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(((FREE PDF))) ☜ Made-to-order Lean: Excelling in a High-Mix, Low-Volume Environment ↶ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

This book does not present the true reasoning for the lean tools and the continuous improvement method It is scatter brained and tells the reader to go after actions for various reasons but rarely for the correct one it gets you to your goals and targets It was an easy read and gave some quick examples for lean tools, but I didn t feel like it gave me the broad mentality and methodology or the detailed understanding of how to use the tools I feel like I am now or less aware that tools exist most of which I already knew about and what they may look like on paper but am no closer to true implementation methods. (((FREE PDF))) ↴ Made-to-order Lean: Excelling in a High-Mix, Low-Volume Environment ↶ Toyota Production System Methods Have Rendered Remarkable Results In High Volume Manufacturing Plants, But They Have Not Been Fully Understood And Correctly Applied In High Mix, Low Volume Environments While Lean Principles Do Apply, The Implementation Methods And Tools Must Be Adapted And Alternate Methods Embraced In A Low Volume Environment This Volume Is Specifically Geared For Manufacturers That Have Hundreds To Thousands Of Active Part Numbers With Few Or No Ongoing Forecasted Volumes, And For Job Shops That Build Only To Order The Primary Focus Is Eliminating Non Value Added Activities And Instituting Improvements On The Most Repetitive Jobs, A Strategy That Gives You Time To Produce Your Low Volume Work Or One Offs About The Author Greg Lane Is A Faculty Member Of The Lean Enterprise Institute And An Advisor To The Instituto De Lean Management In Spain During His Time With Toyota, He Was One Of A Handful Of Candidates Selected For A One Year Training Program Conducted By The Company S Masters He Became Certified As A Toyota Production System TPS Key Person And Continued His Work With Toyota, Training Others In TPSHe Has Been Highly Active In Working On Implementing Lean Around The World, Supporting Large And Small Companies Alike In , He Began To Focus His Lean Endeavors On Meeting The Specific Needs Of High Mix, Low Volume Enterprises During His Time As An Independent Consultant, Greg Purchased And Operated His Own Manufacturing Company, Which Specialized In Fast Turnaround On High Mix, Low Volume Parts Greg Used TPS To Grow The Business And Nearly Double Its SalesGreg And His Associates Have Experience Not Only At Adapting The Methods Contained In This Book, But Also In Applying Other Tools That Are Too Numerous To Detail Here They Can Be Reached For Further Support With Your Lean Transformation Via Email Glane Lowvolumelean