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Not quite as good as the first of the series, but still worth the read. I DO like it A shot novel, cool.I haven t read Jaid Black, this is my first book I will read about it Im sorry, my english is not good @DOWNLOAD E-PUB õ Sins of the Father Î Candy Morgan Has Always Felt Badly About The Fact That Her Father Duped And Then Fired His Former Prot G E, James Douglas Mahoney III Worse Yet, She Knows That JD Has Always Believed Her To Be A Part Of The Conspiracy To Get Rid Of HimWhen JD Comes To Power During A Hostile Takeover Of Morgan Chemicals, Candy Realizes He Will Want Revenge Against Her Family So She Prepares Herself To Be Ousted From The Company But Much To Her Surprise, JD Doesn T Oust Her Instead, He Wants His Vendetta Against The Morgans Settled In An Entirely Different Fashion, In A Way Candy Never Could Have Imagined In Her Wildest, Most Wicked Dream Un relato simple, sin ninguna pretensi n m s que crear un entorno para escenas er ticas expl citas No es lo mejor de Jaid Black, sobre todo porque al conflicto principal se le podr a haber sacado mucho m s partido Aunque igual entretiene es absolutamente prescindible. The start of the story is when JD proposed to Candy a binding contract that makes her his The rest of the reasons are in the following chapters There is power play going on with this story, having the H create a contract that will make the h his own At first I can t take reading how the H commanded the h to suck his penis, referring to as Him But when I understand what fully motivates him to be like that, I actually enjoyed the story. haduhhaduhlagi nbaca ebooks nyagak nyangka ya isinyaehemmm perlu kipas2 hehe.di rekomenin sama jeng ASRINA buat baca..en dikirimin ama jeng DWI ebooksnya.isi nya wuihh jangan dikira deh.panasnya ,inta ampun heheintinya tentang Candy, seorang ce yang terpaksa harus merit sama JD karena si JD dendam sama bokapnya candy yang udah mecat dan mengkhiananti diabukan sekedar merir..bisa dibilang hampir seperti budak..apa yang JD bilang candy mesti turutin.90% isinya yang ehem2 namanya juga ellora D kalo yang penasaran boleh baca hihihi. aku sering ngomporin temen buat baca ini, tapi banyak yang katanya ga kuat baca saking panasnya Wakakak ini seh belum seberapa kaliQiqiqiqiqiTapi overall, ceritanya bagus kok Setidaknya XXXnya beralasan ditereakin anak tret EC di gebo Super hot Pretty good Candy inherits her father s business which is the sole support for her mother and brother James does a takeover of it He gives her a contract that states she must marry him, obey him in all ways, etc If she does not, then he will not support her mother and brother through the business.DATA Sexual language erotic Number of sex scenes nine Setting current day Atlanta, Georgia, and a private island off the coast of Costa Rica Copyright 2002 Genre erotic contemporary romance.This short story is also published in the anthology Notorious.OTHER BOOKS For a list of my reviews of other Jaid Black books, see my 5 star review of One Dark Night.http www.goodreads.com review show Ok, not Jaid Black s best I think it would have benefited from being a little longer and expanding on the relationship Probably 2 1 2 but I like J.B so I m rounding up.J.D is apparently out for revenge and means to take it out on the daughter of his deceased nemesis.Candy is the unwitting victim, she secretly loved J.D from the time she was a teenager but her father betrayed J.D his prot g 5 years ago and now it seems he is seeking revenge on her by marrying her and effectively making her his possession.A quick read, very sexy but as I said, would have been better if it was longer.