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Loved this What a great start to this serial Chloe is in New York for her friends bachelorette party and has a steamy hook up with a super hot and sexy stranger she meets at a club Imagine her surprise when she runs into her one night stand months later Max is all kinds of sexy and I love how he goes after what he wants He s hot, rich and mysterious I love the connection between these characters Of course, being a serial, this one ends in a cliffhanger and I can t wait for Volume 2 to see what s going to happen Highly recommend ARC generously provided by the author for an honest review. I just finished reading Indiscretion two hours ago And wow.Wow.I don t usually do this As a matter of principle I don t fangirl over novellas I don t squeal over books that left me hanging.Or, I didn t used to do that.Honestly, though, what right does Miss Grace think she has leaving us hanging there It was going so well There were no words And then poof TO BE CONTINUED.Like how is a girl supposed to react after a cliffhanger like that How HOW Chloe s best friend Jackie thinks she needs to loosen up and have fun with some boys Chloe s been hurt before, though, and does not wish to be hurt again So after a t te t te with Max in a bachelor party, she moves on with work and life.Except, Max doesn t she s consumed his thoughts and when a happy turn of events leads them to each other again, the chemistry is mind blowing and everything just sizzles between these two Max is a bit closed off, but we do learn some stuff about his past His father is a business tycoon and he comes from money, but I like fact that he doesn t want to be known by his father s identity He wants to be his own person and I loved that about him He was one of the few characters I ve read that I actually liked the first time I read him He left a lasting first impression.Especially on Chloe The book is a part of a four volume series and I, for one, cannot WAIT to read about these two I loved Max, Chloe is just the right amount of sass and sexiness and they re amazing with each other.Although the premise does state that they re competitors, it didn t feel like it in the book But I m going to wait to read Volume 2 before I really make a comment on that Sadly, Max is not a dirty talker yet which was something I was kind of banking upon, but hey He sang Britney Spears I m cool with anything a guy like that has to offer.Indiscretion Volume One oozes sexual tension and trust me on this You re not going to want to stop at Volume One It ends at a cliff hanger but the book is just completely worth it DFind this review and at Rhea s Neon Journal. I first want to say that I beta read this after it was completely finished AND it s my very first Elisabeth Grace book I can t believe I haven t picked up one of her books before I have a huge author crush now.Indiscretion Vol 1 takes us on one hellva ride We get inside the head s of both Max and Chloe Max is swooonnnn.that s all the vocabulary I can really muster up after reading this He s charming, smart, a bit vulnerable, and 100% sex on a stick Both aren t looking for anything serious as they are very focused on their jobs, but one night they meet and they both decided for a one time fling, no strings attached, no last names kind of night.Two months later they are unexpectedly reunited, neither of them able to forget each other, but Chloe s too stubborn and guarded to let him in Of course, Max doesn t give up that easily.This was a sexy and satisfying read and I m already begging Elisabeth for Definitely 5 Sex on a stick Stars My opinion and has some small spoilers, but not about the ending Just what made me not connect to the characters.Here are my thoughts.I was excited to read this one but I am tired of the annoying BFF that pushes her friend to have sex with a stranger The friend can tell by the guy s looks that he is not a serial killer I just did not feel the connection I mean what was it about the Chloe that had Max so taken by her Was she that beautiful What made her so beautiful I mean he barely spoke two sentences to her before she pushed herself down his cock How did he know she was all innocence and seduction She was at a bar attending a bachelorette party Written in dual POVs so you know what each character is thinking at all times It is probably all me and may work for you Honestly You should probably give it a try I love when couples meet at bar, but this one had no connection for me before they went and did it minutes after meeting.The heroine meets a stranger at a bar at her BFF s bachelorette party She has sex with him and then leaves without telling him goodbye or anything only to see him 2 months later. Hot little taster of whats to come I hope.Fast paced read a one night stand that will end up anything but.They hit it off in a club banged it out and didnt realise how much alike they were, well not much talking went on, cloe sneeked away after the encounter leaving hotty Max but its a small world when fates involved Cloe is climbing her way up real estate Max was the son of a property billionaire.Short read that entices you onto the next book with its edgy hair raising cliff hanger. 4.5 StarsOkay you people So Angela yes Angela the developmental editor of the book practically shoved down this book into my diaphragm Mmmm okay maybe not shoved, pep rallied maybe But thank you Anj for doing it so and thanks Lis for graciously providing me a copy HOLY HELL MAX.HOLY HELL MAX.I read it in the office and that s probably the greatest mistake I have ever made because hello Reading about Max Richfield in the freaking office is a BIG FUCK NO.NO people, do not make the same mistake as I did because you need to read it alone in a cave or some place where you can beck and call someone to rescue you from the fires of Max This book is sizzling hot Great start to a new novella series And now on to the next Very quick read I liked it, nice characters and storyline so far, but we will have to wait and see how it all ends because it s not over yet 1st out of 4 Why not just make it into a one book instead of 4 short books This is so starting to piss me off SERIOUSLY But I want to know how this turnes out, so off to the next one &Read Pdf ↟ Indiscretion (Indiscretion, #1) ↽ F Ck And Chuck Pump And Dump Hit It And Quit It One Night Stand Didn T Matter How I Branded It That S All She Had Wanted It To Be That Much Was Clear When She Left Me With My Pants Down And My Dick Still OutWhat She Hadn T Counted On Was Fate Intervening And Our Worlds Colliding AgainThe Day I Showed Back Up In The Life Of Chloe Griffins, I Knew I Had To Have Her Again My Body Was Hungry For Another Taste Like An Addict, I D Been Craving Another Hit For Months, And There She Was Flesh And Bone, Tits And AssThe Fact That She Worked For The Competition Should Ve Been Reason Enough For Me To Leave Her Alone I Had A Job To Do That Summer And F Cking Chloe Wasn T Part Of It But I Was Like A Man PossessedI D Do Whatever It Took To Have Her Again I have been dying to read this book, stalking the author like a total fangirl for weeks to get my greedy little paws on this series She finally had mercy on me and let me read Vol 1 2 I couldn t put it down I devoured them both within just a few hours and loved every single word I absolutely love Chloe and Max and I can t wait to see what happens next The Indiscretion Series was my introduction to Elisabeth Grace s books and as a whole I enjoyed it I was lucky to have all four volumes on hand, so I didn t have to wait between each release Honestly, I m not sure I would have continued on if I hadn t had all the books in the series I did read the first two right away and made the decision to see it through and in the end, I m glad that I did Volume Three was my favorite in the series, but each one held a piece of the puzzle that kept me interested What worked for me The chemistry between Max and Chloe was great They were sexy and fun I also just enjoyed their easy banter It was clear to me from the beginning that this couple had the potential to be something really good I liked seeing them fall in love despite having certain challenges in their way They re both in real estate development and essentially became rivals I liked that there was a background story about why their bosses were at odds with each other It was than just a business transaction, it was personal The sex was pretty great I read a lot of erotic romance and some authors have what it takes to make me melt and othersjust write sex Grace can write some really great sex There were quite a few times that I felt a bit flushed That said, I would venture that she could even push her limits a bit further Especially since this was an erotic series But still, I was pleased What didn t work for me may contain slight spoilers I was really digging the suspense aspect of the story and as it played out, I was really disappointed It was wrapped up quickly and easily I was left feeling like Why even add that into the story In Volume Four, Max is dealt a pretty rough hand Now, I liked it, but I was also taken by surprise with the direction the series went in I was happy with the result of this issue , but I would have liked to have seen regarding Max s surprising news The last thing I wanted to mention was that I didn t really feel like Max s history about his brother needed to be added into the story I understood that there needed to be a reason for the discord in his family, but againit seemed abrupt I think with all these issues combined, you may see a pattern Overall, I felt that there were parts of the story that were a bit all over the place I would have been happy with the work conflict and expanding Max s critical issue at the end Those two issues would have presented enough conflict for me as a reader to keep my interest Overall, I did enjoy it as a whole Volume Three was my favorite It had the best flow and I loved the character development It was also the sexiest volume, in my opinion Am I glad I read it Yes, I am I really am glad that I stuck with it I enjoyed the characters and I was in need of a sexy, so this certainly fit the bill If you are a fan of serials and are in need of a sexycheck this one out Favorite Quote Every time I look at you, it s like the first time I saw you, and I thank my lucky stars all the time that we met I can t imagine being apart from you again I want you beside me every day forever Hell, forever won t be long enough.