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^BOOK ↟ After the Ice ⇹ We All Now Know That The Arctic Is The Canary In The Coal Mine Of Climate Change, But That Is Only Part Of The Story As Alun Anderson Reveals In This Fascinating Book, The Melting Snow And Ice Are Now Giving Way To A Much Bigger Story Of Battles Over Vast Deposits Of Gas, Oil And Minerals, Arguments Over Control Of New Sea Lanes And Disputes Over Access To Huge New, Untapped Fisheries In Rich, Warming Seas The Arctic Has Become A New Frontier, Where The Future Wealth And Power Of Northern Nations Including Britain Is Being Fought Out Today From The Titanium Russian Flag That Now Sits On The Sea Bed Beneath The North Pole To Disagreements Over Where Greenland Starts And Ends, This Is A Topic That Is Only Going To Become Important This Compelling Book Reveals The Full Story Of What Is Happening Today In This Most Important Of Regions And What Needs To Be Done To Preserve It For All Humanity But Also Shows How The Arctic Will Have Its Own Revenge If We Re Unable To Find A Solution Now