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Read Book ⚐ The Old Man Who Loved Cheese ☱

I suppose this was supposed to be funny It didn t have very good cadence It wasn t easy to read out loud, and it was sort of too long kept going on and on and on. Love this book, have read it many times to my granddaughter. Read Book ♖ The Old Man Who Loved Cheese ♿ Wallace P Flynn Likes Cheese, And The Worse It Smells, The Better But Wallace P S Penchant For Putrid Cheese Soon Gets Him Into Trouble Will He Ever Learn To Change His Wheys Anne Wilsdorf S Ebullient Watercolor Illustrations Capture Every Hilarious Detail Of Keillor S Outlandish Story, Making This A Book To Be Savored By Children And Adults Alike A really funny book about a man who loved stinky cheese Not only did it give him bad breath, but it drove his family away, and required professionals in gas masks to come help It s an older book, as I m not sure the illustrations and story line would be printed today, but I enjoyed my chance to read it. I love cheese, particularly stinky cheese, and although I don t think I m that old yet, I did identify with the title and blurb and so bought this book for my older son as a Christmas present one year when he was little.I thought it was a funny story with great illustrations, but my wife I sound like Columbo my wife, she doesn t like stinky cheese, so not only do I usually have to eat it in another room, she couldn t even bear to listen to a story about it End result I no longer have this book.But, I do still eat stinky cheese.And, although my older son isn t that keen on the stinky stuff, my younger one loves it I like cheese, I have no sense of smell so the horrid smells of pungent cheese is not something I am worried about but that is what the story is all about.This book is on two levels.One goes on an on about he drives his family away with the smell and his obsession to cheese The Police gets involved and he is headed to court.My favorite line in the book is The smell was so awful, so sour and vile, The Skunks had to go and lie down for a while In the end the books is about changing your is possible Also that family is important than cheese That sounds simple but the point is pretty deep The gas masks on the police is especially funny This book is a family favorite that makes poetry lots of fun The illustrations are terrific, the rhymes make the story roll along and it is hilarious Great for all ages read aloud, a great intro to poetry for the young child who is old enough not to rip the pages while you turn them and young enough to laugh out loud every time a funny rhyme catches grown ups behaving in crazy fashion Wallace P Flynn loves the stinkiest cheese, to the great dismay of all those around him After a near war with the town, he decides to give up cheese so he can spend time with his grandson Fun use of vocabulary Detailed and colorful illustrations Great read aloud. 1 Awards the book has received none2 Appropriate grade levels 1st and 2nd grade3 Original 3 line summary Old man Wallace P Flynn loves cheese so much it eventually drives his family away The stinky cheeses Flynn consumes leads the town to stage an attack against the man and bring him to court Flynn agrees to give up cheese when he is re acquainted with his son and new baby grandson 4 Original 3 line review The Old Man Who Loved Cheese is guaranteed a laugh or two I found some of the rhyming to be a bit of a stretch and some of the vocabulary and concepts are difficult to understand I would not recommend younger children try to read this by themselves the book is much better suited for an adult led read aloud 5 2 3 possible in class uses The Old Man Who Loved Cheese can be used in reviewing rhyming words The book can also be used to teach different rhyme schemes, the author switches up the schemes used throughout the book so it does not feel too repetitive. Read this as part of completest project for Garrison Keillor, but like his other kids book Cat Come Home, I can t say that this is exactly spellbinding material.The plot there is an old man who loves to eat smelly cheese It upsets his family to the point where they part ways with him After he has a grandson, he gives up the cheese and is happily reunited with his family It s aimed at very young readers My three year old would be a target audience, for instance However, I don t intend to introduce this book into his rotation Plenty of better children s material out there.