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~READ E-PUB ♋ Maniilaq ⚒ InThe Elders Of The Northwest Arctic Met To Preserve Their Oral Histories By Sharing Stories And Legends Of Their Greatest Prophet, Maniilaq Their Inspirational Remembrances Reveal The Amazing Life Of The Th Century Inupiat Leader Whose Vision And Influence Enlightened His People And Prepared Them For Change Before His Mysterious DisappearanceTruth Has A Universal Audience, Regardless Of Its Medium Or Messenger Maniilaq, Prophet From The Edge Of Nowhere, Is The Story Of One Such Messenger This Inupiat Revolutionary Is A Legend, Not Only For His Courageous Stand Against The Manipulation Of The Shamans And His Mysterious Disappearance In The North Arctic, But For His Visionary Prophecies Of Impending Change, Prophecies Whose Fulfillment We See Clearly A Hundred And Fifty Years Later His Words And Actions Handed Down Through Oral Tradition Offer Wisdom And Inspiration For All Seekers Of TruthOf This Fascinating History, Betty J Eadie Says This Book Reminds Us Of The Loving Presence Of The Creator, And Serves As A Record Of The Oral Tradition Native Cultures Have Long Used To Share One With Another Part Of The Beauty Of Creation Is Its Diversity How Natural It Is Then That To Our World S Many Rich And Varied Cultures, God Would Send Unique Messengers Who Could Teach And Inspire Truth In Ways Those People Are Prepared To Receive It Maniilaq Is One Such Messenger, And The Inupiaq People Are One Such People As I Read Maniilaq, Prophet From The Edge Of Nowhere I Was Touched With A Deep Sense Of Admiration For This Man Who Remained True To The Prompting Of The Grandfather, And Shared Openly But Firmly The Knowledge With Which He Had Been Gifted It Is A Tribute To His Irrepressible Spirit And The Goodness Of God That His Memory Lives Vibrantly Today His Is A Story And Example That Will Profit Others To Read And Study Let The Life Of This Great Man Cause You To Reflect, And Then Cause You To Act