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Das Ende ist nicht wirklich berraschend, aber ist halt doch das Highlight irgendwie Hat ein paar klassische Zitate Die Frau von Geist kann ihre Pflicht vergessen Doch weiss sie wenigstens, warum sie s tut Die Dummheit berliefert sich der S nde, Nicht, ahnend, was sie will und was sie wagt Statt sich zu gr men, sei n Sie doch erfreut Das Schicksal meint s mit ihnen gn dig Wenn man sich so vorm H rnerertragen scheut, Dann gibt s nur einen Rat man bleibe ledig darunter, aber mehrheitlich ist das Theaterst ck schon sehr repetitiv Eindeutig kein neuer Liebling von Moli re. Four years in studying French and the French culture, yet I still cannot understand how they possibly can make such meaningless and boring books and plays And even movies Moliere, I feel, had something he wanted to say but did not know how to say it Or had nothing at all on his mind, so he made his thoughts up as he wrote It is such a shame that writers in his time were worried about the sound, the cohesion, and the public acceptance of their works than the reason for writing something His work is like a mute song you can hear the melody but it cannot say anything for the life of it. We love Moli re for his flair and wit And laugh out loud while the rest just sit I saw L Ecole des Femmes performed at the Com die Fran aise in Paris two weeks ago in the company of a little group of women friends It was a hugely enjoyable experience for many reasons but mainly because we found the play so funny, laughing frequently than the other patrons of the theatre who seemed to be a very sober lot indeed It helped that we d all looked over the play recently I had read half of it, hoping to keep a little of the suspense intact and so we were able to follow the dialogue easily and knew where the funny bits were But I think we laughed as much at the wonderfully dramatic performances of the actors as at the lines themselves All the performers were engaging but the actor who played the main character, Arnolphe, and who is on stage practically the entire time, was superb Objectively viewed, the character of Arnolphe lurches between ridiculously comic and morally reprehensible but the actor who played him managed to engage our sympathy for his predicament in spite of our better judgement I finished reading the play today and was surprised to see that the ending of the original was slightly different to the staged version I had applauded Moli re s foresight and wisdom in granting the main female character, Agn s, a say in her own destiny in the final scene of the play However, I was a little previous with my applause It would seem that the director, Jacques Lassalle created a slightly nuanced ending while the original ending is in keeping with the times Agn s s destiny is decided entirely by the men in her family Moli re did give Agn s some great lines though, words which shine with perfect simplicity and truth but which are subtly clever as well Horace J en suis assez press par ma flame auseAgnes Quand je ne vous vois point, je ne suis point joyeuseHorace Hors de votre pr sence, on me voit triste aussiAgnes H las s il tait vrai, vous resteriez iciAgn s learns some harsh lessons at the Ecole des Femmes but she manages to turn them to her advantage often than not For a character created in 1662, she sometimes sounds surprisingly modern Bravo, Moli re. After reading this, it comes as a surprise that people in 17th century France did not conduct all their business in alexandrine rhyming couplets, it all seems to come so natural, like.Moli re, je t adore All rights reserved this is one of my own photos from a recent trek round Paris Truly a trek, on foot In silly shoes I am still paying the price. Beni okurken Moliere kadar g ld ren bir oyun yazar yok san r m Bu kitab n da y z mde g l mseme ile okudum Kad nlar konusunda baz yarg lar n kabul etmem elbette m mk n de il ancak d nem itibariyle anlayabiliyorum diyelim Yine de dedi im gibi ok e lendim Yak n bir zamanda sahnede de bir Moliere oyununa denk gelebilmem dile iyle This rhyming play with wicked humor explores the double dealings and double standards of Arnolphe, an insecure man who contrives to show the world how to rig an infallible alliance by marrying his young ward, Agn s Arnolphe is obsessed with the fear of being made a cuckold so he has raised Agn s for 13 years in hopes to mold her to his liking Enter young Horace and what could go wrong wink wink I didn t expect this to be so funny I listened to a wonderfully done dramatic reading, heard on librivox.org Is namad m ben Moliere e, belki de Shakespeare in laneti bilemiyorum Basit buldum G zel ba l yor oyunlar, tempolu, keyifli, insan bir merak ediyor neler olacak ama o l de hayal k r kl ile tamamlan yor Beklentim mi fazla acaba Oyuna dair unu diyebilirim Arnolphe, senin i in ok yumu ak bir son bu ya, ci erim hala s cak Moliere in tarz bu demek ki r mcek kafal manyak seni tespit, tespit kesinlikle hakaret yok Moliere tecr bem Kibarl k Budalas ve bu kitapla s n rl Belki di er eserleriyle de i ebilir kan m ama yak n gelecekte okuyaca m sanm yorum Ben gidip bir iki doz Shakespeare alay m da a z m n tad yerine gelsin L cole des femmes The School For Wives, MoliereThe School for Wives is a theatrical comedy written by the seventeenth century French playwright Moli re, and considered by some critics, to be one of his finest achievements It was first staged at the Palais Royal theatre, on 26 December 1662, for the brother of the King The play depicts a character, who is so intimidated by femininity that he resolves to marry his young, na ve ward and proceeds to make clumsy advances to this purpose Arnolphe, the main protagonist, is a man of 42 years who has groomed the young Agn s since the age of 4 Arnolphe supports Agn s living in a nunnery until the age of 17, when he moves her to one of his abodes, which he keeps under the name of Monsieur de la Souche Arnolphe s intention is to bring up Agn s in such a manner that she will be too ignorant to be unfaithful to him and he becomes obsessed with avoiding this fate To this end, he forbids the nuns who are instructing her from teaching her anything that might lead her astray Right from the very first scene, Chrysalde warns Arnolphe of his downfall, but Arnolphe takes no heed 2014 1391 82 9789648990645 17 1662. `Download Pdf ☊ L'École des femmes ☋ L Cole Des Femmes Est Une Com Die En Cinq Actes Et En VersLa Com Die De Moli ReL Cole Des Femmes I Est Consid R Par Les Critiques Pour Tre Parmi Ses Plus Beaux Travaux L Histoire D Un Homme Qui Est Tellement Obs D Par L Infid Lit F Minine Qu Il Projette D Pouser Sa Jeune Pupille Na Ve, Qu Il A Form Pour Tre La Femme Parfaite, Est Un Exemple Classique Du Style Comique De Moli Re