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!Free Epub ⚐ Vampalicious! (My Sister the Vampire, #4) ♰ Ivy And Olivia Can T Lose Each Other Again Even Though Twin Sisters Ivy And Olivia, Separated At Birth, Have Only Been Reunited For A Few Months, They Can T Imagine Life Without Each Other But Mr Vega Has Decided To Move To Europe And He S Taking Ivy With Him Oh, No With Olivia S Cheerleader Optimism And Ivy S Vampire Craftiness, They Re Determined To Come Up With A Plan That Will Keep Ivy And Her Dad In Franklin Grove But What This book is when and ivy FINALLY confront their dad about him being their dad and them knowing They find out that he is moving because of Olivia He thinks that if Olivia stays with them Olivia will want to have children with a vampire and die during childbirth So they have to prove to him that it was just a human thing that happened when normal kids are born the mother will die.Great ending I liked how they always have the opposite to human things likeSanta the Holiday BatFood mart Blood martCandy canes Bloody CanesBed Coffin Not as lame as it sounds Beef patty Raw Beef PattyIts really smart and funny. 4 5 stars.It s a very quick and fun read This series is suitable mostly for children and kids in their early teens but I think anyone of any age group can enjoy it as well. Wow Sienna Mercer really deserves a medal or something for this book It s so feel good that I was grinning through the entire thing apart from in the bit where we read a some entries from Charles old diary, that bit was really moving not that I teared up or anything, not at a kid s book or maybe just a little Even though this series is aimed at kids to pre teens, the way it s written is so mature yet still entertaining and fun and I don t think I m ever going to grow out of it The whole storyline was great and the way the twins worked together was so lovely to read D This book is not long, but it seems like a ton of things happened I ll save you the rambling everything was brilliant and I wouldn t change a thing I really wish you could see my copy of the book, as it s completely scruffy and almost every page has been dog eared at some point This is because I ve read it about a million times, but it s no less entertaining than the very first time I read it I m already looking forward to re reading this story AGAIN This is an amazingly awesome book D this book really shows you how to be sad and it is about two friends who find out that the are sisters at franklin grove middle school their names are ivy and olivia ivys a vampire and olivia is not a vampire the two grils want two stop ivys dad from leaving but it does not work then they find out that ivys dad is their dad so they throw a party and i did read all of it but i dont know if he stayed Funny and rediculous view spoiler I am disappointed Olivia did not tell Charles that it was her he did the tree with there is a sadness or melencholy for that missed time opportunities especially knowing it was all kinda meaningless from his point of view although meant the world to Olivia s new parents that knowing at least something small like that managed to get snuck in might soften.Also disappointed the vegitarian eats tuna, but at least the book did not have her eat red meat and not get sick from it maybe the idea, but not the meat as a real life vegitarian would I was worried it would hide spoiler it is such a good book i tell everyont to read it Great book A great happy ending Once again, this series is so cute and funny I love Olivia and Ivy together They re such a good pair and super understanding I love that they would switch places with each other to spend time with the other s family It just makes my heart flutter.I loved all of the silly good plans they thought of to try to keep Charles to stay in Franklin Grove The performing art one really made me laugh I feel like each of the plans were increasingly imaginative view spoiler And they finally told Charles the truth about what they knew including how it wasn t his fault that their mom died in childbirth AND HE DECIDED TO STAY hide spoiler A good ending to the series These books were all light and fun, I m glad to have read them.