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This book is essentially a critique of the precautionary principle Wildvasky argues that society should apply a trial and error approach to safety Rather than attempting to eliminate all risks, it should be willing to try new approachs that have some associated risks, in order to reap the potential benefits that may ultimately lead to improved safety overall. {DOWNLOAD E-PUB} ⚠ Searching for Safety ì Nuclear Power Plants, New Vaccines And Drugs, Pesticides Designed To Improve Agricultural Production, And A Plethora Of Other Technological Advances Hold Great Promise Of Improving The Quality Of Human Life, But Also Pose Great Risks To Human Well Being Protecting Ourselves Against The Risks Associated With These Modern Technologies Has Emerged As A Major Public Concern Throughout The Industrialized WorldSearching For Safety Is Unique In Its Exposition Of A Theory That Explains How And Why Risk Taking Makes Life Safer It Also Exposes The High Risk In Backwardness, Whether It Is A Result Of Policy Or Inadvertent The Book Covers A Wide Range, Including How The Human Body, As Well As Plants, Animals, And Insects, Cope With Danger Wildavsky Addresses The Master Dilemma Head On, Asking Whether Piling On Safety Measures Actually Improves Safety While He Agrees That Society Should Sometimes Try To Prevent Large Harms From Occurring, He Explains Why Such Anticipatory Measures Are Usually Inferior To A Strategy Of Resilience Learning From Error How To Bounce Back In Better Shape His Purpose Is To Shift The Risk Debate From Passive Prevention Of Harm To Active Search For SafetyWritten For The Intelligent Layman, The Book Will Be Of Special Interest To Individuals Concerned With Risk, Technology, Health, Safety, Environmental Protection, Regulation, And Analysis Of Systems For Making Decisions