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This is two stories in one book.Shelter In A Soldier s Arms by Susan Mallery Ashley Churchill cleans offices at night She takes her daughter Maggie with her She is working to put herself though college Security Specialist Jeff Ritter gets a silent notice that someone is in his building when no one should be there Jeff goes there to check it out He noticed the little girl, Maggie, first Maggie said her mama was sleeping Jeff went to Ashley He new she looked sick He felt of her forehead She has a fever and felt terrible Jeff said he would take them home He didn t figure she should drive in her condition When they get to her place the apartment building is flooded All the people go to a shelter Next day the shelter call Jeff to let him know they can t keep her there since she is sick Jeff takes her to his place A lot goes on while they live with Jeff A very good read Donovan s Child by Christine Rimmer Donovan McRae is a famous architect He is working on a building for children who don t have anyplace to go After a fall from a mountain that puts him in a wheelchair he is looking for someone to be in charge of this new children s building After loosing his son five years ago he stays in his house Abilene Bravo goes to his place to help Donovan design the new building At times he is mean to Abilene Abilene tries to bring him out of his funk She ends up falling in love with him Donovan says he can t love anyone He doesn t know how since his son died A lot goes on in this book A very good read. Cute Braincandy that was surprisingly sweet. Jeff was a soldier through and through but could helping Ashley and her daughter soften him enough to change his idea of who and what he was in Shelter in a Soldier s Arms.Abeline was an up and coming architect who won an intership with her idol When the project finally gets going she discovered a very changed and injured man who would rather had cancelled the project then deal with anyone but that was not what Abeline would accept and neither would she condone the outlook Donovan had on his life and future in Donovan s Child.Both stories were very good and kept you wanting to read. Only shelter in a soldier s arms Loved it A cute, sweet romance. Soldier book was ok, DNF the second book B Another classic Susan novel Steamy but a good story line. Never have read a bad book by Susan Mallery.I love this story about a single mother who is having a tough time and things can happen for the good in both her and her child s life.Ashley Churchill is a single mom who works a full time job at night and attends college classes during the day She has a gorgeous little 5 year old daughter named Maggie.The book starts out that Ashley has fainted to to having the flu while she s at work cleaning the office s of Ritter Rankin Security Her daughter had the flu the week previously and she has contacted it now Ashley brings Maggie to work with her while she cleans at night She makes her up a pallet on a couch in the office for her to sleep while she cleans The arrangement was working out just fine, until she fainted Maggie had woke up looking for her mommy.Because Ashley needs to be out of the building at a certain time or the alarm will go off silently alerting Jeff Ritter owner of the security office Maggie sets off the alarm and Jeff gets the information alert in his car He sets off to check out the problem at his building and meets Maggie She leads him to her mommy and tells him her mommy is sleeping.Well this is when Ashley comes too and she see s him He knows she s burning up with fever He tells her he owns the building and she now fears that she will lose her job for bringing Maggie to work with her Jeff tells Ashley he s taking her home because she s too sick to drive When they get to her apartment events happen that Ashley winds up going to a shelter with her daughter because they can t stay in her apartment because of a water main break.Ashley get s to the shelter with Maggie and falls into a feverish slumber because of her being so sick and the director can t seem to get her to responds she call s Jeff Ritter because she finds his card in Ashley s jacket.Jeff Ritter comes to the shelter and brings both her and Maggie into his home to stay while she get s better.This is where the fun begins Jeff is so set in stone that nothing can penetrate his walls that he s build It s a fun story to watch how a little girl can affect such a giant of a man such as Jeff.One of the highlights of this read is reading how this Special Force Soldier can lower his guard enough to fix a little 5 yr old girls hair Bow s involved people I think if you read this story you may find yourself tearing up a time of two. Shelter in a Soldier s Arms is by Susan Mallery It is a great book and an easy read It comes with a Bonus book by Christine Rimmer, Donovan s Child It too is a good book Ashley Churchill is working nights cleaning the officer of Ritter Rankin Security She goes to school during the day and takes care of her little girl She can t afford a babysitter so she brings Maggie with her and she sleeps while Ashley cleans There is no one in the building but her so no one knows about Maggie That is until one night, Ashley is sick and while she is cleaning, she evidently faints and then falls asleep in the hallway The next morning, Jeff Ritter comes to work early and finds Maggie and Ashley When he wakes Ashley, she explains and hopes she doesn t lose her job now that the boss knows about Maggie What will she do if he fires her Jeff Ritter is a partner in the security business, a specialist in security and an ex soldier He has had experience with all kinds of evil people and adults in the security business What he doesn t have experience with is a blue eyed little girl dressed in kitten pajamas and carrying a stuffed white kitten She seriously told him to be quiet so her Mommy could rest She worked hard and needed her rest That is when Jeff sees Ashley sitting on the floor and semiconscious and running a fever What is he to do with this little girl and her Mommy He then does something that is completely out of character for him and surprises everyone who knows him He takes Ashley and her daughter home only to find her apartment is closed due to a flooding incident and the inhabitants are going to a shelter He leaves his business card with Ashley in case she needs anything A little while later, the shelter calls that Ashley is really sick and can t stay at the shelter with everyone else So, he goes and gets them and takes them to his house This is the beginning of lots of complications for Jeff and Ashley Donovan s Child is about Abilene Bravo and her fellowship with architect Donovan McRae The fellowship had been put off for a year but now he calls her Why wait a year What plans does he have for her She finds the Donovan McRae she knew gone and a rude, dismissive person in his place What happened to change him Could he be changed back {READ DOWNLOAD} Ã Shelter in a Soldiers Arms /Donovans Child ë A PLACE TO STAY Shelter It Was Such A Basic Need, And One That Single Mom Ashley Churchill Had Always Been Able To Provide For Her Little Girl Until Her Luck Turned, And The Only Protection She Could Find Was In Her Stony And Taciturn Boss, Security Specialist Jeff Ritter Jeff Warned He Was Only Offering To Share His Home, Not His Life, And That Suited Ashley Just Fine She Would Make It On Her Own And Yet, Jeff S Broad Shoulders Were Oh So Tempting To Lean On, And In His Arms, Ashley Found A Whole New Kind Of Shelter A Home But No Matter How Close They Became, Jeff Always Barricaded A Part Of Himself Away And Ashley Wondered If He Could Ever Allow Himself To Come In From The Storm And Find His Own Shelter With Her BONUS BOOK INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME Donovan S Child By New York Times Bestselling Author Christine Rimmer Pain And Loss Had Consumed The Donovan McRae That Abilene Bravo Had Known She Couldn T Erase His Past, But She Just Might Be Able To Give Him A Future Two stories in one The first, SHELTER IN A SOLDIER S ARMS, focuses on Ashley Churchill, single mother, struggling to keep her little girl safe and secure She s working as a cleaner of a security firm when the flu knocks her down The owner, Jeff Ritter, finds her nearly unconscious, and brings her home After learning what she s been doing, he hires her as his housekeeper, but what starts out as a business arrangement becomes much , in spite of Jeff s insistence that he doesn t deserve the protection he offers others.The second story, DONOVAN S CHILD, features an up and coming architecture student who wins a fellowship with the man whose work she has always admired But the man Abilene thinks she knows has changed since a series of life changing events have battered his body and his heart Only after Donovan tells her about the son he lost does she begin to truly understand his pain She s insistent on helping him come back to professional life Will that mean she can break through to him personally Or will his decision to say good bye to her after assuring that she finds a place in a prestigious firm remain firm Read and find out.