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I ve spent the last 3 days listening to the audio version of this book and felt peaceful and calm ever since Some of my most favourite quotes from the book For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them Do not say that I ll depart tomorrow because even today I still arrive We have to be in the present time, because only the present is real, only in the present can we be alive We do not practice for the sake of the future, to be reborn in a paradise, but to be peace, to be compassion, to be joy right now. I didn t find this book to be as easy to read as Peace is every step , which I previously reviewed I feel that it goesdeeply into things and thus ischallenging.Thich Nhat Hanh is a Buddhist from Vietnam who now lives in exile in France He recently had a stroke at the age of about 90 and was seriously ill, but survived.This book is a collection of talks he gave to peacemakers and meditation students in 1985.He tells us of the importance of walking meditation and smiling, and offers a short poem we can recite from time to time, while breathing and smiling Breathing in, I calm my bodyBreathing out, I smile.Dwelling in the present momentI know this is a wonderful moment When we sit down peacefully, breathing and smiling, with awareness, we are our true selves, we have sovereignty over ourselves Meditation helps us to return to our true self Practicing meditation is to be aware, to smile, to breathe We go back to ourselves in order to see what is going on, because to meditate means to be aware of what is going on The capacity of waking up, of being aware of what is going on in your feelings, in your body, in your perceptions, in the world is called Buddha nature Someone who is awake, who knows, who understands, is called a Buddha Buddha is in every one of us Dharma is what the Buddha taught It is the way of understanding and love how to understand, how to love, how to make understanding and love into real things Dharmakaya means the teaching of the Buddha, the way to realize understanding and love Sometimes if we don t do anything, we helpthan if we do a lot We call this non action That is also an aspect of Dharmakaya not talking, not teaching, just being.Every day we have many feelings Practising meditation is to be aware of each feeling Practising Buddhism is to be alive in each moment When we practice sitting or walking, we have the means to do it perfectly During the rest of the day, we also practice The sitting and the walking must be extended to the non walking, non sitting moments of the day That is the basic principle of meditation In order to understand, you have to be one with what you want to understand You do not stand outside of something to contemplate it Non duality is the key word for Buddhist meditation To sit is not enough We have to be at the same time When you breathe and smile, you are the breathing and the smiling If I am angry I do not fight that I know that anger is me, and I am anger Since I am anger, if I annihilate anger, I annihilate myself If I cannot be compassionate to myself, I will not be able to be compassionate to others.The first thing to do when we get angry is to produce awareness I am angry Anger is in me I am anger In Buddhism, knowledge is regarded as a block to understanding Understanding means to throw away your knowledge We cannot bring about peace by demonstrating against nuclear missiles but by our capacity of smiling, breathing and being peace.Meditation is not to escape from society, but to prepare for a re entry into society This is called engaged Buddhism If we leave society, we cannot help change it a meditation center is where you get back to yourself You get a clearer understanding of reality, you getstrength in understanding and love, and you prepare for your re entry into society We need to bring the practice from the meditation hall into our daily lives We need to practice breathing between phone calls, or practice smiling while cutting carrots.A gatha is a short verse Thich gives us one to be recited before phoning anyone Words can travel across thousands of miles.They are intended to build up understanding and love.Each word should be a jewel,A beautiful tapestry The author is peaceful and wise and this little book helps us to assimilate some of this peace and wisdom Therefore, I strongly advise that you read both this book and his others Then we can contribute to the spread of peace and wisdom in the world, eventhan we already do. Even though some references are a little dated Cold War , this book is entirely relevant now in order to achieve peace, we each have to become peaceful We can t wait for peace to happen, we must live it. This book was recommended by a fellow photographer friend named Beth Lambert of CANADA It s an EXCELLENT read for any one I also introduced it to a young man in France who was still finding himself Frederic Deltour and he often tells me that the book changed improved his LIFE.This is the perfect book for MINDFULNESS TRAINING something we ALL need from time to time Words that impacted me in this book If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace.To meditate well, we have to SMILE a lot.Because of your smile, you make lifebeautiful.To remind ourselves to relax set aside some time for a retreat, a day of MINDFULNESS.We can practice smiling.Breathing in, I calm my body.Breathing out, I smile.Dwelling in the present moment I know this is a wonderful moment.A smile makes you master of yourself.We have thousands of things which help us be away from ourselves Practicing meditation is to be aware, to smile.To meditate means to be aware of what is going on.Buddhas are us The Buddha statue is just a symbol of the Buddha.The root word budh means to wake up, to know, to understand A person who wakes up and understands is called a Buddha I rely on the Buddha in me Three Gems BUDDHA The Awakened One.DHARMA The Way of Understanding Loving.SANGHA The Community That Lives in Harmony Awareness.Sometimes we see someone we like very much, even if we don t know why.True enlightenment The highest capacity to understand and love.Sometimes if we don t do anything, we helpthan if we do a lot We call that non action It is like the calm person on a small boat in a storm That person does not have to do much, just to be himslef, and the situation can change.In our former lives, we were trees It is science We have to recall our past existences.Have tea meditation.Practicing meditation is for us to be serene and happy, understanding and loving.Feelings are of three kinds pleasant, unpleasant, neutralWhether or not we are happy depends on our awareness.Happiness is available Please help yourself to it All of us have the capacity of transforming neutral feelings that can last a long time.You take good care of yourself, and I take good care of myself.I can do many wrong things, and that does not help.I took time to look at the picture.To understand something is to take that one thing up and to be one with it.We have to convert anger into some kind of energy that isconstructive Sometime, somewhere you take something to be the truth If you cling to it so much, when the truth comes in person and knocks at your door, you will not open it Meditation is not to get out of society, to escape from society, but to prepare for reentry into society.If your children are not happy and do not smile you cannot smile.One smile, one breath should be for the benefit of the whole day, not just for that moment.Our mind is like a river, with many thoughts and feelings flowing along.When we practice sitting or walking we should pay attention to the quality and not the quantity.To transform our situation is also to transform our minds To transform our minds is also to transform our situation, because the situation is mind, and mind is situation.The first practice is Face to Face sitting.The second practice is Remembrance.The third practice is Non stubbornness.The fourth practice is Covering Mud with Straw.The fifth stage is Voluntary Confession.The sixth and seventh practices are Decision by Consensus and Accepting the Verdict.In modern society most of us don t want to be in touch with ourselves we want to be in touch with other things like religion, sports, politics, a book we want to forget ourselves In Touch means in touch with oneself in order to find out the source of wisdom, understanding, and compassion in each of us Being in touch with oneself is the meaning of meditation, to be aware of what is going on in your body, in your feelings, in your mind.The mind is the root of everything else.1st MINDFULNESS TRAINING Aware of the suffering Life is precious.2nd MINDFULNESS TRAINING Avoid being narrow minded and bound to present views.The techniques of understanding is to overcome views and knowledge.3rd MINDFULNESS TRAINING Respect the right of others to be different and to choose what to believe and how to decide.It is the spirit of free inquiry.4th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Contact with and awareness of suffering is needed.5th MINDFULNESS TRAINING True happiness is rooted in peace, solidity, freedom, and compassion.The only way out is to consume less Once we are able to live simply and happily, we are better able to help others.6th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Anger blocks communication and creates suffering.Take care of the energy of anger when it arises and to recognize and transform the seeds of anger.7th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Life is available only in the present moment and that it is possible to live happily in the here and NOW.Live in awareness.8th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Lack of communication always brings separation and suffering.Learn to listen deeply without judging or reacting.9th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Words can create suffering or happiness.Use only words that inspire hope and confidence.The words we speak can create love, trust, and happiness around us, or create a hell Be careful about what we say.Words can travel across thousands of miles May my words create mutual understanding and love May they be as beautiful as gems, as lovely as flowers.10th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Practice understanding and compassion 11th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Be committed to NOT live with a vocation that is harmful to humans and nature.12th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Cultivate nonviolence, understanding, and compassion in our daily lives, to promote peace education.13th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Share time, energy and material resources with those who are in need.14th MINDFULNESS TRAINING Sexual relations motivated by craving cannot dissipate the feeling of loneliness but will createsuffering, frustration and isolation.We are determined to perseve vital energies sexual, breath, spirit.In the religious and medical traditions of Asia, the human person was said to have three sources of energy sexual, breath, and spirit.Sexual energy is what you spend during sexual intercourse.Breath energy is the kind of energy you spend when you talk too much and breathe too little.Spirit energy is energy that you spend when you worry too much and do not sleep well.Buddhist monks observed celibacy to conserve energy.Your children are a continuation of yourself.Concentration is the first practice of meditation.Thewe understand, the easier it is for us to have compassion and love Understanding is the source of love Understanding is love itself Understanding is another name for love.When you grow a tree, if it does not grow well, you don t blame the tree You look into the reasons it is not doing well It may need fertilizer, orwater, or less sun You never blame the tree.Blaming has no effect at all NEVER BLAME, never try to persuade using reason and arguments They never lead to any positive effect No argument, no reasoning, no blame, just understanding IF you understand, and you show that you understand, you can love, and the situation will change.Breathing is wonderful It unites body and mind Let peace begin with me Walking meditation can be very enjoyable We walk slowly, alone or with friends, if possible in some beautiful place.Walking meditation is a wonderful practiceYou can look at everyone and smile.We never have time to look at each other, even those we love, and soon it will be too late It is wonderful to do that, to openly appreciate everyone.Set up your own breathing room Teach by example Take his or her hand and walk together into the room for breathing, and sit quietly together This is the best education for peace.Have a breathing room in your home, a room for meditation.Practice breathing and sitting for a few minutes every morning at home.Go out for a slow walking meditation. This book, recommended by my then therapist, skewed my vision for the better Instead of seeing black white, I started seeing and understanding all the shades of grey The Middle Way A little hokey, but whatever, it works if you want it to. Thewe see, thewe understand Thewe understand, the easier it is for us to have compassion and love Understanding is the source of love Understanding is love itself. p.107This book is incredibly inspiring and insightful Thich Nhat Hanh writes in a simple and beautiful way and introduces us the teachings of Buddhism and how to use these teachings and guidelines in our daily lives He educates us on how to bepeaceful and work for peace in order to make our societylivable a society where people are aware of themselves and all beings He introduces these teachings in a universal way and encourages us to makes conscious decisions in our everyday lives This is not a religious book, but a book about how to transcend peace, become peace, and work for peace by being in the present, breathing and being aware of ourselves and each otherIf in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it This is the most basic kind of peace work chokengistitikchokeng5 A book to keep. Extraordinary in its simplicity and humanity, clearly outlining the very personality needed for our species to evolve Gentle and practical in its approach A smile makes you master of yourself Recently, one friend asked me, How can I force myself to smile when I am filled with sorrow It isn t natural I told her she must be able to smile to her sorrow, because we arethan our sorrow A human being is like a television set with millions of channels If we turn the Buddha on, we are the Buddha If we turn sorrow on, we are sorrow If we turn a smile on, we really are the smile We can t let just one channel dominate us We have to take the situation in hand to recover our own sovereignty In Vietnam, there were many people, called boat people, who left the country in small boats Often the boats are caught in rough seas or storms, the people may panic, and boats can sink But if even one person aboard can remain calm, lucid people have trust in that person They will listen to what he or she says One such person can save the lives of many We havethan 5o,ooo nuclear weapons Humankind has become a very dangerous species We need people who can sit still and be able to smile, who can walk peacefully In our former lives, we were trees This isn t just Buddhist theory it s science The human species is a very young species we appeared on the Earth only recently Before that, we were rock, we were gas, we were minerals, we were single celled beings We were plants, we were trees, and now we have become humans We have to recall our past existences People who are awake see the manifestation of the Dharma in everything A pebble, a bamboo tree, the cry of a baby, anything can be the voice of the Dharma Each pebble, each leaf, each flower is preaching the Saddharma Pundarika Sutra Without you, the Buddha is not real, it is just an idea Without you, the Dharma cannot be practiced It has to be practiced by someone Someone who has lost her sight would give anything to be able to see she would consider it a miraculous gift We who have eyes capable of seeing many forms and colors are often unhappy If we want to practice, we can go out and look at leaves, flowers, children, and clouds, and be happy Whether or not we are happy depends on our awareness Practicing Buddhism is a clever way to enjoy life Happiness is available Please help yourself to it On the wooden board outside of the meditation hall in Zen monasteries, there is a four line inscription The last line is Don t waste your life If you look at me, the me in myself may be different from the me you perceive In order to have a correct perception, we need to have a direct encounter Irritation is a destructive energy We cannot destroy the energy we can only convert it into aconstructive energy Suppose you are in the desert, and you only have one glass of muddy water You have to transform the muddy water into clear water to drink, you cannot just throw it away So you let it settle for a while, and clear water will appear Every action, every thought has an effect Even if I just clap my hands, the effect is everywhere, even in faraway galaxies We should be able to be our true self That means we should be able to be the river, we should be able to be the forest, we should be able to be a citizen of any country in the world To transform our situation is also to transform our minds To transform our minds is also to transform our situation, because the situation is mind, and mind is situation During the last 2,5oo years in Buddhist monasteries, a system of seven practices of reconciliation has evolved 1 Face to face sitting2 Remembrance3 Non stubbornness4 Covering Mud with Straw5 Voluntary Confession6 Decision by Consensus7 Accepting the Verdict The way you speak, the kind of understanding, the kind of language you use, should not turn people off I vow to develop understanding in order to be able to love and to live in harmony with people, animals, plants, and minerals Aware of the suffering created by fanaticism and intolerance, we are determined not to be idolatrous about or bound to any doctrine, theory, or ideology, even Buddhist ones Buddhist teachings are guiding They are not doctrines to fight, kill, or die for Bodhisattvas move in the opposite direction and follow the principle of self sufficiency They live a simple life in order to practice the way, and consider the realization of perfect understanding as their only career Words can travel across thousands of miles May they be as beautiful as gems, as lovely as flowers We are determined not to use the Buddhist community for personal gain or profit or transform our community into a political instrument We are committed to not live with a vocation that is harmful to humans and nature Is our world safe enough to bring inchildren In the religious and medical traditions of Asia, the human person was said to have three sources of energy sexual, breath, and spirit Sexual energy is what you spend during sexual intercourse Breath energy is the kind of energy you spend when you talk too much and breathe too little Spirit energy is energy that you spend when you worry too much and do not sleep well If you spend these three sources of energy, your body will not be strong enough to penetrate deeply into reality and realize the way When you grow a tree, if it does not grow well, you don t blame the tree You look into the reasons it is not doing well It may need fertilizer, orwater, or less sun You never blame the tree, yet we blame our son If we know how to take care of him, he will grow well, like a tree Never blame Some Mentioned Texts Discourses Sutra of Tending Buffalo Pali Canon list of 11 skills for buffalo keepers Saddharma Pundarika Sutra proper name of Lotus Sutra Discourse on Turning the Wheel of the Dharma Buddha s first sermon to adults Abhidharma writings on Buddhist psychology Avatamsaka Sutra proper name of Flower Ornament Sutra The Eight Realizations of Great Beings Sutra Satipatthana Sutta basic meditation manual of Buddha s time. i found this book farrewarding than i had expected it to be thich nhat hanh, vietnamese poet, peace activist, and buddhist monk, has written dozens of books, many that incorporate the related themes of non violence and zen buddhism being peace, originally published some twenty five years ago, is a slim affair, but contains a wealth of practical insight nhat hanh focuses his book on the subjects of suffering, perception, non duality, interbeing, meditation, and peace work, offering a stream of fluid, remarkably apt analogies to illustrate his teachings regardless of one s spiritual inclinations or religious beliefs, being peace presents non dogmatic observations on the nature of happiness, contentment, and peace both on a personal level and on an international scale nhat hanh s introduction of the fourteen mindfulness trainings, if practiced widely, could have beneficial effects individually and on society as a whole being peace is a melodious, reflective, and profound work one that manifests thich nhat hanh s committed efforts to peace, justice, and the restoration of harmony in its many forms.recommendationpromise me,promise me this day,promise me now,while the sun is overheadexactly at the zenith,promise me even as theystrike you downwith a mountain of hatred and violence even as they step on you and crush youlike a worm,even as they dismember and disembowel you,remember, brother,remember man is not our enemy.the only thing worthy of you is compassion invincible, limitless, unconditional.hatred will never let you facethe beast in day, when you face this beast alone,with your courage intact, your eyes kind,untroubled even as no one sees them ,out of your smilewill bloom a flower.and those who love youwill behold youacross ten thousand worlds of birth and dying.alone again,i will go on with bent head,knowing that love has become eternal.on the long, rough road,the sun and the moonwill continue to shine. `Download Book ☋ Being Peace ↺ Since Its Publication In , Being Peace Has Become A Classic Of Contemporary Religious Literature In His Simple And Readable Style, Thich Nhat Hanh Shows How Our State Of Mind And Body Can Make The World A Peaceful Place We Learn To Transform The Very Situations That Pressure And Antagonize Us Into Opportunities For Practicing Mindfulness