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Closer to a 3.5.I m always impressed that the trope of pranks and pranksters persists within middle grade books This is another one of those stories, this time about a new kid at school who was the great pranksters at his old school up against the kid who consistently outsmarts him.This is a fun, fast read with wide middle grade appeal even if it s not too deep and feels understandably derivative Still a good time, though, and worth a read for this age group. This was a cute, quick read great for fans of the #Download Kindle õ The Terrible Two (The Terrible Two, #1) ⚢ Miles Murphy Is Not Happy To Be Moving To Yawnee Valley, A Sleepy Town That S Famous For One Thing And One Thing Only Cows In His Old School, Everyone Knew Him As The Town S Best Prankster, But Miles Quickly Discovers That Yawnee Valley Already Has A Prankster, And A Great One If Miles Is Going To Take The Title From This Mystery Kid, He Is Going To Have To Raise His Game It S Prankster Against Prankster In An Epic War Of Trickery, Until The Two Finally Decide To Join Forces And Pull Off The Biggest Prank Ever Seen A Prank So Huge That It Would Make The Members Of The International Order Of Disorder Proud In The Terrible Two, Bestselling Authors And Friends Mac Barnett And Jory John Have Created A Series That Has Its Roots In Classic Middle Grade Literature Yet Feels Fresh And New At The Same Time Miles ist ein fabul ser Streichespieler, doch dann muss er mit seiner Mom in ein Kuhkaff ziehen und all seine harte Arbeit und sein Ruf sind dahin Als er sich mit dem ruhigen Niles anfreundet wird aber das Streiche spielen Feuer neu entfacht und besonders der Direktor der Schule muss sich in acht nehmen Die Illustrationen im Roman haben mir mit am besten gefallen diese sind einfach super cool und reichlich vorhanden Fast auf jeder Seite gibt es passend zum Inhalt Illustrationen, die mir den Spa beim Lesen vers t haben Wenn man ein Junge zwischen 10 15 ist, dann wird man dieses Buch sicher richtig lieben Es gibt eine Menge Humor, der altersgerecht verteilt ist und immer wieder neue ulkige Situationen.Der Streiche Kampf war einfach eine total witzige Idee und auch, wenn das alles nicht ganz so originell klingt, so war es das in der Umsetzung alle mal D Ich bin nur so durchs Buch geflogen, dabei gibt es einiges an Story zu entdecken und lesen Im Roman kommen nicht besonders viele Figuren vor, aber die tragenden Rollen sind daf r super ausgearbeitet Die ganze Sache mit den K hen fand ich urkomisch und grinse noch immer dar ber.An einigen Stellen ist der Humor doch etwas bertrieben, aber, f r Kinder ist das sicher angemessener, als f r einen erwachsenen Leser Es gibt die typischen Probleme, die man als kleiner Junge hatSchule ist doof, Freunde finden schwer und am Ende hat man sogar noch etwas dazu gelernt Der Plot ist ziemlich und klar aufgebaut, aber ich finde, das ist kein Kritikpunkt f r ein Kinderbuch Alles und allem h tte man noch etwas mehr allt gliches einbringen k nnen, als dieses t gliche Albern sein, aber bei der L nge des Buches ist das auch okay F r ein spa iges Abenteuer haben die Autoren wirklich gesorgt Better than Patterson s Middle School series about Rafe, because it doesn t try too hard to be so much There s a lot of craftsmanship here, but it doesn t show this reads very light, funny of course, but not overly silly or crazy The bully, and how he is dealt with, is different than any other I ve met Instead of getting to know the families of the boys, we get to know the principal kind of I have to admit he s just a bit implausible There are no diversions to mean girls, or kindly janitors, or wise grannies, just a tight focus on the adventures of the boys that is to say, the juicy bits Well, except for Holly I see a lot of potential for her to be a larger character in subsequent books, which would be good The illustrations fit perfectly and there are just the right number of them I love the the details that they add, like the decrees posted on the walls that say Principal Barkin sezThink about it surely he knows how to spell says so why doesn t he And isn t his name great And the slogan for the Maraschino Cherries on the front endpaper, view spoiler hard to spell, easy to eat hide spoiler Prekvapivo vtipn pr beh o krav ch a o tom, ako sa sta kolsk m vtipk rom Humor je nevtierav a dejov zvraty vedia prekvapi Pobavila som sa. A book for all readers, particularly particular ones as Jon Scieska would call them It is full of cow facts that seem to make no sense until the final resolution and what a resolution it is A school story, a story about a bully who gets what he deserves though his dad may shape up a bit sooner than seems real , a story about unlikely friends and about pranks..and oh what pranks they are This book should almost come with a cautionary statement, don t try these in your school Light hearted but with sweet touches about friends and how two often do a better job than one. Multi award winning humorous middle school chapter book that will draw in even reluctant readers The characters were mischievous makers of chaos, but I enjoyed that they were above average intelligent and creative ones with a code of honor Also enjoyed the collaborating illustrator s comic panels randomly through out this chapter book that added to the story line.Language No profanitySensuality content Squeaky G clean.SourcePrime Reading Loan. So much fun I love this waythan Big Nate or Wimpy Kid, but I think it will appeal to the same audience I m not sure why this book doesn t have a solid 5.0 rating Or at least a 4.99 This book is EXCELLENT And I m not just saying that because I am a huge fan of Mac Barnett and Kevin Cornell.Miles is a new student in the town of Yawnee a town that is mostly famous for it s cows He hates that he had to move to this town in his old town by the ocean, he was known as the Prankster And on his first day of school, Miles finds out that another student already holds the title of Prankster someone who parked the principal s car across the entrance of the school so that no one could get in To make matters worse, Miles is buddied up with Niles, the school helper, who is terribly annoying Miles keeps trying to pull pranks, but the other Prankster keeps foiling them Will Miles ever earn back his reputation as a Prankster This book is HILARIOUS Although I almost immediately guessed who the Yawnee Prankster was, I didn t even care I thought it was a brilliant novel The illustrations were hilarious and added a lot to the novel The book itself was witty and self aware without being over the top It was truly hilarious I actually laughed out loud at several parts, which I Never do with books I enjoyed both the characters of both Miles and Niles especially Niles, who took on an almost James Bond persona I will absolutely recommend this book to students but not before I buy a second copy for the library we re gonna need it