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@Free Epub ¾ The Duchess of Vidal á SECRET PASTSWhen There Is No Room At The Inn, Dominique Forrest Reluctantly Accepts Help From A Mysterious Stranger But When A Terrible Storm Forces Them To Spend The Night Together In An Abandoned Cottage Ruining Her Reputation And Chance For A New Life Dominique Soon Finds Herself Marrying The Honorbound Gentleman Ah, But This Dutiful Young Man Turns Out To Be The Notorious Duke Of Vidal, An Arrogant Rakehell And Dominique Is No Blushing Bride She Rides Like The Devil And Fences With Both Sword And Brilliant Wit Can This Marriage Of Convenience Survive The Shock 3.25 stars Rounding up for fans of G.Heyer.Dawn Lindsey began her writing career after G.Heyer s death by getting her Heyer based fan fiction published.In this story, she apparently wrote all the important bits including characters names from These Old Shades Devil s Cub on index cards, tossed the cards into the air, gathered them back into a pile, shuffled them once again, for good measure, and then commenced writing a story.Am I harsh A bit Did I mind Well, I wondered how she got away with it Did it work Er yes, it rather did Surprisingly.I am actually very fond of this book It s written in a voice perspective that is too juvenile for me now, but I have re read it over the years and it remains somewhere between a curiosity and a comfort read for me.P.S Dawn Lindsey continued writing Heyer rip offs homages for several books I read most of them, tho I don t remember them There is one for which I have been searching for years and I d appreciate help locating It was a revisit of Sylvester, only instead of Sparrow , the hero nicknames the heroine after a different bird Robin , perhaps Have you read it What s the title I ve been haunting used bookstores for years to find it Thank you in advance for your help ETA Goodreads answered Daughter of Fortune Which I was sure was the title, but the story apparently isn t Sylvester, only the Sparrow nickname is used, so when I saw it in paperback I was confused by the synopsis.