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@Download Pdf ¾ Deadlands (The Healer Series, #2) ð eBook or E-pub free

Book two keptMe in my toes and found this one was very meatyEnjoyable and left me wanting I enjoyed this second book just as much as the first Great storyline and the characters and creatures are fun the adventure non stop and keeping the reader on their toes The female lead is a little frustrating but also very relatable in the sense of her insecurities and how her heart is always in the right place, helping others before herself The main male lead was swoon worthy, never giving up on his affections to his female counterpart and always there to serve and protect The supporting leads were very mysterious at first and quickly became entertaining, their banter with each other and the group, always hilarious Excited to read onto the last book. @Download Pdf ⚾ Deadlands (The Healer Series, #2) ⚣ Willow Rose, Witch Healer, Has Learned An Awful Truth After Winning Her Talisman Back In The Everwild, The Dark Witch Hekate Has Hidden The Key That Will Unlock Pandora S Box Deep In The Heart Of The Deadlands Concealed Within A Volcano, The Deadlands Is A Place Known Of Eternal Condemnation Of The Fiercest, Foulest Creatures On Earth Yet, Not Everything Is What It Seems The Deadlands Have Been Civilized And Are Being Ruled By The Deadland King, Who Has Joined Forces With Hekate And Is Planning To Unleash An Army To Dominate All Races Willow Learns That Declan Is Hiding A Little Secret Of His Own, And The Connection Between Elirana And Chase Is Revealed But Battling Evil Creatures And Reaching The Heart Of The Deadlands Is Not Willow S Only Problem The Problem Is How Will She Find The Key And Make It Out Alive When Fate Takes A Turn For The Worse Great story Desperately needs an editorI loved.this story It deserves 5 stars,but because of the lack of editing in this book and the last, I lowered the rating to 3 It should be a free or.99 book until edited This book and last minute I spent time on EVERY page frustrated by inaccuracies Ex you re your inconsistencies, grammatical errors and spelling, etc The action speeds along over a VERY short timeline, but the characters act as if certain events were heartbreaking and refer over and over to the pain of a 4 hour or less forced no less breakup Also,the book is YA, but in many places is DEFINITELY Adult material The author has written an excellent story, but I felt cheated for having overpaid for the frustration I almost quit the book many times, but. it s worth the read if you can get over what seems to be a very young author who self published without hiring an editor or proofreader Note to author hire an indie editor proofreader It s yes, that means it is DEFINITELY worth your cost you are a good storyteller, but need help to make these stories great.books. i really liked this book it was better than the first one, i mean something were really obvious liked the thing with the elf and the werewolf, but what suprised me was who was the person that had was evil i did not expect that and i found out about the seeker s true identity by the time the dream came so not to far away from when it was going to happened and it surprised me, jus not at the moment it was suppose to do but i really liked how declan can defend willow i mean omg loved this book can t wait to read the next I absolutely love this series Book 2 picked up right where book 1 left off with willow going after declan before beginning her journey to the deadlands This book didnt miss a beat and kept my interest from beginning to end I just love Declan and Chase It was nice to get a glimpse into Chase s past thanks to Elirana being introduced in this installment Willow worked my nerves here and there but i still adore her just the same I didnt like Elirana but by the end of the book she had grown on me I dont do spoilers butwas revealed in this book and i was surprised by certain turns of events I will be reading part 3 soon enough to see what becomes of Willow and the gang Even better than the first Declan is SO sexyOh my gosh I ve got to hurry up and buy the next one this YA series has been a nice surprise fun story and sweet couple I m looking toward to the next book As a follow on from Everwild I found that this book presented itself as a great sequel Although I was not keen on the beginning of the book, the rest wowed me and I quickly forgot any disappointment I originally felt The creatures introduced were well described and used perfectly to build up action through the book while still staying on track with the storyline As with the first, I greatly enjoyed the book and upon my first read I couldn t put it down. I m sitting between a 2.5 and a 3 starAlthough this book had many of the same problems the first book had, the plot once again saved the story I do not care for the min character Willow I think the author is trying to make her come across as a strong character but all I see is a character that whines, complains, is pessimistic, and weak The love between Declan and her is somewhat laughable and once again in this story the reader is constantly reminded of Willow s insecurities about herself how she isn t pretty, not worthy, not good at magic, doesn t deserve Declan, yada yada yada It gets old fast The fact that Willow doesn t understand anything is tiring as well Even as the reader I was able to put the clues together faster than Willow At the end of the book, I feel like the author really spells the obvious out which is annoying You should have some faith in your readers to connect the dots Just because the main character isn t very smart, doesn t mean your readers are Looking beyond the main character, the story line is creative and suspenseful The author did a nice job adding twists and surprises I really think what brought me back to reading the second book was the supporting characters But I m to sure it is enough for me to read the third book.