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#EPUB õ Diary of a Hapless Househusband ⚣ eBook or E-pub free

Quite funny If you need to read something which will just help you relax then read this. This book is hilarious It is written in the form of Sam s personal diary, and the crazy things that his kids get up to had me in stitches I was laughing at things that really should not be funny, like the baby getting her hand stuck in the video player Towards the end I found that things started to take a weird turn The ending was not unexpected, but I m not sure I liked it. #EPUB Ó Diary of a Hapless Househusband ⚻ When Father Of Two Sam Loses His Job, He Reluctantly Agrees To Stay At Home While His Wife Returns To Work Secretly Thinking This Whole Parenthood Thing A Breeze Of Leisurely Jaunts To The Park, Reading The Paper While The Children Play Quietly And Occasionally Attending A Civilised Play Date Or Two, Sam Quickly Realises Just What Exactly It Means To Be A Stay At Home ParentInevitably, Domestic Mayhem Ensues Just Trying To Get Dressed In The Morning And Out Of The House Without Going To AE Is A Feat, As Is Managing The Children S Complicated Play Date Schedule While Fending Off The Unwelcome Advances Of Jodhpur Mum At The Playground And Sam S Foolproof Step Childcare Programme Doesn T Seem Remotely Up To The TaskDesperate To Get His Life Back On Track, Sam Seizes Upon A Variety Of Mad Schemes, But Just As Things Look Like They Re Beginning To Fall Into Place, He Makes A Very Surprising Discovery Sam Holden s is a work driven bread winner for his family He makes a mistake which sees him losing his job Sam s wife returns to her high powered job and Sam is left to bring up the Children How hard can it be This book never becomes dull and there are several laughs on every page Very very funny and very very British The only bad thing about this book is that it had an ending I could have happily read it forever. This book had me in stitches A nice easy read, handy when you re busy as it s in diary format you can read a couple of pages and put it down without losing anything For all Mum s out therea must read This is my first foray into rooster lit Am interesting premise What happens When the husband is house bound and the wife goes out to save the world I am glad that a colleague suggested this to me We all can use some laughs This book is perfect after you finish a heavy book or if you are just looking to chuckle along Already planning to get my husband to read it Good in parts. Not wow but still a good read. Finished WITH , rather than finished This is Bridget Jones for the stay at home dad I lost all patience with him When Sam Holden gets the sack from work he finds himself swapping the childcare role with his wife Sally He is thrown into the battleground of looking after a 3 year old and a 1 year old, plus trying to juggle all the household duties as well.Needless to say, Sam starts drowning in domestic duties So he decides to implement a management plan to resolve the chaos The children and the situations that Sam finds himself in don t fit in to his management plan He s banned from the supermarket, nearly lets the baby choke, falls out with his mother in law, has to call 999 for an ambulance and ends up trying to inflict pain upon himself just to get out of all duties.It takes a lot of domestic disasters and dishonesty before Sam realises that his family are the most important thing to him In the end not even his old job back can persuade him to change his mind as Sam decides that he can be happy being a Househusband.This is a funny tale, childcare and running a household is definitely a hard job. A very hilarious book about house keeping from man point of view I think the word hapless is an apt word to describe the character, Sam Holden I just realize that the character has the same name aas the author in the middle of the book.Lots of funny incident and the story just hooked you as you read deeper Reccomend this to everyone who likes dark humor Even at the lowest point of life, we can still laugh about it.