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!Free Pdf ♊ White Mischief ♶ The Riveting True Story Of Decadence, Deception, And Murder Among British Aristocrats In Colonial KenyaIn , With London Burning In The Blitz, A Group Of Hedonistic English Nobles Partied Shamelessly In Kenya Far Removed From Falling Bombs, The Wealthy Elites Of Happy Valley Indulged In Morphine, Alcohol, And Unrestricted Sex, Often With Their Friends Spouses But The Party Turned Sinister In The Early Hours Of A January Morning For Josslyn Hay, Lord Erroll, Who Had Been Enjoying The Favors Of The Beautiful Young Wife Of A Middle Aged Neighbor Hay Was Found Dead, A Bullet In His Brain The Murder Shocked The Close Knit Community Of Wealthy Expatriates In Nairobi And Shined A Harsh Light On Their Louche LifestyleThree Decades Later, Author James Fox Researched The Slaying Of Lord Erroll, An Unsolved Crime Still Sheathed In A Thick Cloud Of Rumor And Innuendo What He Discovered Was Both Unsettling And Luridly Compelling White Mischief Is A Spellbinding True Crime Classic, A Tale Of Privileged Excess And The Wages Of Sin, And An Account Of One Writer S Determined Effort To Crack A Cold And Craven Killing Disclaimer ARC provided by the publisher Open Road Media via Netgalley in exchange for a fair review Thank you One of my all time favorite television shows is Heat of the Sun which was shown in the United States as part of Mystery now Masterpiece Mystery It starred Trevor Eve as a London policeman who was re assigned to Kenya in between wars He clashed not only with his superior but also with the upper crust Luckily for him, he had a good Sergeant who was a dead shot, and a pilot who was also his romantic interest In short, the three stars were great It s why I requested this book when it popped on Netgalley The first episode of Heat of the Sun seems to draw on this murder White Mischief is a two part story The first concerns that of Jossyln Hay, Lord Erroll and his murder This part covers the trial of the man accused of the murder as well as Kenya at the time The second part is Fox chronicling his investigation into the case, an investigation done with Cyril Connolly, for newspaper magazine investigative journalism piece The first half of the book is the strongest Hay was a womanizer, and Kenya s Happy Valley set was decedent Think soap opera Think Downton Abbey with panting, drugs, and liquor And lions This part is told as straight forward narrative Part of the charm is the drop in guest stars Karen Blixen appears than once, Beryl Markham and others make appearances Fox does his best to make Erroll if not likable at least acceptable as a human being The reporting tone allows for distant and the story is compelling, most because the people are truly characters There is the woman with the pet lion, the feather game, and the social clubs Did you know that mayor of Nairobi was a woman at this time Neither did I And wait until you hear about the woman who tried a murder suicide It isn t all gossip mongering It isn t gossip mongering at all What Fox is doing is setting the stage, allowing the reader to see the people, the characters, for who they really were, or at least seemed to be This is necessary because the second part of the book depends on these character studies and gossip stories The second part is weaker in part because of the discussion of the investigation doesn t necessary take place in a strict narrative order There is a bit of jumping around and at times there are digressions Some of these digressions are interesting, some not so much One of the most interesting is the appearance of Antonia Fraser and her comments about the case The writing style also changes slightly It is less engrossing, laid back There also is a bit too much hero worship of Connolly, though considering Connolly s reputation perhaps this is understandable What Fox does very well in this section almost better than proving his thesis of whom the murder was is make Connolly sound like a man I wish I could meet Fox s proving of his thesis is well done and logical Recommended for those interest in murder mysteries, true crime, literature, and In the Heat of the Sun.Crossposted at Booklikes. Probably the most elegantly written non fiction crime account I ve read so far Whom killed Earl of Errol Jocelyn Hey in January 1941 I don t know but I d sure like to know who the fuck did it Charles Rocket. Rich people seem to fall in love a lot in the twentieth century Can you imagine having sex with quite so many of your friends Weird.But White Mischief is far too long Essentially, there s no mystery at all The whole thing is a waste of everyone s time.I liked the term public schooliganism , however.Oh I forgot to say they think they re so posh but they re just so Jeremy Kyle Gwladys, second wife of Lord Delamere, speaks against Sir Jock Delves Broughton at his trial for the murder of his second wife s boyfriend and Gwladys s step son goes on to become this wife s fourth husband My current mother in law tried to get my second husband imprisoned for the murder of my boyfriend. I was going to give it 3 stars for all that this book dragged and dragged giving details about people so awful it was impossible to care much about them So many of them were sadistic, superior, classist, racist, sexist, selfish and not particularly intelligent Perhaps virtue is not very interesting but it s absence is even less so, especially without any critique The almost objective voice of the author telling us dry facts almost put me to sleep and I like detective novels.But it was thorough and I appreciated a glimpse that I thought showed me similar masculinities to ones I am finding in modern boys schools websites albeit packaged differently I felt I was getting an idea of what I was grappling with the end though After one completely selfish sadist murders another because both wish to objectify the same drearily beautiful woman we are finally after 288 pages examining characters and motives and to me showing that privilege and selfishness of both murderer and murderee were to blame finally told that in the end Africa was to blame er.what How was the continent to blame For being there to be colonised For being forced to receive into itself the dregs of British privilege people seemed to be semi exiled there if they were too rich to be punished but embarrassingly awful I found such a conclusion unforgivable, had the author not been watching his own discoveries about characters Had he in some unaccountable way fallen in love with them They were Gadsbyish if you take all the writing out of Gadsby and get a journalist to long windedly present everything anyone ever said I mean if Gadsby wasn t fiction but everyone was sort of like Tom and Daisy except even tedious and Gadsby was less tragic and cruel I tried to like it I didAt least the women were portrayed as characters I suppose.Anywaywon t be looking for like this one It was such a slow read for me because after the beginning it really wasn t very gripping Surprisingly after the murder the pace slowed down to almost nothing and a lot of repetitions.Whodunnit Wellto me noone was completely innocent though I felt empathy for the child. Of course, if it hadn t been for James Fox I might not have known anything about the Lord Erroll murder of January 1940 in Happy Valley, Kenya First I read the article some years ago in Vanity Fair Then there was the movie And then, again, some years ago I picked up this book Of course, it did take around 8 years for me to get around to reading it Even at that, I had to be nudged by a GR reading group But I think it was worth the effort.This book was social than anything else Cyril Connolly was the one the real bug about Lord Erroll and Fox appears to have gone along for the ride.I had recently finished Frances Osborne s book about her great grandmother, Idina Sackville, The Bolter Edwardian Heartbreak and High Society Scandal in Kenya Guess I also wasn t quite ready to leave Happy Valley.The eternal triangle Diana Caldwell involved in than one triangle , Sir Jock Delves Broughton and Josslyn Hay, 22nd Earl of Erroll Jock and Diana had been married a couple of months when she fell over Joss everyone fell for Joss and decided she would hold him to a marriage pact and demand an out Jock not too pleased about that and not long after Joss is murdered in his car after dropping Diana off Everything seems to point to Jock, who allegedly took a sleeping pill that night, is alibied by June Carberry But questions remain Everybody, even 40 years later, is scared to talk. Another schadenfreude filled book of the trashy English colonialists that polluted Kenya s Happy Valley a hundred years ago My daughter gave my The Bolter which i loved and this contemporaneous story does a fine job illustrating how they lived, thought, and carelessly destroyed everything everybody they came in contact with A true life murder mystery with almost unbelievable characters Huzzah Mau Mau I can t recall media covering this prolonged mystery of who killed Lord Erroll but thought it could be interesting read The book is a collection of tidbits, recollections, interviews, suppositions following up gossip. All English country house mysteries are really set in Kenya between WWI WWII It is exactly that bonkers hot house atmosphere where no affectation is too extreme, no level of snobbery too great Everybody knows everybody else life revolves around the club servants are silent and self effacing and know better to have opinions about anything There s a sort of uncanny valley in reading about the murder of Josslyn Hay, Earl of Erroll and High Constable of Scotland, where I kept getting yanked up short by, No, the author COULDN T have done a better job with this character, because he was a real person and his unsatisfactoriness is historical It all seems so artificial and implausible but the artifice is created, not by an author, but by the characters themselves It doesn t help that I kept thinking of Sheri S Tepper s brilliant Grass, either The book has one of my favorite structures an investigator many years later trying to hunt down the truth about a murder, teasing bits of it out of surviving witnesses, tracking down leads in documents, experiencing horripilating moments of serendipity Fox s narrative is even a matryoshka doll of investigations, because in 1982 he s re investigating the work he did with Cyril Connolly in investigating, in 1969, a murder that took place in 1941 I don t think he s quite good enough as a writer to pull the thing off as the tour de force it ought to be, so the characters stay rather jumbled and it s hard to pick out where the moments of epiphany should hit like blows Even the one at the end, when Fox discovers that the witness who knows who murdered Erroll was someone Connolly talked to in 1969 and just didn t push quite hard enough, he mutes a little, mumbles a little Form mirrors content Fox seems determined to maintain an atmosphere of well bred reticence even when he s dragging ugly festering truth out into the light of day and even when it s brutally apparent that there was nothing well bred about the behavior of the victim, the murderer, or any of the suspects.Fascinating, even if not 100% successful. Truth is stranger than fiction The who done it element of the book is, as ever, interesting, but the glimpse into the lives of ex pat English aristocrats behaving badly in pre WWII Kenya is truly extraordinary If it was made up, you wouldn t believe it These folks make us ordinary eccentrics look like pikers.