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!Download Book ⚇ The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War ♷ When The Vast Wartime Factories Of The Manhattan Project Began Producing Plutonium In Quantities Never Before Seen On Earth, Scientists Working On The Top Secret Bomb Building Program Grew Apprehensive Fearful That Plutonium Might Cause A Cancer Epidemic Among Workers And Desperate To Learn About What It Could Do To The Human Body, The Manhattan Project S Medical Doctors Embarked Upon An Experiment In Which Eighteen Unsuspecting Patients In Hospital Wards Throughout The Country Were Secretly Injected With The Cancer Causing Substance Most Of These Patients Would Go To Their Graves Without Ever Knowing What Had Been Done To ThemNow, In The Plutonium Files, Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter Eileen Welsome Reveals For The First Time The Breadth Of The Extraordinary Fifty Year Cover Up Surrounding The Plutonium Injections, As Well As The Deceitful Nature Of Thousands Of Other Experiments Conducted On American Citizens In The Postwar Years Welsome S Remarkable Investigation Spans The S To The S And Draws Upon Hundreds Of Newly Declassified Documents And Other Primary Sources To Disclose This Shadowy Chapter In American History She Gives A Voice To Such Innocents As Helen Hutchison, A Young Woman Who Entered A Prenatal Clinic In Nashville For A Routine Checkup And Was Instead Given A Radioactive Cocktail To Drink Gordon Shattuck, One Of Several Boys At A State School For The Developmentally Disabled In Massachusetts Who Was Fed Radioactive Oatmeal For Breakfast And Maude Jacobs, A Cincinnati Woman Suffering From Cancer And Subjected To An Experimental Radiation Treatment Designed To Help Military Planners Learn How To Win A Nuclear War Welsome Also Tells The Stories Of The Scientists Themselves, Many Of Whom Learned The Ways Of Secrecy On The Manhattan Project Among Them Are Stafford Warren, A Grand Figure Whose Bravado Masked A Cunning Intelligence Joseph Hamilton, Who Felt He Was Immune To The Dangers Of Radiation Only To Suffer Later From A Fatal Leukemia And Physician Louis Hempelmann, One Of The Most Enthusiastic Supporters Of The Plan To Inject Humans With Potentially Carcinogenic Doses Of Plutonium Hidden Discussions Of Fifty Years Past Are Reconstructed Here, Wherein Trusted Government Officials Debated The Ethical And Legal Implications Of The Experiments, Demolishing Forever The Argument That These Studies Took Place In A Less Enlightened Era Powered By Her Groundbreaking Reportage And Singular Narrative Gifts, Eileen Welsome Has Created A Work Of Profound Humanity As Well As Major Historical Significance From The Hardcover Edition Outstanding book on a subject that will make you uncomfortable, make you very angry, and make you question authority, especially if it s the federal government So well written factually and a tribute to those who were victims I will never forget this book. The Plutonium Files by Eileen Welsome garnered her a Pulitzer Prize for its writing This is a part of our country s history that so many people know very little about yet it continues to impact us today This book should be required reading by any Civics or history class studying the second world war and the Cold War The interestingly applied approach to ethics during this time in history, which resulted in thousands of unsuspecting American citizens being injected with Plutonium, Uranium, and radionuclides without their knowledge or consent, leaves room for one to speculate about transparency at every level within the nuclear complex, and various decisions that have been made throughout the decades to push reactors beyond their prescribed levels, and to dispose of waste with such reckless disregard for human exposure and or safety for the short and long term The Plutonium Files puts a face on every human radiation experiment which was declassified by President Clinton in the mid 1990 s as he formed the Radiation Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments Despite the importance of this event, our country was too busy watching OJ Simpson s speeding bronco to pay attention and educate themselves about the decades of human experimentation on U.S citizens If that isn t a wake up call in and of itself as to what we consider news and what we should be paying attention to verses what we ARE paying attention to, I don t know what is This book is GREAT reading, very well written, and very educational. This book was an incredibly disturbing account of classified experiments associated with the Manhattan project Many of the experiments were performed on patients without their consent or knowledge However disturbing, it s an important read for those interested in history, ethics, and medicine. OMG it s a long read with a lot of information that seems to get redundant, but the topic is interesting. Documents excellent grounds on which to be suspicious of both the US government and the US scientific establishment. Required reading Take away, for one thing, that the nuclear program and its prolific exploding of warheads has tainted millions of human beingswhich is not to say we have all been exposed to deadly levels, but that the excuse and the representation were the tests were necessary thus our government chose to mark us all down as assuming the risks for security s sake But this became a begged question, under a shroud of secrecy that allowed any experiment or test to be green lighted, for national security Then all of the experiment s mechanisms could be hidden Take away, for a second thing, that the doctors who oversaw human experimentation often spoke quite unselfconsciously in terms that made their hierarchical beliefs apparent that they thought some people had fewer natural rights than others that they could conceive of sacrificing, by dictat, unwitting participants for the cause Take away, for a third thing, that we will find ourselves here again If Americans are not vigiliant, we will see nuclear testing, of the representation that somehow the data obtained from victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki from soldiers, and sailors, and pilots ordered to clean up and to participate in exercises and from victims of the many accidents the experiments, tests, and production of nuclear weapons and their components engendered, is not enoughthat further testing is needed For security. Very comprehensive book about the secretive testing of the atomic ageThis is a very compelling and complete book regarding some of the secret experiments that went on during the early days of the atomic age Unconscionable testing on patients, healthy subjects, the poor, military pilots, sailors, soldiers, healthy subjects, pregnant women, animals, children, orphans, mentally incapacitated, local residents, prisoners, cancer patients and patients suffering from various diseases, without their consent and some without their knowledge Scientists and physicians ignored the moral imperatives of the Nuremberg code and the ethical implications of their actions In fact, in some ways, all of us living on the planet during the nuclear environmental tests and still todaywe may all be paying the price of radiation that has swept the globe and still exists today Scientists playing god, risking all our futures for their own selfish interests in the ploy of knowledge and national security. First and foremost, this book is LONG, so don t attempt it unless you have the time to dedicate to it I was debating if Welsome could cut any of the background on the Manhattan Project, Los Alamos, the Japanese bombings, etc but after much reflection I ve concluded she probably cut as much as she probably could without losing the narrative for the uninitiated Of course, if you re already well versed in the historical background, much of it will be repetitive, but in the context of human experimentation the threads tie together very interestingly Other reviewers found the massive cast of characters hard to manage, but again, if you ve ever read anything about the Manhattan Project, you ve dealt with this problem as there were numerous scientists involved in every aspect So, if you can handle the long, complicated, and cast saturated narrative, this book is VERY compelling Extremely depressing at times, but a significant portion of American history that NEEDS to be shared in order to prevent it from happening again Speaking of which, never trust a terminal diagnosis without a second opinion, preferably from a non government funded doctor. This book is essential reading Welsome has written a thoroughly researched book documenting the complex array of criminal research projects supported by the US government after World War II Thousands of people cancer patients, reform school children, military personnel, the poor, the uneducated, the vulnerable were deliberately exposed to plutonium, uranium, and other radioactive materials in the name of science and national security There were times when I found myself turning away in anger and disgust at the callousness of the researchers Welsome documents who approved and carried out the experiments as well as the rationales that guided them Most importantly, she names and humanizes the victims, giving voice to them and their families Note, this book contains many disturbing descriptions of the effects of radiation caused illnesses.