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I ve not seen an actual performance of this one, but thanks to my father I ve listen to the orchestral work by Wagner from his opera tristan and isolde The opening the famous Tristan Chord is amazing After reading the script now, imaging the music while I was doing so was a great experience I m sure if I ever get the chance to see a performance, I have to revisit this and give six stars or something. The original love story. I never really liked reading old plays but this one managed to entertain me so much It was a love that actually made sense One that I could understand why it was forbidden rather than done for mere dramatics It was such an amazing read that I got through in one sitting Simply Amazing. The first of these English National Opera guides that I have read and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.Offering history of how the opera came to be written, it s place in the composer s canon and a potted history of the important stagings including some excellent photographs It also provides analysis of what the both the music and libretto are doing at a level that I, as an opera lover, but by no means a musician, can understand and appreciate I started with Tristan and Isolde as one of my absolute favourites, and have my eye on , hoping that the standard set is maintained. Tragic love storyJust like the other famous love stories, Tristan and Isolde are forever doomed to be separated despite their powerful love for each other. The first chord of Tristan in the Prelude is phenomenal It s a chord of tension, of longing This music keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the moment when the dissonance of those early opening chords will be resolved In the second act it seems as if the moment has finally arrived when the would be lovers meet to consummate their passion It sounds vulgar, but it really is a coitus interruptus In the great duet you think it s going to arrive, then literally it s as if they re in bed with each other and then they re actually making love and just as the climax is about to arrive BANG someone comes in and that s it Then finally, after four hours of some of the most glorious, gut wrenching music ever written, the psychological drama set in chain by that famous opening chord reaches its tragic climax The music becomes much looser, and for the last time the longing motif comes back, in a chromatic scale going upwards, leading to a transition to transcendence I defy anyone not to be moved profoundly by such music Wagner was liberated by his relationship with Matilda Wessendonck, and the Traumer he wrote for her fed into this, the most sublime of his operas. Me gust s lo el primer actoCu lguenme soy una bestia sin sensibilidad.Sin embargo durante el primer acto logr un poco encender esa llama que prend a en m Esquilo, S focles y Eur pides Lo siento no cnozco m s tragedias que las ellos aunque Shakespiare tiene obra que me llenan de pasi n no las percibo en mi fuero interior con eso que distingue a los antiguos Es decir con que el o los protagonistas acaben muertos fisica literal o moralmente no se hace la tragedia, y particularmente las desgracias prducidas por el amor no me llaman en lo m s m nimo la atenci n de hecho me parecen de lo m s innecesarias. {READ DOWNLOAD} ⚞ Tristan et Isolde ¼ This Scarce Antiquarian Book Is Included In Our Special Legacy Reprint Series In The Interest Of Creating A Extensive Selection Of Rare Historical Book Reprints, We Have Chosen To Reproduce This Title Even Though It May Possibly Have Occasional Imperfections Such As Missing And Blurred Pages, Missing Text, Poor Pictures, Markings, Dark Backgrounds And Other Reproduction Issues Beyond Our Control Because This Work Is Culturally Important, We Have Made It Available As A Part Of Our Commitment To Protecting, Preserving And Promoting The World S Literature A very useful guide to one of the greatest operas in the Western repertoire Besides the complete text in German by Wagner, the guide provides and English translation by Andrew Porter, who did the great singing translation for Ring of the Nibelung. There s even a discography of celebrated recordings in the back, albeit dated since this guide dates to 1981.