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!Free Kindle ☩ The Man Who Saved the World ♫ E Phillips Oppenheim Was One Of The Greatest Writers Of Spy Fiction, Known In His Time As The Prince Of Storytellers To Launch Their Spy Classics Series, The British Library Is Proud To Introduce Oppenheim And His Classic Work To A New Reading Public The Spy Paramount Takes Us To Rome, American Martin Fawley, A Former Secret Service Agent, Is Recruited As A Spy By General Berati, The Most Feared Man In Fascist Italy Going Undercover To Monte Carlo, Fawley Travels In A World Of Casinos And Cocktails, High Stakes And Secrecy And Discovers The Secret Weapon That Could Determine The Outcome Of The Looming World War Martin Fawley can easily be seen as an early precursor to James Bond Debonair, quick witted, and unashamedly a spy He is definitely a professional.Readers should remember this book was originally published before the onset of WWII and is set against the volatile political backdrop of 1930s Europe I had some initial misgivings as Fawley is employed by the Italian government, but I put them aside The Spy Paramount is political but apolitical I say that because politics play an important role, but the details of what the different groups stand for does not I was glad I set aside my prejudices because The Spy Paramount is truly a good story While there is no Bond villain there is plenty of action and intrigue, as well as a beautiful and compelling love interest who has dangerous connections The Spy Paramount has the charm of a Sean Connery film without quite so many deaths or explosions It is lighter fare than the spy novels currently in vogue, but nonetheless remains appealing despite its age.4 5I received a copy of The Spy Paramount from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review Crittermom A wonderful old fashioned spy story set in the 1930 s.It would be great if authors would go back to writing this type of story without all the extraneous, to my mind unnecessary fillers that abound in some stories Think Ian Flemming without hi tech and CGI Yet another British Library Classic, read it.Very highly recommended.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Poisoned Pen Press via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review. Started out well Thought it was in the style and time period of Her Royal Spyness but veered into the realm of scifi by the time I finished. An espionage thriller in which Martin Fawley, a retired major in the US army, takes on some independent information gathering work for the Italians in the mid 1930s He travels to Rome, Paris, Berlin, and London, collecting useful knowledge, not so much for any country, but rather in the name of world peace He has been through war once and doesn t want it to happen again There are beautiful women, balls, attempted assassinations, fantastically destructive weapons, and lots of other skullduggery The novel is like an early James Bond, but rather tedious. These notes were made in 1981 Source Robarts Finished June 17 81 Oppenheim is always good for a light read his heroes in this case, a super spy, freelancing in the interests of world peace are variations on the strong, silent type who falls at last and therefore very heavily in love The plot of this one is, alas, a trifle too idealistic world peace forever, tho achieved by exciting and somewhat dubious means for modern cynical tastes The fact that the whole thing is set in Germany Italy France is especially ironic note the 1935 publication date , particularly since there is a character who might well be an early stages Hitler A piece of pre war wishful thinking, then, but rather a good yarn, all the same. Rather old fashioned in writing style, as such it is rather difficult to read However it is very interesting as social context, plus its obvious how much influence Fawley must have had on the gentleman spy genre Also I can imagine the Italy France German politics was very close to the bone at the time NB I can t find Martin as a name sexy or rugged A fun, quick read Our main character is full of stereotypes Strong, handsome, smart, the perfect spy One can imagine Flemming reading these as a child and later borrowing the archetype for Bond. Speravo di trovarmi tra le mani un buon romanzo storico a base di spionaggio e invece questo libro un guazzabuglio di incredibili sciocchezze, che dimostra come la fantasia non supportata da una minima base di ricerca storica non serva a niente, che vivere a ridosso dei fatti che si intende romanzare non aiuta, se questi fatti non li si conosce e che cercare di prendere a protagonista un superuomo non serva ad altro che a rendere noiosa la narrazione.Cos tra un Italia, una Francia e una Germania uscite dritte dritte da un operetta, armi di distruzione di massa degne di Jules Verne e una protagonista femminile che sembra affetta da schizofrenia acuta, il romanzo si trascina stancamente verso la fine, e lo si legge solo sperando in un colpo d ala dell ultimo momento, che, purtroppo, non arriva.Due stelline perch la copertina molto bella.Ringrazio British Library e Netgalley per avermi fornito una copia gratuita in cambio di una recensione onesta.I was hoping to have in my hands a good historical spy tale and instead this book is a bang of incredible nonsense, that shows how the fantasy unsupported by a minimum of historical research does not serve anything, to live close to the facts intended to fiction does not help, if these facts are not known to you and that trying to take a superhuman as a protagonist can only make the narration boring.So, between a Italy, a France and a Germany straight out of a operetta, weapons of mass destruction worthy of Jules Verne and a female protagonist who seems to be suffering from acute schizophrenia, the novel drags wearily towards the end, and you read it just hoping for a last minute stroke, which, unfortunately, does not arrive.Two stars because the cover is very beautiful.I thank British Library and Netgalley for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review. A somewhat pacifist spy novel that taps into the Zeitgeist of early to mid 1930s Europe and delivers a fun thriller A lesser known to modern readers than his contemporary Eric Ambler, but it is obvious he was influential to the spy fiction of Ian Fleming and other post war espionage novelists.