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3.5* Spoilers!

I'm partial to the marriage of convenience trope especially when the hero was ALREADY in love with the heroine before they got married!

Plot summary because book blurb did not include one:

Heroine Beatrice was the administrator of St Justin's path. lab. Her father was a respectable GP in the country and her mother was the granddaughter of an earl. This attracted the slimey Tom, who thought the 28 yearold Beatrice would be desperate to marry him, while her parents would be more advantageous to his career. So nice to have a heroine who's not destitute!

Hero Gijs was a renowned Dutch haematologist and surgeon; he's a widower with a 7 yearold daughter Alicia. His wife had left them when Alicia was just a baby for a rich American but died shortly after!

They met at a party where Gijs was a guest of her childhood friend Derek. They did not start off well because he did not care for small talk and she found him rude, but unforgettable! After this Gijs appeared in front of Beatrice in all sorts of situations, but was always there to help.

When Beatrice was sent to Leiden for an exchange program, Gijs was able to bring Beatrice home to show her his house and daughter, while the rest of the household could size her up too! She got the stamp of approval and Alicia loved Beatrice already! Imagine her surprise when Gijs proposed over dinner one night, citing the advantages of a MOC with him. Sensible Beatrice said no, then asked for more time to think about it. But at the next visit to his home, it seemed everyone knew he had proposed and they took for granted she'd accepted! Sure, take your time to think, no pressure Beatrice! Sneaky Gijs...

Meanwhile the pesky Tom did not take no for an answer and promised to be right there waiting for Beatrice once she's back in London. This sort of made Beatrice really uneasy...but what finally made her decide to accept Gijs' proposal was her dawning realisation that she LOVED Gijs! Everyone was overjoyed! Except for Beatrice 's mother. Even though she had witnessed a couple of kisses from Gijs to Beatrice, she cannot help but worried that they were not in love. Her practical father felt Beatrice was a sensible girl, and both were adults so they should know what they were doing.

Gijs was a model fiancé; he requested that Beatrice wear white with a veil, which is what I missed the most in other BN heroines. This was a huge clue as to how Gijs really felt about Beatrice! He had wanted a quick and quiet wedding but when Beatrice got angry, he said she could take six months to plan a big wedding then! The white dress and veil was to indulge in his romantic notions. Aww...And despite his busy schedule he went from Holland to London just to drive her home on her last day of work!

Another thing was even before Beatrice accepted his proposal, he " lent" her a poesy ring to wear and deter Tom's advances. THIS ring he put on her finger himself, but NOT the actual engagement ring (another sapphire and diamond ring as befitted all BN heroines!) What's wrong with all these BN heroes who could not be bothered to put the engagement ring on the heroine?!

Anyway Beatrice settled into life as stepmother and wife of a medical man. However due to her secret love for Gijs, Beatrice got jealous easily. First thinking Mies was a more than a special female friend of Gijs, and when he called home to say he'd be back late, she heard what sounded like a party in the background and started thinking the worst.

When Gijs finally got home at four AM, she let him have it like a jealous wife! Exhausted Gijs was so angry he was cool towards her and played the avoidance game. It helped that he had to go overseas for a dangerous mission in Northern Ireland!

More than a week passed and Gijs barely made it to the hospital ball, arriving home just in time to dress.

It was during the last dance, the romantic waltz, that Beatrice confessed her jealousy and love for Gijs. HE then revealed he had fallen for her at first sight, on the dance floor too.

Happy ever after.

PS. It was so "funny" the ambitious Tom and shrewd Mies ended up together, deciding to marry after hitting it off on their first meeting! Mies was not blind to his faults, but was confident she could control him! Ha!

I enjoyed this book because it was pretty clear from early on that Beatrice mattered a lot to Gijs. He might tease her and say things to provoke her, but ultimately he was always kind and solicitous of her, looking after her as best as he could. His anger after the road accident event stemmed from fear that Beatrice had run away...and worry about her safety in the horrible snow/rainstorm. But it sure sent out all the wrong mixed signals to Beatrice! Beatrice marries Gijs, a widower with a small child and a nusy medical career, to help him with his domestic life. I read this on the kindle

Another of Betty Neels books they all do run in the same vein while when you think of today they are dated but no sex just an old fashion romance

Betrice marries Gijs just before she accepts his proposal she realises she in love with him so his marriage proposal of a friendly marriage she accepts
He has a daughter from his previous marriage who like Betrice, so Betrice tries to get Gijs to fall in love with her
I won't say more if you not read any BN books you can still work out what will happen but these are nice especially in describing the homes furniture & areas in the Netherlands
Not sure when this was written but she started writing late 1969 so can't be dated along with Gijs who is very rich you get a class that most of us will never know To say the least,Its a typical Mills and Boons Novel.The subtle hints of love and drama keeps the reader wanting to finish the book fast, but not lame enough to stop reading it altogether. Why don't the men ever just tell the girl he lives her? A nice, gentle read romance. One of her best I think. .FREE BOOK ♀ Wedding Bells for Beatrice ♗ Wedding Bells Medium White Bridal Honeycomb Bells Ct Wedding And Engagement Partyout Ofstars Get It As Soon As Tue, JulFREE Shipping On Your First Order Shipped ByMore Buying Choices New Offerss Choice For Wedding Bells Fun Express Metal Wedding Bell On A Paper CardCount Great For Wedding Celebration, Giveaway, Invitationout Of Wedding Bells For The Otaku BL Regardez Des Pisodes Entiers Gratuitement En Ligne Des Sries TV Wedding Bells For The Otaku BL Sous Titres Sous Titres En Allemand, Anglais, Espagnol, Franais, Italien, Japonais, Roumain, Turc, Vietnamien Metronomy Wedding Bells Lyrics Traduction Yeah, I Hear Wedding Bells But They Re Not For You Instrumental Guitar B Part Traduction Wedding Bells Metronomy Oui, J Entends Les Cloches Du Mariage Mais Elles Ne Sonnent Pas Pour Toi Elles Sonnent Pour Ta Meilleure Amie Et Pour Mon Meilleur Ami Oui, J Entends Les Cloches Du Mariage Mais Elles Ne Sonnent Pas Pour Moi Elles Sonnent Pour Ma Meilleure Amie Et Pour Ton Meilleur Ami OuiEverything You Need To Know About Wedding Bells The Tradition Of Wedding Bells Comes From Ancient Celtic And Irish History Church Bells Are Incorporated Into Wedding Ceremonies As A Symbol Of Abundance And Prosperity The Ringing Of Bells Was Hank Williams Wedding Bells Lyrics Genius Lyrics Wedding Bells Lyrics I Have The Invitation That You Sent Me You Wanted Me To See You Change Your Name I Couldn T Stand To See You Wed Another But Dear I Hope You Re Happy Just The SameWedding Bells Etsy Bells, Wedding Bells, Bell, Kissing Bells, Jingle Bells, Wedding Favor ParkLaneProductions From Shop ParkLaneProductionsout Ofstars ReviewsFavorite Add To More Colors Wedding Bells BBCustomStainedGlass From Shop BBCustomStainedGlassFREE Shipping Favorite Add To Mr MrsWedding Bells,wide Listedyard % Cotton, Benartexwedding Bells Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisThe Average Cost Of A Wedding Is ,, According To Wedding Bells Regardons Un ExempleLe Cout Moyen D Un Mariage Est De , , Selon Wedding Bells The Orara East, Wedding Bells And Lower Bucca State Forests All Of Which Host Stages Have Just Been Awarded A Gold Standard At The North Coast Tourism Awards Jonas Brothers Wedding Bells Lyrics Genius Lyrics About Wedding Bellscontributors Nick Jonas Gets Sentimental Towards His First Love Miley Cyrus, Who Was Set To Marry Liam Hemsworth The Couple Split Shortly Into Their Marriage Wedding Bells Traduction Franaise Linguee De Trs Nombreux Exemples De Phrases Traduites Contenant Wedding Bells Dictionnaire Franais Anglais Et Moteur De Recherche De Traductions Franaises Wedding Bells For Aunt Bee Mayberry Wiki Fandom Wedding Bells For Aunt Bee SeasonEpisodeAir Date April ,Cast Andy Griffith As Sheriff Andy Taylor Ron Howard As Opie Taylor Frances Bavier As Aunt Bee Taylor Hal Smith As Otis Campbell Hope Summers As Clara Edwards Fred Sherman As Fred Goss Director S Bob Sweeney Writer S Harvey Bullock Previous Next Andy And Barney In The Big City Three S A Crowd Summary Wedding Bells For Beatrice is book one in what I like to refer to as a three book connected miniseries. Many Betty Neels characters make appearances in other books, but the three couples in these stories play a key role in each others romances.

Gijs van der Eekerk meets Beatrice Crawley at a country house party. He fell in love instantly but was careful not to reveal it to Beatrice. Instead the two clash and Gijs sets out to right the situation. The two meet again at the London hospital where Beatrice works and where she is also trying to shake off social climbing boyfriend. Gijs takes matters in hand and soon Beatrice finds herself in a marriage of convenience and the mother to an adorable little girl named Alicia.

As with Neels' marriage of convenience stories, the couple has to sort themselves out before true love is declared. However the process of discovery is what makes for an enjoyable read. Readers will revisit with Beatrice and Gijs in Book Two of this series in A HAPPY MEETING.

Ok, great beginning, good middle, jeez was that a fast wrap up! I love that Ms. Neels is always a safe bet of innocence and a type of calm. However, sometimes she finishes a story in such a goofyfast way.
What was the purpose of Mies? I mean a hospital employee could have accidentally told Beatrice of the “party/accident”. As far as I can see, that was the only purpose to her existence...well, that and she proves that Gijs has terrible taste in friends. (Mies was going to use Thom and vice verse??)
Gijs is upset Beatrice doesn’t trust him? How many Neels stories have the same situation in reverse? Guy jealous of nothing till end.
It’s sweet, cute, Ms Neels HAS written worse: this isn’t her best work. Love this book because i love story about MOC.but different with other betty neel's MOC stories, heroine wore properly white wedding dress and veil! good for you hero! Wedding at village church and wedding reception with friends and family. Gijs was sweet hero and loved heroine from the very first sight.