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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I found this book by author Keith Temple Trotter to be inspiring, motivating, and encouraging As someone who has struggled with weight loss and issues my whole life, I could totally identify with the author s thoughts and process This book isn t preachy , as some books tend to be trying to motivate you to lose weight Instead, the author subtly shares his experiences, and you can easily see that losing the weight CAN be done I take my hat off to the author for sharing, coaching, and allowing us, the readers, a personal glimpse into his life It s not an easy thing to lose the weight, but he gives you encouragement that it can be done I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs motivation and encouragement to lose weight and get healthy Reviewer, J.N for It s The Write Stuff This went up to 33 steps, so I feel like I m missing somethingEither way, it provided me with some food for thought pun intended , and I will be excited to implement these steps on my weight loss journey If only I wasn t so chicken to startI feel like it s truth time, but I definitely think too much about it, which in turn paralyzes me Gotta get with it (Read Book) » 100 Small Steps ¹ Through Trial And Error, Tears And Triumph, Keith Temple Trotter Has Lost OverPounds And Kept It Off For Close To Three YearsSmall Steps Tells His Personal Story From The Vantage Point Of His Private Journal Notes As People Began To Notice Temple S Transformation, He Wrote Down The Steps That Made Sense And Worked For Him So As To Be A Catalyst For Them Temple Freely And Openly Shares His Pain And Triumph His Amazing Story Has Been Featured On CNN And His Blog Has Been Read By Viewers In OverCountries