive All of the leaving it to fate and Takeo not going back to finish him makes me very suspicious According to the prophecy, there s going to be some wars Hopefully that makes this next book interesting I hope it s not all, pretty rambles romance stuff that makes me roll my eyes 90% in oh by the way there s war and stuff hide spoiler This read was me giving this series a second shot After not enjoying the first book, I decided to carry as it has really good ratings here on goodreads Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to abandon a series, especially one by an Aussie author, I will not be continuing on.I had the exact same issues with this book as I did with the first Mainly, it was just boring For a book about politics, warriors and war it is just so damn predictable The writing was beautiful as in the first but this did not save it for me.My other issue was this book was the excessive occurrence of characters threatening to or committing seppuku Nearly every single character at some point, says they are going to commit suicide because they have dishonoured themselves It was so frequent it lost all impact and quite frankly became a bit offensive. The second book is about the aftermath of the fall of the evil Tohan by a new warlord named Arai all of which happen out of screen, since showing takes effort compared to just throwing in an infodump The new warlord ain t any better than the Tohan, since he also kills anyone who disagrees and plans to waste the protagonist and anyone around him just to make sure he won t turn against him next Something which the hero eventually does because he would be killed if he didn t, therefore the new villain is an idiot Kaede, the hero s sweetheart, is pregnant after that morbid sex scene in the previous book, and lies about the identity of the father in an attempt to save both of their lives So yeah, Shigeru, the good feudal lord from the first book, is now the father, and Arai is stupid enough to believe he can t kill his baby without causing a rebellion from all those who loved Shigeru A rebellion that never happened when Shigeru was killed, but will somehow happen by the death of an unborn baby Kaede returns to her palace, in a territory ruined by wars, bad harvests, and a semi crazy man who happens to be her father Once again the world building is the best part of the book, since we get to fully understand what it s like to live in a feudal society where honor is above all, to the point hara kiri is the ultimate expression of it It s all about following traditions, being obedient, and gutting yourself when something goes terribly wrong It s the character motivations that come off ham fisted because of author Lian s dislike of male sexism, as she constantly makes the lords ridiculing Kaede every time she wants to take the initiative and help out her father in restoring the land There is a difference between telling a woman to shut up because she has a vagina and acting like a complete jerk but author Lian doesn t bother to tell which is which She even goes as far as having Kaede s crazy father trying to rape her like the asshole male he is, before getting killed by the deus ex machina of a ninja, which the hero trained with in the first book After that lazy resolution, the ninja helps her out in gaining control of the household by killing everyone who doesn t accept her as his leader Something which is evil when a man like Arai does it, but very heroic when Kaede does it with the help of a man Feminism for the win, right guys Yes, it s supposed to represent how there is no good or evil in the society they are living in, since everyone needs to dirty his hands in order to get on top of things The way it was portrayed though doesn t feel like that, since Kaede is clearly favored over any other man What follows the violent take over, is her falling ill and miscarriages, thus being victimized in the eyes of the reader See guys Arai didn t lose his baby Kaede did, so feel sorry for her even if she is doing the exact same crap as the villain In the meantime, our hero Takeo is trained harshly by the ninjas in order to become a ruthless killer He learns all sorts of ninja tricks and even kills some poor guys who were marked for death because they did the unforgivable crime of speaking their minds and being liberal This part is showing again how inhumane this society of obedience really is It treats people as objects or cattle Both Kaede and Takeo are seen by their superiors as nothing than breeders of powerful successors The ninja masters go as far as having Takeo being seduced by a kunoichi, so she can get pregnant and offer them a ninja offspring with hidden powers such as his Takeo eventually betrays these assholes after he finds out they also murdered his father for not wanting to kill innocents any, and because they use him as nothing than a stallion for knocking off all their females Great story for a hentai, but this is not that type of a story He seeks refuge in the wilderness, where he is aided by the Hidden, the tribe he grew up with Once we see Lian doing a lazy job by portraying these people as the obvious victims the reader is supposed to care about, while she is also pretending to keep things grey for both heroes and villains If you ask me, the only reason these guys are mistreated is because they are pacifists who are never fighting back and author Lian is pro pacifism And if you think that wasn t bad enough, they have their own seer who gives the protagonist a prophecy OH SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN Like a true shounen adventure that has to include a special hero with special powers, fate is working in his favor all the way He s not simply a super ninja, he also has noble blood, so he s allowed to be the ruler of the land Which he does because the prophesy said so Great job at ruining the suspense Lian, can I stop reading now since you spoiled the ending Also, the same prophesy says he will be killed by his own son, so I guess all he has to do is not have any sons Oh, and thanks for also telling us he didn t chose to leave the ninjas with his free will it was God who forced him to do it Fatalism taking away the responsibilities of your actions since the invention of religions After this revelation, plot convenience spiral out of control and Naruto er, I mean Takeo, keeps getting saved or finds out what he has to do next, with minimal effort The most improbable random encounters with allies take place, so Takeo can save his life, find Kaede and marry her And now things are free to can get worse from here. Grass for His Pillow is the second book of the Tales of the Otori series by Lian Hearn.Now before I begin, I must say that I really enjoyed the first book Sure, it had cliches and elements about it that I would usually not enjoy, but I found it an excellent read I love the fantasy Japanese inspired world as it is one of my passions and the world building is very strong I did not want to kill him But I did However, Grass for His Pillow was a lot slower After reading over 300 pages I am left with the feeling that nothing really happened Seeing the development of characters within the first book was one of the reasons why I loved The Nightingale Floor so much, but book 2 contains near to no development in my opinion.Unfortunately, it felt like a very shallow read A filler and preparation book for what is to become for Takeo and Kaede But, I did finish it Lian Hearn has great prose and her writing, descriptions and structure is all very good She shared the same deep sorrow but no tears came to her eyes She would allow nothing to weaken the power that was coming to life within her I will carry on the series, because Takeo is a great character and the books ended on a sort of cliffhanger, but it won t be my priority within my tbr pile for now It might not help that I ve been reading dad s first draft of A TIME OF COURAGE alongside this I m not biased but it s very hard for a book to hold up against that Wow In the Tribe I was known as the Dog, but I preferred to think of myself like this wolf, no longer owned by anyone 2.5 5 A book that flows well but all in all leaves you feeling like not that much has happened with the characters But I m sure it will ramp up in the next book. I really enjoyed this series Well Done.. objetivamente este libro es mejor que el primero, una de las razones es porque no tiene tantas inconsistencias en la trama principalmente porque no hay una trama definida, solo estamos siguiendo a los protagonistas mientras intentan sobrevivir despu s del desastre que dej el primer libro y porque Kaede y Takeo son un poco menos cursis, nfasis en un poco Ellos por separado Perfecto, me caen muy bien, estoy interesada en ambas historias pero por dioooooooooooooooos cada vez que est n juntos o siquiera piensan en el otro es desesperante y por el final de este libro.creo que las cosas se van a poner peor por lo menos para mi The emotional turmoil doesn t let up And to think I already know what will happen so I should be prepared This second book starts shortly after the first Takeo has been taken hostage by the Tribe and is kept in a secret house so Arai s forces can t find him Arai, thinking Takeo betrayed him, is furious Kaede, meanwhile, convinces Arai to let her go to her family s estate for now, only to find it in shambles and severely damaged Not only natural catastrophes earthquakes, typhoons and the likes but also mismanagement and her father losing a battle against Arai s forces are to blame Her father, shunning daughters no matter how intelligent they are and blaming them for making him too weak to kill himself honourably, finally agrees to teach Kaede how to manage estates.There is also Kaede s neighbour, a nobleman from the capital called Fujiwara, who consideres her a rare jewel to be collected.It doesn t really matter which group of people we look at Kaede s father with his retainers, Fujiwara and his, the Tribe they are all the most despicable human beings imaginable From how Kaede s father talks about his daughters view spoiler and the fact that he actually started desiring her in a sexual way and then tries to not only force her to commit suicide but to rape her before that hide spoiler ^Download ☟ Grass for His Pillow ⇹ Sucedendo Se Ao Primeiro Volume Desta Trilogia Intitulado A Tribo Dos M Gicos , O Desafio Do Guerreiro Um Bestseller Internacional, Traduzido Em Mais De L Nguas E Agraciado Com O New York Times Notable Book Of The Year Foi Ainda Considerado Pelo Jornal Times Como O Romance Mais Envolvente Publicado Em Numa Narrativa Vibrante Transporta Nos Ao Jap O Onde Reencontramos O Jovem Takeo Que Vive Um Terr Vel Conflito Interior Entre For As Que Se Digladiam E Que T M A Ver Com A Honra, O Dever E O Amor Por Um Lado, Agora Por Direito O Herdeiro Do Poderoso Cl Dos Otori Por Outro, Deve Lealdade Tribo E Sabe Que Tra La Lhe Custar A Vida Mas Continuar Com Ela Significa Colocar Os Seus Dons Ao Servi O Da Crueldade E Da Injusti A E A Ren Ncia Ao Amor Por Kaede Conseguir A Tribo Afastar Takeo Do Seu Destino E Kaede, Como Poder Desposar Outro Homem Depois De Ter Conhecido Uma Noite De Amor Nos Bra Os De Takeo Uma Excepcional Epopeia Pelo Reino Da Fantasia