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!Download ⚕ The Beach House ♿ Known For Her Moving Characters And Emotional Honesty, Mary Alice Monroe Brings Readers A Beautifully Rendered Story That Explores The Fragile Yet Enduring Bond Between Mothers And DaughtersCaretta Rutledge Thought She D Left Her Southern Roots And Troubled Family Far Behind But An Unusual Request From Her Mother Coming Just As Her Own Life Is Spinning Out Of Control Has Cara Heading Back To The Scenic Lowcountry Of Her Childhood Summers Before Long, The Rhythms Of The Island Open Her Heart In Wonderful Ways As She Repairs The Family Beach House, Becomes A Bona Fide Turtle Lady And Renews Old Acquaintances Long Thought Lost But It Is In Reconnecting With Her Mother That She Will Learn Life S Most Precious Lessons True Love Involves Sacrifice, Family Is Forever And The Mistakes Of The Past Can Be Forgiven Loggerheads, Barrier Islands, and family secrets all collide in this novel.This is my first by Mary Alice Monroe, and I wasn t disappointed Had all the good makings of a great novel, however didn t quite come together perfectly for me A little too much jargon got in the way, along with trying to throw way too many things into one book Betrayal, family rivalry, abuse, a teenage pregnancy, saving seaturtles, romance, and to top it all off add in a hurricane Caretta Rutledge comes home to Isle of Palms in small town South Carolina to help clean out some items with her mother She ends up learning far than she meant to, and her whole life shifts as she figures out how to resolve all that has been thrown at her. It s chic lit written well It s predictable, no brainer, relaxing, light No surprises It s a lesson in southern charm, and southern food and southern morals And a moral quest to save sea turtles Then there s family dynamics, a cruel history with secrets waiting to burst forth, and a flourishing future There s a romance and a few other elements to boot like the few billion books, following the exact same blueprint, in the same genre.Not a bad book for the right audience I m not And that s it It s a good read when you don t need to think too much Oh, Hallmark movie material The Beach House is a magical feel good South Carolina Lowcountry novel, the first in a series I read book 4 last summer and was surprised to see this is a series, I loved it and knew I had to read them all Daughter Caretta, Chicago IL is requested to come home to her mama Lovie s beach house on Isle of Palms SC Once she arrives home she begins to experience all she s been missing in the last 20 years since leaving there love of family, real friendships, true love, and becoming a turtle lady protecting loggerhead beach nests BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, she begins to reconnect with her mama which is this reason Lovey wanted her home Lovey needed to become close to her daughter again as a mother and child should be, as she s made important changes to her will and needs to divulge a few important secrets she s kept for decades Add to that a recent medical issue she hasn t revealed to anyone with exception to her dear friend She feels it s time has come to reach out to her daughter and release them before it s too late A beautiful story that will make you laugh but also bring a tear to your eye I enjoyed this, it s such a heartfelt, fun and wonderful book I rated all the stars With the flair of a true wordsmith, Mary Alice Monroe has penned a beautiful, poignant tale centered on the mending of a broken mother daughter relationship It gives the story of three women and the memorable summer they share together The storyline and delivery are excellent and each character portrayed is richly developed Set in lovely Charleston, SC with the main story unfolding on the Isle of Palms, the author s descriptive details easily pulls the reader into this journey, making this barrier island and its inhabitants come alive It s filled with dialogue and each scene flows effortlessly Forty year old Caretta has been estranged from her family for years With her life spinning out of control, she leaves big city life behind and returns home for a visit at her mother s beach cottage She s surprised to find a pregnant, seventeen year old stranger, Toy Sooner living there Her mother Olivia, aka Lovie, is thankful and hopeful for the chance to spend this final summer with her daughter, Caretta Having spent many summers on this beach, I was drawn to the book mainly for the setting Now, I m than anxious for from this author Heart felt emotion, excellent writing, strong characterization, the plight of the loggerhead turtles, a little romance, and a lovely South Carolina Lowcountry village all add to the ingredients that made this a most pleasurable read. This novel was so predictable that I anticipated every twist by the end of the first chapter Not only was the story line predictable, but also the character roles, the description of setting, the use of weather in the story, the tenor of the dialogue, etc This was an easy to read story of family reconciliation perfect for the Lifetime Channel. I always intended to read The Beach House I think the Carolina Low Country is just about one of the prettiest places in America But I just never got around to it until I won an ARC of the fifth novel in the series You go, me So, I had to dive right in The saga starts with a beautiful sea side beach house, loggerhead turtles laying their eggs and a badly broken family The matriarch, Lovie, calls her daughter, Cara home for the first time in 20 years, hoping she will answer the summons this time, because it will be her last chance to mend their relationship Cara is a career driven single woman who doesn t even realize how isolated and lonely she is This is a feel good novel Things fall into place a little too neatly, much better than real life, but that is ok Monroe has a way of telling her story, of getting across the point that we are all interconnected, that relationships are hard work and fraught with risk She uses the story of the struggle the female turtles endure, and the nearly impossible chance the eggs and babies have of surviving the beginning of life to bring home her premise The turtles would have no hope at all without the work of the volunteers who watch over them and protect them We are like the loggerhead turtles Without others to guide us, love us and protect us we will never make it I am curious to see what happens next in this series. A perfect summer beach read exploring the tenuous bonds between a mother and daughter and the opportunity for renewal SUMMARYCaretta Rutledge left Charleston and the Low Country behind when she was 18 Now 40, Cara has a high powered marketing job in Chicago, but things are spinning out of control there She gets an unusual request from her mother to come spend the summer at her mother s beloved Primrose cottage on the Isle of Palms When Caretta arrives there she finds that both the beach house and her family are in disarray First, she must readjust to the beach life and get rid of her silk pants suit and rhinestone studded strappy sandals She soon finds some old friends, and makes new ones as well She fixes up the beach cottage and helps her mom with turtle duty In reconnecting with her mother Caretta learns so much about love, sacrifice, family and forgiveness REVIEWHaving recently read Beach House for Rent 4 , I found I wanted to read of Mary Alice Monroe This is the first book in her Beach House series It was originally published in 2006 The other two books in the series are Swimming Lessons 2 and Beach House Memories 3 In THE BEACH HOUSE each chapter enjoyable alternates perspective between Cara and her mother, Olivia Olivia is getting up in age, and has returned to live at the beach permanently Some of her fondest memories are among the dunes in front of the yellow beach house Olivia is known as the turtle lady on Isle of Palms because of her dedication to the loggerhead turtle nests she protects on the beach Each chapter opens with vignettes about the life and nesting habits of loggerhead turtles Each loggerhead prelude most creatively foretells the struggles and events that were strikingly similar to the lives of Cara and Olivia I loved this parallel, and the way the loggerhead turtles were also such an prominent part of the renewal between Cara and her mother, as well as the rest of the family Cara thinks that she and her mom couldn t be any different But she is wrong Cara is strong and independent while her mom lived her entire life with a man controlling her every decision But the move out to the beach represents a new chapter in both of their lives A chapter of renewal, understanding and freedom It s a story about strong women facing difficult times with grace and perseverance It s a great beach read MARY ALICE MONROE is known for moving character and emotional honesty In this book she explores the tenuous but enduring bonds between a mother and her daughter. This was a great summer beach read An endearing story about relationships and letting the past go There were a few times I had to wipe away the tears Great cast of characters and I loved the beachy flair of the book and turtle facts Highly recommend It was fluff, it was predictable, it was unrealistic, it was sappy But it was also an easy read, an eye rolling read, yet an amusing read, and I have to admit I loved the bits at the beginning of each chapter about the loggerhead turtles So it earns an extra star for the turtles Two stars for the story, one bonus star for the turtles.