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A hair raising story ,great story and characters Reviewed by Rabid Reads She Wolf and I got off to a rocky start I wasn t impressed by the opening chapters and found myself thinking what the heck have I gotten myself into A group of men are at a strip club celebrating one of their friends last nights of bachelorhood doing what guys do best drinking, swearing and ogling scantily clad women Then Clare takes the stage and completely changes the direction and feel of the story phew I adore the mate aspect of werewolf fiction and this novel has it in spades The plot line is surprisingly complex for a Paranormal Romance and the character development really impressed me I enjoyed my time in Elizabeth Morgan s Blood universe and after this book s ending I find myself wanting I was taken aback by the maturity that Owen demonstrated in the face of Clare s rejection Typically alpha wolves have one track minds and an over the top sense of entitlement Even though MacLaren s beast did demonstrate these characteristics his human half does a fantastic job of reining them in and forcing him to act in a civilized manner Clare makes it very clear from the get go what her main concerns are with regards to their relationship and Owen actually listens The primitive, caveman mentality is still present but it s not overpowering As a result, MacLaren earned my respect and approval to pursue Walker which I hadn t expected to give so easily after reading the opening chapters.The story is remarkably profound considering that it revolves around a budding romance There s weird creatures terrorizing the pack, Clare s reevaluating her future and Morgan s wolf ish lore is also added to the mix I was fascinated by the Blood world and was interested in uncovering Elizabeth s universe than the details of MacLaren and Walker s relationship I was a little disappointed by the fact that there s really only one sexual encounter because I was under the impression that She Wolf was borderline erotica but there is still plenty of tension throughout this book Although, I must say, that one scene is HOT Here s hoping that there s a smidgen nookie time in the first installment and that this prequel was just meant to wet readers palates The only fault that I found with this book was the editing unfortunately, that s a pretty big issue in my opinion The dialogue didn t flow super well and it didn t always feel natural Identical or similar words were often repeated within the same sentence or close enough together to be noticeable These errors definitely took away from my overall enjoyment of this novel and are the only reason that I m giving this book 3 stars instead of 4 She Wolf is a great introduction to Elizabeth Morgan s writing style and the ending left me curious about Cranberry Blood s story line This is definitely a worthwhile read for any werewolf fan. I have read other books by Elizabeth Morgan before, On The Rocks and Razel Dazzel which were Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance short stories I had a great time with them, since they had interesting and dynamic characters as well as great pacing in the plot This is the first novel length story I read from her and it was no different The hero Owen MacLaren and heroine Clare Walker are a badass werewolf couple, who have a complicated past and relationship to start with Each of them has a very strong personality and they are like fire and ice sometimes, but little by little they give into each other, allowing themselves to open up to love Throughout the plot there s a lot of sexual tension between these two and there is a great romantic scene towards the end, which will satisfy the reader.Other interesting aspects of the story are the mystery around some murders Strange, creepy creatures have been killing humans and attacking the werewolves The mystery seems to be unveiled on the next book s in the series There s a hint that there will be vampires coming next as the series continues and as a sucker for these bloodsucking creatures, I look very much forward to that I had a great time learning about the daily life of the werewolves their keep, how they communicate with each other, what activities they do together, how they turn into wolves and so on It was both fun and cozy having a glimpse of their world.I recommend this book for anyone who likes great entertainment with supernatural paranormal stories, sexy romance and who enjoys werewolves and vampires Great readAn un putdownable book, I read this in six hours A well written werewolf saga at first I didn t think it was going to be this good Especially when the female lead was was a stripper However she came across as quite modest and strong, it turned out to be a lovely treat First, I have to confess my bias I love werewolves, and I love Scotland So, when heard this was a series about werewolves based in Scotland, I was STOKED D Short of something drastic going wrong, there was no way I wasn t going to love this, and I already knew I liked Elizabeth s writing style, so there you goI m going to jump straight to my absolute favourite part of this book the plot The whole thing about the Rogues and who or what are after the Werewolves, and to what end, etc, totally hooked me in, and although this prequel is Clare and Owen s story and labelled as a paranormal romance, which it is you can definitely see the start of an awesome urban fantasy series taking shape one that has the promise of being several books long if the author decides to take it that far There s info about werewolf history and Pack traditions, and so on, and it all sets the scene nicely for what s to come next Don t dismiss the secondary characters we will be seeing them again, I have no doubt, and I ll bet anything that it s not the last we ve heard of a slightly smarmy French wolf maybeAs for the romance in this book, it sizzles off the pages Owen is ultra hot without being a dick, and Clare is independent without being a bitch You have a good build up to them getting together and Morgan sets the pace just right Amusing in places, suspenseful in others, with the right level of steam, you re missing a treat if you haven t picked this up Now onto Cranberry Blood and then I have to figure out how to get Elizabeth to write quicklyA great read Disclaimer I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Claire Walker has returned to her hometown of Scottland after being gone for five years She left because of the second in command of her clan rejected her after she confessed her feelings for him Owen would babysit Claire and her siblings when she was a teenage Owen never explianed to Claire his reasoning for rejecting her Maybe if he had he wouldn t have broken her heart so bad.One night Owen s friends talk him into going to a bar for a bachelor party for one of their friends He sees Claire up on the stage and his wolf side of him comes out Now after five years has passed since he last saw her the shoe is on the other foot as they say Owen realizes with the help of his wolf that Claire is his soul mate Owen is in for a surprise when he finally gets to speak with Claire Although Claire feels the same thing she still feels the hurt that he put her through when she was a teenager Claire set down some ground rules with Owen as to how they were going to deal with their relationship now Owen is going to have to gain her trust back and prove to her that he will not her hurt again What is he going to do to her trust again What is Claire going to put him through or what kind of chalk line is he going to have to follow How far will he go to get her back On top of everything that he is going through now with Claire, Owen and their clan are having problems with someone killing humans and leaving the bodies on their property Owen and his clan does not feed from humans they go hunting at night for animals to feed from When they get close or think they are on the right track to finding who is killing humans and leaving them in their territory The rogues come after Owen and Claire Who are these rogues Why are they dumping bodies all over their land She Wolf is written in both Owen and Claire s point of view I like reading books where they are written in different characters point of view When you get the story from different people s view you know what each person thinks and feels If they are written with one person s view they can t tell you what everyone else is thinking I loved the whole process of how they shifted into werewolves If a wolf had a mate then the change was like a romantic kind of thing for them and having a mate made the change easier for them too,Now I would like to take this time to thank Elizabeth Morgan for giving me the opportunity to read She Wolf I love reading about werewolves or any paranormal cre ture After reading She Wolf it left me wanting to know and very anxious to read Cranberry Blood Blood 1. This review was written by Kay G for Bex n Books The books was provided to Bex n Books free of charge in exchange for an honest review.She Wolf is a supernatural erotic romance set in Scotland It centres around Owen and his werewolf pack and the problems that they face, including his difficult relationship with Clare whose heart he broken five years earlier.This is the first full length novel I ve read from Ms Morgan and having read two novellas previously, which I loved, I was very excited to see what she could do with a feature length so to speak and let me tell you she did NOT disappoint I love her writing style she gives just enough detail without taking away your imagination which is a difficult thing to do it s easy to waffle on and describe everything in detail which in my opinion bores the reader Ms Morgan, however, gives just enough which allows the reader to paint a very vivid picture, if the story says the bar the characters are in is sleazy and seedy, then Ms Morgan gives just enough to make you feel it I really loved this book the story grabs you from the start and doesn t let go I liked the setting and the main characters and I enjoyed the humour that is scattered throughout the story The chemistry between the main characters, Clare and Owen, practically sizzles and its fantastic you can t wait for them to get it on She Wolf is a prequel, so naturally I can t wait to get hold of the next one The only downside is the cliff hanger at the endNOOOOO You can t do this to me My advice make sure you have the second one to hand to avoid wailing like a banshee This book is an excellent read I highly recommend it and deserves a full 5 stars from me Well Done once again Ms Morgan Love it Great plot line, characters and action So much improved from the Cranberry Blood novel This prequel has just the right amount of backstory, werewolf lore explanation and action Great pacing and a mystery that is waiting to be solved Now I need to re read Cranberry Blood in preparation for the third book in the series to be released There were a couple of typos editing issues but they didn t hinder my enjoyment of the novel.Appropriate for adults only due to graphic violence and sex scenes. SUMMARYOwen is the second Alpha of his pack, and the moment he sees Clare again, everything changes for him With Clare being so young things did not end on good terms when she left Scotland five years ago Now that she is back he has a lot of work ahead of him convincing her that he wants her as his mate he also has to worry about bodies on their territory and other werewolves putting them there.THOUGHTSThis was a pleasant paranormal and an interesting start from the prequel of The Blood series Clare and Owen s story was engaging with the young teenage girl having a crush on the older second Alpha of the pack Of course, that crush did not end well forcing Clare to leave town Now that she is back in town five years later, their non existing relationship is taken to another level I wasn t sure how I would feel about Clare and Owen s age difference but it worked well and I don t think Clare was immature.Clare and Owen s first interaction reconnecting again was interesting and sexy, as they found themselves in a strip club That scene for me left an excitable impression as I was looking forward to the rest of their story What I also liked was that Clare did not make it easy for Owen, who considered Clare mines , which is wolf talk for you belong to me and nobody else will ever have you again With each chapter the author gave the characters their own point of view which was likeable for me and you get to view the story from each side Apart from Clare and Owen s story, the mystery of the Rouges aka the body snatchers and dumpers as I like to call them was a nice added twist I love the scene when Owen walks in to find a dead Rouge s body in the kitchen Clare s reaction to his question about it, priceless.Length 205 pg.Storyline GOODEnjoyment GOODIntimacy Level SPICY ^FREE PDF ↭ She-Wolf ↙ Dealing With The Rogue Werewolves Terrorizing His Pack Simple Trying To Convince His Mate He Does Want To Be With Her Bloody ImpossibleOwen MacLaren Is The Alpha S Son And The Pack S Second, And He Has Never Been One To Let Anything Get To Him So When A Bunch Of Rogues Begin Purposely Dumping Mutilated Bodies Around The Pack Keep, He Is Than Ready To Deal With The Werewolves Responsible But One Night Off And A Trip To A Local Strip Joint For A Colleague S Stag Night Changes Things, And Owen Soon Discovers He Isn T Immune To Everything Being An Independent Loup And Travelling The World Easy Having To Come Home And Face The Werewolf Who Broke Her Young Heart ChallengingAfter Five Years Away, Clare Walker Finds Herself Back Home In Scotland, Working In A Strip Club The Tips Are Decent, And She Gets To Dance, But It Isn T A Place She Thought She Would Ever Be, Let Alone Owen, Her Pack Second And The Mate She Has Always DesiredAlthough Owen Is Determined To Prove He Wants To Be With Clare, Things Can T Go Smoothly Between Them, Not When They Have Past Issues To Sort Out And A Bunch Of Unusual Rogues To Deal With