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Great book to prepare to a PM interview A lot of exercises with answers and helps to prepare on questions about yourself. Excellent book for all PMs who are preparing themselves for an interview OR for interviewers preparing questions for potential candidates.Good points are showing some good and bad examples of answers. @Free ë Decode and Conquer ⚼ Decode And Conquer Is The World S First Book Focused Exclusively On Product Management PM Interview Preparation The Author Gives An Industry Insider S Perspective On How To Conquer The Most Difficult PM Interview Questions Decode And Conquer Will Reveal Frameworks For Tackling Product Design And Metrics Questions, Including The CIRCLES Method , AARM Method , And DIGS Method Biggest Mistakes PM Candidates Make At The Interview Decode What Interviewers Are Looking For, Why They Re Looking For It, And How To Deliver It Answers To The Most Important PM Interview Questions It took my a long time to finally read it through Although it offers some insights that are useful for day to day PM job I think it doesn t have enough consistency, some examples and practice questions answers are a bit forced and it doesn t offer enough guidance on what would be a really great answer to the questions. Didn t meet my expectation Full of made up non compelling techniques claiming he s inventing them with a silly mark.It just helped brainstorming ideas for a few questions.I d rather recommend Cracking the PM Interview which is really excellent and comprehensive. Not that useful tbh because it gives too many examples of bad interviews I get that it s important to know what not to do, but there are way too many bad interviews I want examples of good interviews Because of this book, I was able to successfully transition from engineering to product management in the Bay Area This Cracking the PM Interview were bar none the two most important resources for cracking the product management interview Thank you Lewis, thank you As a new product manager, I find this book a good introduction to the expectations an employer has from a candidate and I appreciate offering examples of both good and poor in a less obvious way answers Good book to skim before PM interviews, but not as thorough or comprehensive as Cracking the PM Interview by Gayle McDowell, which is a must have when interviewing This book will certainly give you confidence in answering questions and playing to your strengths It s a great and fun weekend read, but the best way to make the most of the book is by answering the interview questions yourself before looking at responses Highly recommend if you need to brush up on PM interviewing, and especially if you are transitioning from a non PM field to a PM role Although I have had previous reviews about the book, the book provides a fair analysis of some common PM interview questions It gives an idea about how to tackle interview questions for first time PMs But, wait Don t expect something ground breaking This book might have been useful, had it also shared the day to day responsibilities of a PM and some tricks and bits of handling challenging PM situations.