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Someday,when you marry,you will not need to read.A good wife lets her husband do the reading Due to her sex and upbringing, twelve year old Amira s options for the future are limited She is expected to marry young, raise children, and work on a farm in Sudan But changes are coming.My father tries to explain somethingthat is twistedthan a tangledskein of raggedy thread Amira, we are living in a time of war He uses strange terms PersecutionRebellionGenocideI understand a little when Dando explains, There has been fighting for land I say, It s senselessto fight over somethingAllah has made for everyone Because this book is written in poems, I had planned to read it as I do other books of poetry one or two verses per day But the story begs to be read like a novel, and is genuinely quite involving You will have a hard time forgetting this sad, yet uplifting tale of a young girl who desires only what so many of us take for granted an education, and a chance to choose our own path in life. (((DOWNLOAD))) ⇪ The Red Pencil ☔ Amira, Look At Me, Muma InsistsShe Collects Both My Hands In Hers The Janjaweed Attack Without WarningIf Ever They Come Run Finally, Amira Is Twelve Old Enough To Wear Atoob, Old Enough For New Responsibilities And Maybe Old Enough To Go To School In Nyala Amira S One True DreamBut Life In Her Peaceful Sudanese Village Is Shattered When The Janjaweed Arrive The Terrifying Attackers Ravage The Town And Unleash Unspeakable Horrors After She Loses Nearly Everything, Amira Needs To Dig Deep Within Herself To Find The Strength To Make The Long Journey On Foot To Safety At A Refugee Camp Her Days Are Tough At The Camp, Until The Gift Of A Simple Red Pencil Opens Her Mind And All Kinds Of Possibilities New York Times Bestselling And Coretta Scott King Award Winning Author Andrea Davis Pinkney S Powerful Verse And Coretta Scott King Award Winning Artist Shane W Evans S Breathtaking Illustrations Combine To Tell An Inspiring Tale Of One Girl S Triumph Against All Odds GO READ THIS NOW I ll wait It doesn t take long, but it s also a book to savor and reread A middle grade novel told in verse, I have never read something so powerful with so few words The sparse prose worked brilliantly, with not a word wasted This is especially important because of the subject matter The illustrations are evocative and rich pencil drawings, and I wish I could insert over 20 images here to prove it s artistic beauty Pinkney was deeply moved by the Darfur conflict and wanted to create a novel that made war accessible to young readers She wished to impart truth in the devastation it causes, but also show that artistic expression can be healing in even the most dire circumstances The impact that this one red pencil and a few sheets of paper have on twelve year old Amira is overwhelming If you don t stop and appreciate the basic comforts in your own life while reading, you might not be seeing the words properly The arrival of the Janjaweed militants and subsequent death of most of the village forces her remaining family to a refugee camp in Kalma This is told in stark detail, with words gradually falling off the page as the horrors render her silent for a time It isn t all sad There are games, laughter, small blessings, and above all, hope for a better future These people aren t depicted as weak, but survivors of unimaginable atrocities My favorite illustrations are on pages 26,29,41 43,60, 115, 136, 146, 203 There really aren t any bad ones Big thanks to Akoss from MGLitCheerleader YouTube channel for suggesting this as a buddy read Beyond fantastic Comment below if you ve read, I d love to chat 4 STARS The writing was so beautiful but heartbreaking at the same time The illustrations were a huge part of his story and blended so well with the verse writing style Amira is such a strong and determined main character and I admire her so much for her strength and drive, especially during such a horrifying time in her young life Andrea has a way with words that captivate and dig deep into you and make you feel I look forward to reading of her amazing work in the future Richard The one thing I enjoyed about this book is even though it was written in verse, it explained so much about each scenario Amira was in When Amira lost her voice from being traumatized, she was given the red pencil which represented her gaining her voice back She was also given a chance to have an education but girls didn t have the same right as boys to go to school I was inspired by the idea of how someone can gain something small but it can change their world The plot and theme were very well developed and interesting because the author went to Africa and talked to people who experienced the Darfur genocide and that s why the story felt so real.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes enjoying true life stories, who also enjoy reading in verse. Before I even start discussing about the book,I would request all my fellow bibliophiles to pick this up and read it.This is a book everyone should read.This is a fictional story based on the Darfur conflict in Sudan a war for land and property from 2003 that has led to genocide and the uprooting of thousands of innocent people from their homes and farmlands to refugee camps.Thousands have been massacred in the name of a cruel war that seems to have no end, and what initially began as a land war has now escalated to an Arab African conflict that does not look to end anytime soon The story follows Amira ,a girl whose soul soars like a sparrow Anita loves to draw on the sand with her precious twig and leads a happy and peaceful life on her farm with her family.All that changes in a split second ,when the Janjaweed ransack her village ,murdering everyone in sight ,including her father.The family moves to a refugee camp and she loses her voice due to the shock.The story is about how a red pencil heals her and brings back her voice and confidence The narrative is written in the form of poetry and it was haunting.I am not much of a poetry person ,but I loved this book.The simple poetry moved me and I wanted to pray for a better ,brighter future for Amira.A future where she will get a good education and lead a life, free from shackles and unwarranted fears ,with a roof on her head that she may call her own and food that is clean and edible everyday.This is a book ,I will cherish on my shelf 3.5 stars A heartbreaking younger end of the YA market novel written in verse about a 12 year old girl living in rural Sudan Her life is turned upside down when the Janjaweed attack and her father is killed She, her mother, and her younger sister who has birth defects make their way to a refugee camp The trauma she s been through causes Amira to effectively lose her voice, and it doesn t return until an aid worker gives her a notepad and a red pencil As I said, this really is heartbreaking Some of the poems are so evocative and emotional, and it gave me a lot of feelings But at the same time, it took about two thirds of the story to actually get to the part with the red pencil And then the ending was ridiculously abrupt Likeone minute Amira s talking about wanting to go to school, the next, it s the author s note So that was a little unexpected That said, it did a wonderful job at showing the fear and change that happened in a very brief period for the people of Darfur, and it s clear that Pinkney spoke to a lot of refugees in the course of writing this Amira s voice is wonderful, and the illustrations were a lovely addition So It was good, but also a little lacking. My low rating is mostly due to the fact that I never clicked with the writing style In the author s note, she explains why she wrote it in that style and it s for good reasons, so I kind of feel bad that I couldn t get into it Basically, even though it didn t work for me, I don t want to discourage others from reading it This is a children s book about the Darfur conflict in Sudan, and I do think the author did a good job showing the severity of it on a child s level, also giving hope at the end 2018 challenge a book with your favorite color in the title Amira, her disabled younger sister Leila, and her father and mother have a fairly prosperous life in Darfur in 2003 They have a patch of ground with a garden, and a goat that has a kid Amira is envious of her best friend, Halima, who leaves their village to go to the Gad Primary School It is expensive to go, but what is holding Amira back is her mother s opinion that girls do not need to know anything but how to take care of a household When the Jangaweed arrive and attack the town, Amira s father is killed She and her remaining family escape with Old Anwar, a neighbor They eventually come to the large relocation camp at Kalma The deprivation is horrendous, and the family doesn t know what to do Amira, however, still has her dream of attending school, and is thrilled when she is given a red pencil and a pad of paper by an aid worker She loves to draw, and knowing that her father wanted her to learn inspires Amira to find ways to educate herself despite her circumstances Strengths The genocide in Darfur is certainly something about which we need a lot information, and Pinkney does a great job of making this middle grade appropriate Readers will connect with Amira and start to understand how difficult life can be in other parts of the world The pictures and short length will entice many reluctant readers.Weaknesses I would have liked to see much factual information about conditions and much less poetic musing Because there is so little on this topic out there, I wish this had been in prose instead of in verse For example, information about the Janjaweed and why they were attacking villages would have been valuable, but since it is from Amira s point of view and she doesn t quite understand events, we don t get complete information. This book is a wonderful story that could be used in many ways It could be used for lessons on Figurative Language, it could be used as an introduction to a research project being realistic fiction, students could research what is currently happening in Darfur and Sudan to see how the story matches up to real life events, along with the details about how people live their daily lives there, which was described in so much detail in the book I also loved the pictures that accompanied the story One of my favorite parts of the story was in the beginning when Dando and Old Anwar were arguing over their tomatoes Amira compares this silly contest to a war Dando then teaches her a lesson about war which she innocently dismisses with her thinking that there is enough land for everyone I think she makes Dando see that even an innocent argument can affect his daughter How will this war really affect her